The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Do You Think Of Me As An Idiot?


Lone Wolf sped up and overtook him.

This repeated a few times before Jiang Ye exclaimed like he had seen a ghost, “What the fuck!? This darn dog is already running at a hundred and thirty-five! Am I fucking dreaming?”

The girl leaned her back tightly against her seat, as she shouted with a pale face. “Slow down! SLOW DOWN!”

Meanwhile, by the field up ahead a father and son pair was sitting. They had just pulled out two melons from the mechanical water pool beside them. The son asked, “Dad, you watch the animal world daily, so let me ask you. Which animal runs the fastest in the world?”

The father laughed out loud. “That can’t stump me. I might not be good in other things, but I’m definitely half an expert when it comes to those aspects of animals. Ordinary college students are no match for me. The world’s fastest animal is the cheetah. Its fastest recorded speed is a hundred and thirty kilometers an hour! They are the fastest land animal, the short-distance running champion!”

The son was just about to praise him when he turned his head. His eyes stared straight as he subconsciously asked, “Dad, how fast is that dog running?”

“Dog? Dogs are useless. If we talk about running, their wolf ancestors are much more impressive. They can run sixty kilometers an hour. More importantly, wolves have stamina and are great at running. Humans are more useless. We can’t run fast and we are lacking in stamina…” As the father prattled on, he heard the sound of an engine. He frowned and cursed, “Which death-seeking asshole is racing on such a narrow strip of road? Is he sick of living?”

The father turned his head and was dumbfounded.

He saw a pickup truck zooming forward. It was racing as if it was on a highway!

Even stranger, a wolf was was running even faster than the pickup truck! Its mouth was wide open, its tongue flailing freely with the wind. It looked a little silly but its eyes were filled with focus. It’s sped across the road like a bullet!

The pickup truck and Lone Wolf whistled past them.

The son asked, “Dad, was that a cheetah?”


At that moment, a white figure flashed past them, leaving a sparkling bald head to be admired by the father-son duo. The figure’s baggy and loose monk robes fluttered in the wind, as he took one slow step after another, but his speed was exceedingly fast! He did not appear to be any slower than the pickup truck or the wolf. He maintained a fixed distance.

“Dad, is that two-legged figure a cheetah? Why doesn’t it have any fur?” The son watched in a daze.

The father felt a string of curses run through his mind. He also wished to ask what the hell that was. He had been figuratively smacked in the face ruthlessly. He had just mentioned that wolves didn’t run that fast and here was one traveling at more than a hundred kilometers an hour. He just said how useless humans were when a monk walked at more than a hundred kilometers an hour!

The father pinched himself and felt pain… It was not a dream! Now could someone explain to him what the hell was happening? Did the only real-life documentary show on the only channel he could receive be faked? The father began to doubt his life

Another person had even greater doubts about life. He was none other than Jiang Ye!

“God! I can’t press down on the accelerator more. Yet, this darn dog can still speed up!?” Jiang Ye was close to tears. His pickup truck was not considered a prominent brand. Its maximum speed was around a hundred and thirty kilometers an hour. Any faster and it would skid and he would lose control. Although he remained indignant, he did not wish to fool around with his life.

The moment his mind wandered, his girlfriend suddenly exclaimed, “Traffic police…”

Jiang Ye jumped in fright when he heard that. He quickly hit the brakes but as an experienced driver, he did not slam the brakes when he saw the traffic police but slowly braked. However, the braking alone caused a screeching sound that caught the attention of the policeman who was drinking water by a water pool. The policeman turned his head and was amused. He had stopped his car by the side of the road to drink a mouthful of water but he still managed to catch an offender throwing himself at him! He threw away the water in his hand as he walked over with a chuckle. However, he failed to notice the two white figures that had long opened up a distance from him.

“The speed limit on this road is forty. You actually drove over a hundred. If I give you two wings, do you plan to lift off into the sky?” asked the policeman when he went over.

“Sir, I can explain. You can’t blame me. I was originally driving at forty when a dog actually overtook me. It kept shaking its ass in front of my car. Tell me, as a man, how can I tolerate that? In my anger, I floored the accelerator and sped up,” explained Jiang Ye.

“Dog? You were competing with a dog? Even if you were competing with a dog, fifty or sixty would do, right?”

“The problem is that the dog is pretending to be a bullet. The dog ran a hundred and thirty plus. I couldn’t even catch up to it! If it wasn’t for that I would never drive this fast.,” said Jiang Ye.

The policeman stared solemnly at Jiang Ye. “I think you should take a breathalyzer test. A dog running at a hundred and thirty? Do you think the dog is the Flash in dog form or Superdog?”

“I didn’t drink! I’m telling the truth. You can ask my girlfriend if you don’t believe me,” cried Jiang Ye.

“Sorry, who’s your girlfriend?! With that temper of yours, heh! Goodbye!” She turned around and vomited… She swore never to ride with the bastard again. It nearly cost her her life!

The policeman glanced at Jiang Ye with compassion as Jiang Ye muttered, “I’m speaking the truth. There was really a dog running at a hundred and thirty. There was a monk too, walking behind us… No, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Do you think of me as an idiot? A dog running at a hundred and thirty? Check on the Internet yourself, tell me, how fast does a dog run! And a monk was walking behind you? Why don’t you say he was flying? Cut the crap. You can tell the rest to the judge. I suspect you are mentally ill and not suited to continue driving…”

Jiang Ye had a bitter look on his face. He swore he was speaking the truth! Why didn’t anyone believe him?

Jiang Ye would only suffer in the future. Someone else was in trouble at this very moment!

“Sis Wang, go faster. There will be trouble if someone from the village chases us. This kid was quite a handful. We just forced her to take some sleeping pills but she will not sleep for long.” the woman with the protruding mouth and black mole by her chin urged.

“Stop pressing me. They are all working in the fields and I’ve studied the village. Only a few households have cars. One house even burnt down and that family is in the city because their new house hasn’t been built yet. This is fast enough. Any faster and we might attract attention. Didn’t you see the traffic cop? If we are captured, we wouldn’t be able to talk ourselves out of the situation.” said the slightly plump sallow-skinned woman with the headscarf and checkered shirt.

“I don’t know why but my eyelids keep twitching. I keep feeling like something bad is going to happen.”

“Don’t worry. It’s been years and it’s not like I’m new to this. It’s just a kid. What could possibly happen? Just don’t panic when we meet others,” said the fat woman. As they conversed, they passed by another village.

“Sis Wang, I’m not you. I just started and this makes me nervous.”

“My dear cousin, it’s always like that in the beginning. You will get used to it after selling a few more.”

“Sis Wang, where are these children sold to? Will they be harmed?”