The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Accident


Sis Wang shrugged, “How would I know? We are only responsible for the abduction while others are responsible for selling. According to the rules, we don’t ask where they are sold or we might end up being wiped out. But I’ve heard that the ones that fetch a high price are typically sold across provinces and the rural mountain villages. The people there are poor and still conservative. They believe in bringing up children that take care of them in their later years. They insist on buying a child when they aren’t able to have one. There are also others raise children as child wives. When the child grows up, they can have children with them. Those are the lucky ones.”

“That’s considered lucky?” exclaimed the woman with the mole.

“Why are you surprised? What’s the problem? Those that can be sold to such families can count their blessings. If they are sold to… heh…” Sis Wang did not continue. Certain things could be said but there were things not meant to be elaborated.

Her partner’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at Mengmeng, who was sleeping soundly in her bosom, it was clear she did not have the heart to continue. That feeling quickly disappeared. She might pity the girl but who was to pity her? Earning money was of paramount importance!

All of a sudden they heard a wolf’s howl behind them.

Sis Wang looked into the rear mirror and exclaimed, “What’s that? Why is it so fast?!”

The woman with the mole turned back and saw a large silver-colored dog charging at them with a cloud of dust following it! The speed was astoundingly fast! Not only that but a white-robed monk followed. His head was sparkling clear but… he was not driving a bike. He was not even running! He was walking!

“Heavens, what the heck is that? !” exclaimed the woman.

“Vroom…” Sis Wang did not say a word. This was the first time she encountered such a strange situation. She instinctively floored the accelerator to distance herself from the man and dog.

The engine began producing a humming sound as its speed increased. The wolf behind them was closing in.

Sis Wang glanced at her speedometer. It was already at ninety yet the dog was closing in on her. Was that still considered a dog? Wasn’t that just a furry missile in disguise!?

Sis Wang desperately slammed the accelerator. The engine was not a good one. It reached its limit at at a hundred and ten kilometers per hour. Furthermore, Sis Wang could keep it steady.

Her partner was already pale. It was not because the bike was going too fast but that the scene before her was too strange. She did not know how fast a dog could run but she knew that it was impossible for a human to walk that fast! She muttered, “Sis Wang, is what we did so immoral that Buddha himself is here to punish us?”

“Bullshit! Where’s Buddha? Listen carefully, cut the f**king crap. You have sold more than ten children. If anything happens, we’d be doomed! Hold the child tightly!” Sis Wang’s eyes were red. It was impossible for her to be fearless. Such a strange encounter scared the crap out of her.

Not far behind them, Fangzheng also saw the zooming motorcycle. He did not notice Mengmeng in between the two women because of the angle. He did not pay too much attention. After all, he had experienced a race just a moment ago…

As they got closer, the smell that Lone Wolf caught appeared more and more familiar. Suddenly he shouted, “Abbot, Mengmeng is on that motorcycle!”

“Are you sure?” As Fangzheng asked, he had already made his plans. Should he use the Inner Lion Seal to control the woman to stop the vehicle? The problem was that Fangzheng did not know how to ride a motorcycle. If he controlled it badly, such a fast speed would definitely lead to trouble.

“I’m certain! If not, my head will grow more vegetables!” exclaimed Lone Wolf.

Before Lone Wolf finished his sentence, Fangzheng raised his Length Contraction divine power to three merit points a day. He took a step forward and appeared like a white mirage. He did not appear fast but Lone Wolf felt that all his fur was being brushed in one direction from the winds created by Fangzheng’s momentum!

Despite Sis Wang revving the engine desperately, her speed did not increase. She took a quick glance at the speedometer and realized that it was at the maximum! Looking back onto the road, she suddenly saw a white figure in front of her. The figure in white monk robes held one hand up vertically. His head was raised slightly as his eyes were filled with rage! The monk’s other hand was clenched into a fist. Sis Wang felt like she was looking at a vengeful Buddha.

Sis Wang did not believe in Buddhism. She did not know what it meant to greet someone with one palm flat.

In the past, monks would press their palms together. Sometimes, they would hold things that prevented them from pressing their palms together. They could only greet with one vertical palm. But now, things had developed to the point where certain monasteries relegated the greeting with one vertical palm to martial monks. They would greet others with one hand whether they held something or not. Now, Fangzheng was greeting them with one palm, but his right hand was clenched into a fist. It explained everything. The monk was angry. The consequences would be severe!

“How can that be possible? Wasn’t he behind us?” exclaimed Sis Wang. She glanced at the rear view mirror. There was only the large dog but the monk had vanished!

Sis Wang felt her entire body clam up as her back broke out into cold sweat. Everything that happened was too weird!

With Fangzheng blocking the path, Sis Wang brain flushed with a multitude of thoughts.

The woman behind her suddenly shouted maniacally. “Run him over! Just run him over!”

Sis Wang only had one thought in her mind. “Either the monk makes way or he will be sent flying! Having kidnapped so many children, it’s not like none of them have died. What’s one more monk?” Sis Wang’s mind turned to mush in her fear. She forgot that she was riding a motorcycle ,not driving a car. Such a collision would be dangerous for her as well.

Sis Wang shouted, “Make way! Or I’ll hit you!”

The woman with the black mole shouted crazily as well, “Darn Bald Donkey, make way or I’ll squash her to death!” She was truly afraid, afraid of being imprisoned as well as death! She was in a frenzy!

The pangs of fire in Fangzheng’s eyes only grew more intense! The reason why he had overtaken the motorcycle to block the road was not to collide with the motorcycle. He wanted to give it time to reduce its speed. It would be best to be able to safe Mengmeng without her being in danger. But from the looks of it, just as the System mentioned, a vile person could only be met by similar actions.

“Amitabha.” With that thought, both Fangzheng’s hands formed the Inner Lion Seal as he formed the heart seal inwardly before shouting the word, “Warriors!”

The woman with the black mole suddenly released her hand that held Mengmeng’s neck tightly. She threw Mengmeng from the bike!

Fangzheng pulled into a sprinters stance and burst forward in a rush of unnatural speed, pulling Mengmeng into his embrace.

As the woman with the black mole suddenly threw the child, the momentum caused Sis Wang to lose control of the bike. They flew from the road, flying past two water drains and slammed into a huge tree!


With a loud collision, the motorcycle struck the tree beside the road, exploding into pieces… As for Sis Wang and her partner, they cried out tragically as they slammed into the tree. With two thuds, they slammed to the ground. Their cries continued incessantly… but they could no longer move.

Fangzheng had no intention of helping them. Instead, he came in front of the two criminals. With a thought, he conjured A Golden Millet Dream.