The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Brat's Ferocity


“Bodhisattva has given you a scripture text. If he is disobedient, just recite in your mind. He will then be subdued.”

Fangzheng nodded. If that was the case, the mission was not impossible. Fangzheng asked out of curiosity, “System, you previously mentioned that you would not automatically grant me missions? Why did this…”

“This is not a mission handed out by me. I was just entrusted with it. Therefore, it is in essence similar to Liu Fangfang’s mission. It’s not delivered by a mortal but by Bodhisattva. That is the only difference. Alright, since you understand everything. Receive the child.” The System immediately changed the topic.

Fangzheng noticed that the System was speaking eloquently as though it was impatiently hoping to throw the child at him. He had a nagging feeling that he was being thrown into an infinitely large bottomless trap! Fangzheng suddenly realized that the System did not answer his questions!

The next moment, a blob of Buddha light descended. In it was an adorable child with his ass naked. He wore a reddudou1. He had golden bangles around his neck, wrist, and ankles. His hair was tied in tiny plaits and there was a red dot on his forehead. His skin looked like creamy jade.

The Buddha light vanished the next instant as the child landed on the ground. His eyes opened abruptly as he roared, “Guan Yin Bodhisattva, others might be afraid of you, but a mighty king like me isn’t! You dare command a king like me? Watch! I’ll burn anyone you find, till naught but dust remains!”

As the child spoke, he opened his mouth and spat fire!

Fangzheng jumped in fright as he cursed the past eighteen generations of the System’s ancestors. He exclaimed, “Is this the normal child you were talking about? Do normal children from your family spit fire? Your whole F*cking family has normal children! F**k!”


The flames spewed towards the temple hall as Fangzheng ran out pathetically. However, he was astonished to discover that despite the vigorous flames, not only was he not injured, even the entire monastery was not damaged at all.

The System did not punish Fangzheng despite his cursing. Clearly, the System felt that it had done Fangzheng wrong.

“Don’t worry, he can’t harm you. But you have to watch him well. This child… well… he ate humans in the past.”

Fangzheng rolled his eyes and felt like fainting. This was no child. It was a demon!

“You little bald donkey, how are you impervious to my True Samadhi Fire? Which Bald Donkey are you? Are you reinforcements that Guan Yin Bodhisattva employed?” At that moment, the child walked out of the temple hall. Although he shouted fiercely, he lacked confidence. Who was this monk, considering how unafraid he was of his True Samadhi Fire?

Fangzheng sized him up carefully. He found him more and more familiar before he exclaimed, “You are Red Boy?!”

“Insolence! How dare you address a king by his name? Are you sick of living? Do you think that roasting you and eating your flesh is a mere threat?” Although the child shouted fiercely, he did not take action. His large eyes were pitch black and they darted around like glass beads. The vividness in them showed how smart he was. The child exclaimed, “Listen up, call me Boy Sage King in the future! If you dare slight me in any way, hmph… Skinning you alive and pulling out your tendons would only be considered a minor punishment!”

Red Boy spoke with extreme dominance. His eyes were filled with infinite ruthlessness. He had a malicious smile.

Fangzheng wanted to curse the moment he heard the kid’s words! This darn child was really Red Boy! He was the son of Bull Demon King and Demonic Lady… Fangzheng rolled his eyes. The kid that even the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, could not deal with, was thrown at him. Wasn’t Bodhisattva thinking too highly of him? Despite roaring inwardly at the System, the System feigned death and did not make an appearance. However, a piece of scripture text appeared in his mind.

“Puny Bald Donkey, did you not hear my question?” shouted Red Boy.

Fangzheng turned furious after hearing Red Boy constantly addressing him as ‘Bald Donkey.’ He knew that the child was wild at heart and if he did not put him in his place, there was no way to pass his days! Without saying a word, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and began reciting the scripture text that had appeared in his mind.

Just as Red Boy was about to continue, he suddenly screamed. He could not help it as his body sat down cross-legged, with his palms pressed together. Then, he felt countless lightning bolts tearing through his body. The pain made his eyes rolled back to their whites as he cried out loudly, “It hurts… Ouch… Bald Donkey, stop reciting! If you have the skill… Ouch! Fight me! Ouch! It hurts… Sob, it hurts…”

Fangzheng ignored Red Boy’s painful cries. He had been cursed so viciously and he had nearly been roasted. Even Clay Bodhisattva would be infuriated. Besides, Fangzheng was still feeling unhappy with what had happened to Guan Ping. He took the opportunity to vent his displeasure!

Red Boy cried out tragically, attracting Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Squirrel to the commotion.

They saw a child sitting by the temple hall’s entrance, wailing loudly. His voice shook the door frames. The three animals exchanged looks, unsure what was happening. However, they were certain of one thing. The kid had provoked the abbot and was suffering from it.

The three rascals squatted there and watched the buzz with a chuckle.

Red Boy looked at the three animals with a side glance as the pangs of fire in him burned. Three trash that were not even considered demonic spirits actually dared to delight themselves with his predicament? He decided that he was eating steamed monkey’s brain, red braised dog meat and squirrel soup tonight! He glanced at Fangzheng and was just about to act up when the pain afflicting his body intensified! With a cry, he no longer dared having any other such thought.

After half an hour, Fangzheng lowered his hands and swung his arms. “I really can’t posture much. Just giving a pose makes my arms ache. Sigh…”

With that said, Fangzheng headed for the backyard in preparation for his meal.

As for Red Boy, his eyes were rolled back as he foamed on the ground motionlessly. Monkey looked worriedly at Fangzheng. “Abbot Fangzheng, what do we do with the kid?”

“Drag him over,” said Fangzheng.

Monkey ran over and dragged Red Boy to the backyard. Fangzheng ignored Red Boy and allowed him to lie on the ground. The weather was warming and Red Boy was a great demon, an immortal deity. It did not matter if he was a little cold.

He washed the pot, scooped the rice, and made lunch! Monkey began tending the fire while Lone Wolf and Squirrel squatted outside, looking at Red Boy.

Lone Wolf looked at him and mumbled, “Where did this child come from? Why isn’t he wearing pants?”

Squirrel jumped onto Red Boy and pulled open the red dudou. He pointed at Red Boy’s private parts. “He’s really not wearing pants.”

At that moment, Red Boy came to his senses. His eyes flashed ferociously. He raised his hand in a bid to grab Squirrel and Lone Wolf. Fangzheng had been staring at Red Boy all this while. He snorted coldly. “Are you still unrepentant?!”

When Red Boy heard Fangzheng’s voice, he quivered in fear. The pain from before still lingered on. He did not wish to experience the excruciating pain that felt worse than death again. His hand stopped midair…