The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Lottery Draw


“Venerable One, you are really lazy! You leave all the work to me, while you leisurely stay here on the mountain. Sigh, woe be me.” Jing Yan shook her head as she left feeling aggrieved.

Fangzheng did not fall for it. He could sense that Jing Yan was enjoying the process. She liked the feeling of helping others.

Although Fangzheng knew that Jing Yan was capable, he never imagined her to be that capable! The next day, he saw news about Cao Can on several websites. Cao Can’s family situation, as well as Cao Xueke’s condition garnered the attention of the public. Countless kind-hearted people left messages.

“Admin, after saying so much, can’t you just leave a telephone number? A bank account number would work too.”

“I’m already bawling from reading this. This won’t do. I want to donate some money. Account number! Account number!”

“I’m only a work rat. I don’t have much money, but I’ll donate a hundred!”

“The little girl is really pitiful. I’ll donate my snack money for the month, alright? But how do I give it?”

“Our boss saw the news and is already on the way. My boss said that he will cover for all medical expenses!”

“The boss of the poster before me is really a good person. All the best for him.”

“Good boss, tell us your company’s name. I’ll support you!”

“Our boss said that one should not leave a name when doing good. Else, wouldn’t it just be an advertisement? I wish all the best to the little girl.”

The following day, Fangzheng received a message from Jing Yan. “A rich boss flew over from afar and has taken Cao Xueke away. Cao Can went as well. The rest of the matter will be paid for by this boss. Cao Can wishes me to convey his gratitude. He said that he will definitely come see you when he’s back.”

When Fangzheng saw this, he gave an inward smile. “What will he be thanking This Penniless Monk for? It’s you who helped him, and not This Penniless Monk. This Penniless Monk was only a mouthpiece. In any case, congratulations, you will be promoted soon.”

“What????” Jing Yan sent a series of question marks.

“The secrets of heavens are not to be leaked. Good people will enjoy good luck.”

Just as Jing Yan was about to continue asking about it, a person came to her and engaged in a conversation with her. Jing Yan was left feeling surreal even as the person left. Following that, she hugged the document folder in her arms and smiled. She sent Fangzheng a message, “Master, you are really godly! I’ve been transferred to the city. Don’t worry. I’ll come see you whenever I have time.”

Fangzheng chuckled and replied with a smiley face.

Fangzheng felt relieved that Cao Can’s matter was settled. Although he had relied on A Golden Millet Dream, the way he ultimately solved the problem had nothing to do with any divine power. He liked this feeling. Being a good person and doing good did not need divine powers. This feeling gave him a sense of accomplishment. Also, Fangzheng felt the goodness of society once again. Society was in no way as foul as the media reported it to be, one that saw no light! There were still many people who were good.

“Master.” At that moment, Monkey came over.

“What’s the matter?”

“If, and I’m saying ifif we had not taken action, would Cao Can really have chosen to die to save his daughter?” asked Monkey.

Fangzheng nodded his head with certainty. Be it the Heavenly Eye or the dream realm, both indicated the same conclusion. If not for Fangzheng’s appearance, the outcome would definitely not be as simple as a tragedy for one family. For a mine to have miners die consecutively, the investigations it would face would be something that could not be repressed or hidden. When that happened, the mine’s owner would definitely be in trouble. He had invested so much money to improve the facilities, but all of that would have been for naught. It was very likely he would end up bankrupt. One he went bankrupt, all the workers under him would lose their jobs It was not even a certainty if Cao Can would receive any compensation.

“Master, can a person really be forced into such a state? If we had not helped, he would not have been able to see any hope? Or has society fallen so far that people cannot find their way?”

Fangzheng looked up into the sky. “There is always a way, it’s just that people can’t see it. A person’s social circle and their horizons determine the methods and number of methods they have to resolve a problem when they face one. When this matter landed on Jing Yan’s shoulders, she could resolve the problem through the media, or seek help from public charitable organizations. But to Cao Can, who doesn’t know anything about the Internet and spends his days in the mine, he did not know any other solution other than borrowing from his relatives and fellow villagers. Therefore, after he expended all the means available to him, he chose a path that he believed was the only one.”

“Jingxin, what do you see when you read the news every day?” Fangzheng suddenly asked Red Boy who was on the cell phone beside him.

“Society is grim. There are all sorts of scummy matters that no one cares about or fails to handle properly. I find it a miracle that the people outside are able to live even a day.”

“Jingxin, how big is this world?” asked Fangzheng suddenly.

Jingxin shook his head.

Fangzheng continued, “How many people are there in the world?”

“This I know. There are more than six billion people. It’s coming close to the number of lesser demons on a few of my mountains,” exclaimed Red Boy immediately.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. ‘Who asked you about the number of lesser demons on your mountains? Also, are those lesser demons ant demons? They sure can reproduce!’

Fangzheng put up with his displeasure and continued asking, “This world is very large. As for people” He was about to mention that there were many people as well, but after thinking of Red Boy’s response, he immediately changed it. “There are quite a number of people as well. There are all kinds of fish in the sea. When one matter gains the attention of people and is placed on the news, it’s absolutely not because it’s something ordinary. If not, it would not be newsworthy. Only when this matter is a special exception that occasionally happens will it be placed on the news. If not, why aren’t there any reports of so many people walking? But when a person without legs walks with his hands, why would there be a news report?

Therefore, the so-called grimness you see is only a rare angle of society. The reason why you think the world is grim is because you are staring at where it’s grim. After looking only at that for a long time, you end up finding the world grim.”

Red Boy stroked his chin. “Master, what you said seems to make sense.”

Fangzheng then said to Monkey, “Therefore, it’s not that society is grim that Cao Can failed to find a way out, it’s just because he himself could not find it. The facts have proven themselves. When his matter was made known to the public, he gained the concern and help of countless people, and not countless evil thoughts. Isn’t that so?”

Monkey nodded and pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. I understand.”

Red Boy also fell into deep thought.

At that moment, a voice that had not been heard in a while sounded.

“Ding! Congratulations, you have helped another person. Do you want to have a go at the draw?

“Yes!” How could Fangzheng miss such an opportunity?

“Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a new Bodhisattva. Go to the Ten Thousand Buddha plaque to take a look.”

“A Bodhisattva as a reward? System, is the reward this time that good?” said Fangzheng in astonishment.