The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 28

Chapter 28: One Palm Strike

Monkey chuckled and said, "Look at all of you. What's so strange about that? I believe this temple has some form of tranquilizing incense or perfume sprayed in the air. It might even be due to the plants planted here. If not, there wouldn't be such effects. It's clearly not some famous ancient temple, because it lacks all sorts of heritage."

As Monkey was speaking, he came to the door and was astonished to discover that many of his chaotic thoughts disappeared. He also felt a lot calmer. However, he still insisted, "Heh, the effects of the tranquilizer are strong. Sure enough, we have truly encountered a conman. I have gone to numerous temples, and there wasn't even one of them that had such a strong tranquilizing effect. Take a quick good look and leave once you are done. This isn't a place we should stay for long."

With that said, Monkey smacked the red metal door and said with a laugh, "Ignoring everything else, this metal door sure is solid! It's five centimeters thick. Such a thick metal door could be used as sluice gates! Listen to this sound, it's resounding so strongly. How timid is the temple's owner to make such a thick door?"

Fatty knocked on it and said with a laugh as well, "It sure is hard."

The group was amused.


"Holy sh*t!" Fatty, who wasn't paying attention, jumped up from the spot when he heard Fangzheng's Buddhist proclamation. When he saw a fair and handsome young monk, he heaved a sigh of relief and immediately mustered his courage to yell, "Monk, are you sick? Why didn't you greet us when we came in? Are you trying to scare us by suddenly appearing like this? Do you know that frightening others can be fatal?"

Fangzheng cursed inwardly, "I've been standing here all f*cking day. The few of you were chattering nonstop, with none of you seeing me, and now you blame me?"

Thankfully, Jiang Ting pulled back the incensed Fatty at that moment, "He was standing there all along. How can you blame him when you were the one who didn't notice him?"

Fatty immediately turned embarrassed, but he had no intentions of apologizing.

Jiang Ting said, "Master, hello. Is this your temple?"

Seeing how Jiang Ting had spoken up for him, Fangzheng naturally felt much better. He responded with a smile, "This Penniless Monk is Fangzheng, the abbot of this One Finger Temple, and also the only monk here."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Ting and company blushed. To speak badly in front of his face was impolite regardless if he was a bad person or not. However, by doing so, even a good person could turn bad with their actions.

Jiang Ting said apologetically, "Master, about that, we were just talking nonsense. Don't treat it seriously."

"Amitabha, Female Patron, you are being polite. Your words are only normal, so how could This Penniless Monk be angry?"

Although Fangzheng was saying that, he was thinking of closing the door and letting the dog, or in his case, the wolf, out to chase Fatty and Scrawny away. How could they do things like that, to call him a conman right in front of his face? That was intolerable! However, he was a monk, so he had to tolerate it! Fangzheng lamented the tragedy he faced.

"Alright, stop calling him Master already. Jiang Ting, look, he's a monk even younger than us. To put it bluntly, this is a small temple, and he's the only one here. If this were a slightly bigger temple, he would be one of those monks sweeping the ground. Kid, stop acting. Be honest. Was this temple built by you? Where's your home? You're a con, right?" at that moment, Monkey came forward and said impolitely.

When Jiang Ting heard that, she tugged at Monkey and said, "Monkey, don't say that."

Monkey ignored her and lifted his head as he continued, "A clear conscience laughs in the face of a false accusation. A clear conscience sleeps well at night. If you are really a good person, so what if I say a word or two? Furthermore, am I wrong? Look at that monk's head. It's so bright, it's like it has been lathered in oil. His skin is even whiter than yours. Can such a person be a monk that lives in hardship on a mountain? He's definitely a cheat that lives an extravagant life! And it looks like his ability at cheating others must be pretty good. However, now that he has encountered me, it shall end today."

When Fangzheng heard this, he was infuriated, but he did not flare up. He said, "Patron, what you say lacks any reason. This Penniless Monk has been cultivating in One Finger Temple from a young age. This is known by everyone in the village at the foot of the mountain. This Penniless Monk grew up under the patronage of everyone, so how could I be a cheat that lives extravagantly?"

"Heh, you must have spent some money, right? With enough money, they would help corroborate your lies," Monkey said with a tsk.

By his side, Fatty yelled, "Everyone look! There's a WiFi signal here! Hehe, as a monk, you are quite modern. You even go on the Internet? Is it to watch Japanese porn?"

Lu Xiaoya and Ruan Ying immediately took out their cell phones when they heard this. Indeed, there was a WiFi signal. Furthermore, it had a strong signal. Clearly, it was not a signal received from the foot of the mountain. Every one of them looked suspiciously at Fangzheng.

Jiang Ting also looked curiously at him.

Fangzheng replied calmly, "This Penniless Monk is cultivating and not a savage. Is it strange to have a WiFi signal? Furthermore, the WiFi was installed by the government. You can ask around at the foot of the mountain."

"Fine, I'll cut the nonsense with you. We are just here to take a look, so just don't bother us. I'll treat you as a reverend if you don't follow us around. But if you were to ramble on and say something inauspicious to us, don't blame me for sending a punch at you," said Fatty impatiently.

Fangzheng had already lost his patience. Since they did not welcome him, Fangzheng ignored them. He turned and left.

But when he turned, Fangzheng saw the scene before his eyes change!

At that instant, Fangzheng saw the five of them driving on the highway. Monkey was driving with Lu Xiaoya at a high speed, leaving Fatty and Jiang Ting in the dust. At that moment, a huge convoy of vehicles appeared up ahead. Monkey said with a loud laugh, "I'll let Fatty eat dirt!"

With that said, Monkey slammed his foot on the accelerator as he prepared to overtake the convoy! The convoy had a total of four large trucks, all carrying a truckload of coal. Just as Monkey successfully overtook two of the trucks, the truck right in front suddenly signaled and switched to the fast lane.

Monkey cursed loudly, "What the hell? He can't go fast, so why is he going to the fast lane?"

Just as he said that, he heard an ear-piercing sound of rubber screeching on the asphalt. The truck in front of him had hit the brakes suddenly!

Monkey was going at a very fast speed and when he realized he was about to collide, he immediately turned into the spot that had opened up in the convoy. The trucks in front and at the back had also hit the brakes, but the ones at the back could not stop in time due to the huge inertia they had!

Monkey's car could not stop in time, causing his car to collide into the back of the truck in front of him!

At that instant, Monkey and Lu Xiaoya were left in a daze. But before they could react in time, they heard a screeching sound as the back of their car was struck. Instantly, the two watched in horror as their car quickly deformed. The two screamed and turned into a mangled pancake of blood and flesh.

The scene of blood spurting gave Fangzheng a fright as his forehead was completely covered in cold sweat!

"Master? Master?!" At that moment, a voice jolted Fangzheng awake.

Fangzheng quickly recovered his senses, but in his panic, he slammed the metallic door behind him!