The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Sweep The Streets Together


Liu Daifen felt assured. Having lost all her savings, she was unsure how to make ends meet the coming days. It would be a huge burden on her if she had to offer a sizable amount of money for the monk’s exorcism. She had come to One Finger Monastery mainly because it had recently been the talk of the town. But one of the most pertinent reasons was that it was a small monastery in the area and she could probably save some money by approaching it…

Fangzheng smiled as he noticed Liu Daifen motionless after he finished speaking. “This Penniless Monk still has matters to tend to and shall bid you farewell. Patron, feel free to do as you please.”

Fangzheng returned to his backyard. Everyone had their pride. If he stayed outside, it would make it more difficult for Liu Daifen to donate a yuan. He sighed as he complained to himself. “I only have about two yuan that can be used… Why am I pitying others? I’m truly born poor… It sucks to be poor.”

Fangzheng guessed correctly, Liu Daifen heaved a sigh of relief after he left. She took out a yuan and placed it into the Merit Box but when she stepped out the door, she had another thought before taking out ten yuan. She gritted her teeth and offered it before leaving with Li Haopeng.

After Liu Daifen left, Fangzheng walked out of the backyard.

“Venerable Fangzheng, what are you looking at?” Zhu Lin asked out of curiosity when she saw him acting suspiciously.

“Looking at a pitiful person.”

“A pitiful person? Can you tell me about it?” asked a curious Zhu Lin.

Fangzheng glanced at Zhu Lin and suddenly recalled that she was a streamer too. Since they were in the same line of work, perhaps he could tell her about it as a warning. In the end Fangzheng gave a simple recount of the situation.

Zhu Lin could not help but cover her mouth, “That can’t be! Such a thing actually happened? Isn’t this child too gutsy? Isn’t he being too uncaring?”

“That’s what happened. The mother sure is pitiful.”

“Then… haven’t you thought of a way to deal with this matter?” asked Zhu Lin.

Fangzheng smiled before returning her with a question, “Do you know the streamer who took the child’s money?”

Zhu Lin smiled wryly. “How would I know? If you know his nickname and whose streams he watches, I might be able to ask around. But if you don’t have even that it would make things difficult. There are so many people tipping daily. How is it possible to know everyone’s details?”

Fangzheng smacked his forehead. “I nearly forgot. His nickname is Supreme Prince.”

“Supreme Prince, I see. Supreme… what? No way! It can’t be such a coincidence, right?!” screamed Zhu Lin.

Fangzheng was somewhat dumbfounded seeing her reaction.Could it be that much of a coincidence?

Without needing Fangzheng urge her to clarify, Zhu Lin frowned. “There’s no need to ask anyone else. This child sends me a series of rockets every other day. Back then, I even asked him about his age and job… Holy shit! Why am I so unlucky to encounter such a situation?”

“It’s really quite a coincidence. However, this isn’t a low probability event,” said Fangzheng as he looked at Zhu Lin with a chuckle. He did not elaborate but his meaning was clear.

Zhu Lin rolled her eyes. “Fine, stop looking at me like that. Although I like money, it’s a god-given right for beauties to like money! I can return twenty thousand but the remaining twenty thousand is taken by the website. I will need to discuss the matter with the website’s management. If they do not refund… Hey, can you not look at me like that? I’m poor!”

Fangzheng replied with a chuckle, “This Penniless Monk did not say a thing.”

“You did not say a thing? What else have you not said? That look in your eyes already betrayed you!” exclaimed Zhu Lin.

Fangzheng shrugged. “How you handle it is your prerogative. This Penniless Monk will not meddle in your affairs.”

“Heh heh… That’s not what I’m reading from that look in your eyes. Forget it. Wait for my news. If the website isn’t refunding it, I’ll cover the rest, alright?” Zhu Lin lamented. “People come to monasteries to ask for blessings or get rich. Why am I here to lose money? I’m never coming again! Absolutely not!” Zhu Lin headed out as she spoke.

Fangzheng activated his Wisdom Eye and looked at her. He saw a very faint lotus flower above her head and its petals pointed south.

Fangzheng smiled. “Try heading south more often when you have nothing to do. Perhaps you might encounter good luck.”

“Heh heh… I’m already bankrupt, so what do you mean good luck. Bye bye!” Zhu Lin strode off.

Fangzheng chuckled. Although Zhu Lin was quite crazy at times, she was still a good person at heart.

Fangzheng felt a tug at his trousers. Lone Wolf was looking disingenuously at Fangzheng before pointing at his stomach.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. “Dude, all you know is how to eat. I don’t see you growing any muscles despite your appetite. What a waste.” Fangzheng went to prepare lunch as he grumbled.

Liu Daifen brought her son back home but apart from sighing, she had no idea what else she could do about her son. Beat him? Scold him? She had done all of that but the child refused to admit his mistakes.

“Sigh…” Liu Daifen shook her head and returned to room to sleep. She had applied for a day off because of her child. She still needed to wake up early the next day for work. She felt the last of her reserves drained by the child. She was completely at a loss as to what else she could do. Call the police? She was afraid it would affect the child negatively. How was he to face his classmates in school? Going to the monastery was her last resort…

The day passed as Li Haopeng did not notice anything wrong with him. Gradually, the horror of being controlled at One Finger Monastery dissipated. He was a child after all. He was playful and thought nothing of the severity of what he did. He believed that anything major that happened would be over in a day or two.

It did not take long before Li Haopeng fell asleep in bed.

Fangzheng woke up before dawn the next day. He did not go out this time but sat cross-legged in his meditation room. He gestured the Inner Lion Seal again and Li Haopeng suddenly sat up. His eyes widened as he cried in his heart. “It’s begun again!”

Then, he saw himself wearing his clothes. He could not help but walk out and see that it was four in the morning… But what surprised him was that his mother was already awake. He always knew that his mother woke up early. Yet he would always wake up to a hot meal that was placed in a pot. He would head to school after having breakfast, unaware of the time his mother would wake up. Perhaps he knew in the past but he never took it to heart. But today could see it with his own eyes. Liu Daifen was already dressed at four and making breakfast for him. She was busying herself in the cramped kitchen, coughing occasionally. Clearly, waking up early stressed her body considerably.

Liu Daifen held a bowl of rice that had a few pickled turnip strips. She ate while walking out of the kitchen but was stunned to see her son wake up so early. She was little flustered, barely managing to avoid a stutter. “Why are you up so early? You should continue sleeping.”