The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Boars Bears Tigers


Red Boy had no intention to do labor for Fangzheng. He was of the belief that he should skive whenever possible, never sit up if lying down was an option. He did not care what Fangzheng did and unless he was forced, he would only watch as an amused spectator.

Fangzheng obviously knew what was on Red Boy’s mind. However, Fangzheng did not wish to force him either.

Fangzheng knew more than Red Boy how terrifying the wild boars were. Old hunters were most afraid of encountering boars when they entered the mountain forest. Once they grew to a sufficiently large size, their destructive strength was extremely terrifying. Most importantly, boars were not dumb. On the contrary, they were very intelligent! Boars had an acute sense of smell five times better than that of dogs. Their intelligence was enough to put them in the top ten of the animal kingdom. They were also able to think, with their only weakness being a poor memory. They could easily identify smells but would quickly forget them. This was quite similar to fish

Therefore, the typical hunter did not wish to encounter such large wild beasts which would find solutions to deal with you.

Fangzheng was a little worried as well that his Great Strength Vajra Palm would be insufficient to keep the boars in place.

Grunt, oink

After the herd of boars was satiated, the boars rolled around across the ground. It was unknown if they were communicating with each other or if they were purely grunting and squealing.

At that moment, a loud Buddhist proclamation sounded, “Amitabha, if all of you are satiated, might you listen to This Penniless Monk?”

The boars were collectively given a shock as they turned their heads. They saw a white-robed monk walk towards them. More importantly, they could understand the monk’s words.

Fangzheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the boars look at him. It seemed it would still be possible to communicate with these hot-tempered looking beasts.


“Brothers, a huge hairless monkey is here! He’s here to find trouble. Charge, kill him!” A boar crawled up from his rolling in the mud. It lowered its head, bared its tusks and began charging over with a squeal.

The other boars also charged over with squeals.

“Kill him!”

“I’ll send him flying!”

“Make way, make way! I want to slam him into a tree!”

“I want to squash him like potatoes!”

“Squeal! My tusks are unable to endure the thirst! Hit him!”

When Fangzheng saw more than a hundred boars charge at him, he felt like he was facing a cavalry squadron in an ancient battlefield. That scene looked rather grand, but it would not be fun if he was really hit! He never expected the boars to be so unreasonable. They immediately attacked when they saw him. Weren’t envoys immune from death when two states were at war?

Fangzheng was infuriated when he saw the boars charge over without reason. They want to fight? Fine, so be it!

With a stomp of his foot, he pressed his palms together at chest level. At that instant, his forearm discernibly thickened as terrifying forces rose from the ground and into his arms!

The first boar struck as Fangzheng gave an angry roar. He stepped forward and struck out with his palm!


The incoming boar was struck in its tusk and with a clang, sparks flew out. The boar flipped backwards with a tragic squeal while its tusk was crumbled! The boar brushed past Fangzheng’s side, stirring a cloud of dust in the process.

The boars charged like a tidal wave while Fangzheng was like a boulder amid the tide. No matter how many boars came, he struck out with both palms, producing incessant clanging sounds. The boars were flipped one after another by Fangzheng before they were thrown out or brushed past Fangzheng’s side. It was quite a sight.

“Hey, Master is quite powerful after all,” Red Boy grinned when he saw this.

“But Master looks like he’s about to run out of strength,” said a worried Squirrel.

“It’s not that he lacks strength. The boars are like an inundating tidal wave. Master has no opportunity to catch his breath. If this continues, he will suffer sooner or later,” said Red Boy disapprovingly.

“Then why are we wasting our time talking? Charge, screw those swine!” How could Lone Wolf sit easy when he learned that his master was about to suffer? With a howl, he charged forward! The present Lone Wolf was also large in size with formidable strength. Furthermore, his fangs were even sharper, and he had gotten much faster. He wanted to know if he could deal with the boars alone compared to how he attacked them in a pack in the past.

Monkey got a pole and chased after him. Squirrel also grabbed two pebbles and followed.

When Red Boy saw his three senior brothers charge forward, he curled his lips, “This bunch of ignoramuses. What use is there when trash like you charge forward?” Although he said so, Red Boy followed. Revenge was a dish best served cold. If everyone charged forward except him, he would be in trouble. However, the rascal hid in the back and only aided superficially.

Fangzheng was indeed finding it tough. Just as Red Boy said, the boars charged at him like a tidal wave. As the battle continued, more boars ran out of the caves to join in the battle. These fearless beasts would lower their heads and charge as though they did not know what it meant to retreat in the face of adversity. Fangzheng could not even use one of the boars to serve as a warning. He did not even have the chance to catch a breather, and Fangzheng’s strength had clearly dropped below what it was in the beginning of the battle.

The boars also saw an opportunity. They charged even more fiercely. Those that were sent rolling on the ground got up and charged again. Instantly, Fangzheng was under siege by relentless attacks.

At that moment, a wolf’s howl was heard. A boar that had been struck down by Fangzheng felt its ass ache. When it turned its head, it saw a super large wolf it had never seen before biting its fat ass. Following that, the wolf also turned ferocious as he swung it out with force. The boar felt the world spin as it was sent flying! With a thud, it landed onto the ground, momentarily stunned. Was its hundred plus kilograms made of paper? Was all of that fake weight? Since when were wolves that powerful?

Another boar crawled up from the ground and saw nothing but black all of a sudden. A monkey had descended from the sky, slamming its head with a pole. The boar felt stars looping around its head as it staggered in the spot, but it soon recovered to act fiercely.

Monkey was also given a fright. The pig’s head was very hard!

At that moment, two pebbles hit the boar’s face. The attack infuriated it. What the heck was it now? It turned its head and saw Squirrel swinging his claws at it while shaking his tail to taunt it!

The boar was infuriated, “I’ll kill you all!


The boar’s head was struck with the pole again. Monkey noticed that the boar’s limbs had clearly turned stiff. He circled around the boar and scratched his head before unleashing the pole down at it, again and again!


The boar was helpless against the attacks as it fainted.

Monkey grinned and sought his next target.

There was one unlucky boar that thought itself clever. When it saw how formidable the monk was, it immediately directed its sights on others. It aimed itself at Red Boy, who was walking leisurely towards them, and shouted, “Brothers, hold on. I’ll teach this hairless monkey’s reinforcement a lesson!” Then, it grunted while charging at Red Boy.

When Red Boy saw this, he gave an innocent smile. He raised his tiny hand and sent a slap.

“Haha. Kid, look at those tiny limbs of yours. Watch me reduce you to mush!” roared the boar.

But at the next moment


A resounding slap sounded like thunder. Its crisp sound reverberated through the entire mountain valley. At the same time, a boar yelped tragically. Its mouth was open as its tongue hung down. It was sent flying across the sky with its eyes rolled back. It slammed into another unlucky boar and after a few tumbles, was no longer able to get up.

The other boars that were prepared to target the weaker ones turned limp. They immediately changed targets and charged at Fangzheng. As for Red Boy, no boar dared to attack him. He was too ferocious!