The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Wolf and Monk

When the wolf was a distance away, the group finally regained their courage. Fatty could not help but ask, "Say, could that wolf have been tamed by the monk?"

Jiang Ting said, "It's possible. The temple isn't large, but there are so many oddities about it. That monk might be very young, but he gives me a feeling that he's not ordinary."

"Come on, have you read too many wuxia novels as well?" Fatty said disapprovingly.

At that moment, Monkey said, "If we want to know the truth, there's only one way. We will know if we go up and take a look."

"Are you mad? Take a good look and recognize it! It's a wolf! The kind that swallows you whole." Fatty put on a menacing expression before saying, "To have a rural mountain, a temple, and a monk, it's a classic place where looting, plundering, and armed robbery happens. You still want to go back up?"

"You are the one that has read too many wuxia novels! I know that's a wolf, but that wolf has likely been tamed. If not, it would have taken a bite at your fat ass already," Monkey chided him playfully.

"Scram! Am I fat? This is called being strong."

"Alright, enough nonsense. I have to go up and take a look or I will never have my questions answered," said Monkey.

Fatty hurriedly said to Lu Xiaoya, "He's mad. Aren't you going to do something about it?"

Lu Xiaoya wrapped her arms around Monkey's arm and said, "I know him too well. He's a curious kitten. If you don't let him go up the mountain, he probably won't stop thinking about it for a month. Since we are already here, it shouldn't be too dangerous, as that wolf seems to have been tamed as Monkey said. I support him!"

"That's what a true girlfriend looks like! Let's go, onward to the mountaintop!" after Monkey said that, he led Lu Xiaoya up the mountain.

Fatty looked at his fiance, Ruan Ying, and said, "What about you?"

Ruan Ying shrugged and said, "I don't know. I'll follow you."

Fatty was rendered somewhat speechless before he looked at Jiang Ting.

However, Jiang Ting was already following and without turning her head back, she said, "I'm also curious about the relationship between the monk and the wolf. I'll go take a look too. If you don't want to come, just wait by the cars at the foot of the mountain. We will come down quickly."

When Fatty heard that, he said with a wry smile, "If all of you are going up, how can I leave alone? Wait for me!"

With that said, Fatty led Ruan Ying to chase up to the trio.

The five quickly returned to One Finger Temple's entrance. Seeing the temple in front of them, they no longer showed the contempt and denigration they had when they first came. Instead, there was a bit of solemnity about them.

"Eh? That palm imprint is gone!" at that moment, Jiang Ting exclaimed in surprise.

Monkey quickly went over and studied the door carefully. He shook his head and said, "It's still there. It has just been pressed back. Look, although it has been pressed back, it's not flat. It looks like my guess was right. This monk truly knows martial arts, and he is very capable!" Monkey's eyes shone with excitement.

At that moment, they heard a laugh from the backyard, "You stupid wolf, to think you took the initiative to fetch water. It looks like you are really suffering from your cravings. Even a lazy worm like you has become diligent for food."

Then, they heard a series of whimpering as if the wolf was explaining itself.

Then, they heard Fangzheng's voice sound out, "I knew you wouldn't work for nothing. Fine, I'll give you more for lunch. But you have to hold back as well. We don't have a lot of rice left."

"Wu Wu..."

Upon hearing these sounds, the five exchanged looks.

Ruan Ying muttered, "Is this monk sick? He's actually speaking with the wolf."

"He's indeed sick, and it's rather serious. Could he be a mad man?" said Fatty.

"Fatty, watch your mouth. Don't speak nonsense. Try to be nice on his territory," Jiang Ting said.

Fatty smacked his lips and did not speak another word.

Lu Xiaoya said, "Why do I feel like the monk is truly conversing with that wolf, though? Listen, they are exchanging sentences."

Monkey and Jiang Ting nodded as well. It seemed so, but no one could believe it. Could humans converse with animals normally? It was too incredulous.

Fatty lowered his voice and said, "Let's have a bet. I dare say that all of this is an illusion. It might even be possible that the monk is pretending to be both the wolf and the person, in an attempt to appear mystifying. He might really be a mad man. What, what's up with that look of yours? You don't believe me? Then, let's go take a look together, secretly. Try not to get discovered."

Everyone was also very curious about what was happening in the backyard. Hence, each of them nodded, and they secretly moved over.

After walking for a while, they sensed the fragrance of rice emanate as they approached the backyard.

The five subconsciously took a deep breath. Fatty could not help but say, "Monkey, what spices are these? Why is it so fragrant? I can't seem to control my cravings."

"Are you dumb? It's the fragrance of rice! However, this rice really is aromatic," said Monkey as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Fatty said, unconvinced, "You are the one that's dumb! Where have you seen such fragrant rice before? I'm guessing that it's definitely some kind of spice. D*mn it, I can't take it anymore. The more I smell it, the hungrier I become."

"Cut it out. I'm hungry as well," said Monkey.


Monkey, Fatty, Ruan Ying, and Lu Xiaoya simultaneously looked at Jiang Ting. She blushed in embarrassment and said, "I'm also hungry."

Everyone was amused as Lu Xiaoya said, "Let's go and see what that monk is making. I want to know what's so delicious that it can smell so good."

With that said, Lu Xiaoya pushed Monkey forward. Clearly, she was curious, but she did not have the courage.

Monkey led the way and the five filed up on their way to the backyard. The moment they entered the yard, the aroma only became more intense. Their stomachs began growling as all of them blushed in embarrassment. The reason for their blushing was that the moment they entered, Lone Wolf which was sprawled on the kitchen floor stood up. It bared its teeth and stared at them, producing a low growl.

Monkey hurriedly said, "Stop. Don't move. The wolf is angry. This is a warning that canines give out. If we take another step forward, we will be attacked."

Everyone immediately stopped. Now that they met the wolf again, the group still trembled, as their fear still existed. It was unlike what they had thought. They had believed that after meeting the wolf once and being left unharmed, they would be able to face it confidently because it was a tame wolf.

At this moment

"Amitabha, Patrons, why are you all back again?" When Fangzheng heard Lone Wolf's low growl, he had come out to check. He immediately saw the terror-stricken five and asked them with a furrowed brow.

"Master, we encountered this wolf when we were descending the mountain. Is it tamed by you?" Jiang Ting was afraid of the wolf, but she was not afraid of Fangzheng. She was a lot more at ease when she saw Lone Wolf close its jaw when Fangzheng came out.

Fangzheng said, "No."

When he said that, the quintet turned tense once again. If it was not tamed by Fangzheng, it meant that it was wild? Wild beasts could eat humans!

Jiang Ting was afraid as well, but she asked, "Master, then this wolf is?"

Fangzheng patted the wolf on the head and said, "You can consider it a partner to spend the days with. The mountain lacks a lot of things, and there's no one to converse with. It's just a partner, so you can't say one is tamed by the other."