The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Contention Between Human And Wolf


“You already said it had to be quick, shut up! Get back to your work!” The moment Lu Hui heard that a child had been kidnapped, he cut Lu Liang off and began preparing his tools.

Lu Liang agreed and he reported the matter to his superiors and rushed home…

Fangzheng did not stop after seeing that there was progress on the police’s side. He led Lone Wolf, Monkey and Squirrel towards Sun Qiancheng’s house. No one was home but the door was unlocked. Fangzheng entered the house, circled it before finding Mengmeng’s toy. He handed it to Lone Wolf. “I’m counting on you. Find this scent! If you find it, you will get a ton of food! If not I’ll let you starve!”

Lone Wolf rolled his eyes. He was providing voluntary labor and was helping because of his sense of righteousness, why would they need to force him to help? Lone Wolf ignored Fangzheng and took a sniff. His sense of smell was far better than ordinary wolves or dogs. His body had been baptized daily by the Unrooted Clean Aqua and Crystal Rice, so all his abilities far exceeded the other wolves of his species. He could remember the smell with just a whiff.

After catching the scent, he ran out, Fangzheng followed. Lone Wolf sniffed at the village entrance before circling the periphery of the village, crossed the river and passed through a paddy field and onto the road. Here, Lone Wolf looked up into the distance, “They must have boarded a vehicle. Abbot, will you be able to keep up if I start running?”

Fangzheng was stunned. Thinking back to Lone Wolf’s speed, he realized it would be tough to keep up.

Fangzheng gritted his teeth. “Let’s hope my luck isn’t too bad. Divine State, activate!”

Four golden words appeared in Fangzheng’s mind. “Length Contraction!”

Fangzheng laughed when he saw the words. “To think it’s this divine power. Haha… this works! Lone Wolf, go ahead and run! This Penniless Monk can keep up! Monkey, return to the monastery and keep watch.”

There was no way for Monkey to chase up to Lone Wolf on flat land. He was of not much use even if he followed so he returned with a nod. As for Squirrel, the little fellow yanked at Fangzheng’s ear, clearly adamant about not returning. He wanted to join in the mission of saving Mengmeng.

Fangzheng thought that Squirrel might be of some use if he came, so he allowed him to follow.

“Abbot, follow me!” Lone Wolf began running forward after saying those words.

Fangzheng took a deep breath. The four golden text sparkled with golden light in his mind and opening his stride, he felt the surrounding wind whistle past him. His speed was astoundingly fast! From his point of view, he was merely walking, one step at a time. It did not appear fast, but the feeling felt like he was on full throttle in a race car. He seemed to be flanked by high-tech ‘deceleration glass’ that made the surroundings appear calm. However, his robes flailed wildly with the wind.

Jiang Ye was in a good mood today. He was out traveling in the spring, enjoying some barbecue. He liked when he passed his days comfortably. He was driving home when he realized an additional object in his rear-view mirror. As an experienced driver, keen observation of the surroundings was required! He focused, quickly darting his eyes to determine what it was to see if there was any danger before continuing his attention on the road, but…

“Holy shit, what’s that? Is that a wolf ,a dog? It actually wants to overtake me?” Jiang Ye exclaimed.

Jiang Ye’s girlfriend turned her head back when she heard him exclaim. She shouted, “Heavens, that dog runs fast! And there’s a monk behind, running… Uh, he looks like he’s walking…”

“How can that be possible? Uh, it does… look like he’s walking. But, how is he able to catch up to my car while walking?” Jiang Ye asked with a stumped look.

Jiang Ye’s girlfriend shook her head and said. “I don’t know but the monk is handsome and looks cool.”

“Pui! He doesn’t even have hair. How cool can he be? Watch me!” Jiang Ye floored the accelerator as the engine roared as the large pickup truck whizzed forward.

Lone Wolf was running when he saw the slow beast that had just been overtaken by him suddenly roar and accelerate!

“Hey, I just overtook you and you aren’t happy about it? Watch me!” Lone Wolf widened his jaws as his tongue hung out. He widen his stride fully with four claws. Faster, faster, even faster!

Fangzheng noticed Lone Wolf suddenly speed up and with a thought, he followed. That’s when he noticed the price. His previous speed expended one merit point a day. Now, it became 2 merit points a day. The price pinched his heart! He could only grit his teeth when he recalled how running faster meant rescuing Mengmeng before anything could happen to her. He could earn back the merit if necessary, although he would expend all his merit points if the need arose.

Jiang Ye roared with laughter after flooring the accelerator. “Animals are animals. It’s stupid to try and race a motorised vehicle!”

As his voice faded, a white figure appeared in front of him. Jiang Ye widened his eyes and saw that it was none other than a dog’s ass! He looked at his speed and he was already at seventy kilometers per hour! Driving at seventy on a small village path was already considered a blazing speed. Yet, the wolf outclassed him.

He obviously did not know that the wolf could no longer be thought of as an ordinary one. Although he had yet to become a demonic spirit, he had mutated into an enhanced species from eating Crystal Rice, drinking Unrooted Clean Aqua, listening to scriptures, and absorbing Buddha aura daily.

“F**k, this beast is trying to be faster than me? I don’t believe that my baby can’t beat a beast in a race!” Jiang Ye had just taken his girlfriend out today to sightsee and have a roadtrip, delicious barbecue and hiking. By developing their relationship and posturing, he could attempt to get married. But a wolf had stolen his limelight. How could he allow that?

Jiang Ye floored the accelerator once again. With a boom, the pickup truck’s engine let out a whirling hum as the speed rose to eighty kilometers an hour!

Jiang Ye’s girlfriend asked somewhat worried. “Slow down. The road is too narrow. It will be dangerous if a car comes from the opposite side.”

“Don’t worry. I’m an experienced driver. I’m familiar with this road. It’s a straight road on a flat plain. I’ll be able to see an incoming car from far away. I’ll slow down when that happens,” said Jiang Ye confidently. How could a man say that he was not up to the challenge it in front of a girl, especially the girl they had feelings for?! Although he was driving a little faster than he should and he was actually a little worried, he had to bite the bullet and persist!

Lone Wolf felt a gust of wind to his side as dust hit his face, dirtying his fur. He growled. “This tin can dares steal my limelight? Do you think this is my final form!?” Lone Wolf howled as he sped up. He reached eighty kilometers an hour, even a little faster!

Jiang Ye had just accelerated, hoping to pull away from Lone Wolf but he saw a large white dog chasing up to him from his rear view mirror. Furthermore, it was faster than him!

“Let’s see how fast you can run!” Jiang Ye was infuriated. He sped up to ninety kilometers per hour!

Lone Wolf was even more enraged. He was out on official business and he still had to eat dirt? Wasn’t this sullying the reputation of One Finger Monastery? Faster! Faster! Lone Wolf chased up once again!

Jiang Ye sped up to surpass him!