The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Find A Nest To Hide


Lin Ying thought to herself, “No wonder he became a monk at such a young age. He isn’t very intelligent What a pity. It’s such a waste of his good looks. It looks like the heavens are fair.”

On the other hand Xia Meng was thinking, “This fool. He likely doesn’t know where Lin Zicheng is. I can’t waste my time on him. It’s best I leave early. I’ll continue the search and if all things fail, I can only report it to the police when I descend the mountain”

Lin Lei smiled as he thought, “This is really an idiot!” Then he said, “Awesome. I like such straightforward people! How should it be done? Tell me!”

“Release it and place it on the ground. Leave the rest to This Penniless Monk.”

“Release it from its ropes? What if it runs?” Lin Lei asked unsettled.

“You can fasten one rope to it.”

Lin Lei nodded and did as he was told. Xia Meng and Lin Ying watched without any objections.

Lin Zicheng was thrown to the ground by Lin Lei. Despite having escaped death, he had heard the conversation between Fangzheng and Lin Lei clearly. He knew very well that if he fumbled the ball at that moment, the monk would lose his face at most, but he would lose his life! He did not wish to die. Therefore Lin Zicheng immediately ran in front of Fangzheng and knelt down. He kowtowed again and again as he pleaded, “Master, I know my faults. I beg you, change me back.”

Upon seeing this scene, Lin Lei, Xia Meng, and Lin Ying were dumbfounded. Was this a f**king chicken? It even knew how to kowtow! And tear up! It was even wailing! Had it turned into a demon spirit?

Fangzheng ignored their astonished looks and smiled. “Get up. Whether you enter the pot will all depend on your performance. Make use of the time to dance whatever dances you know. There’s not much time left.”

Lin Zicheng shouted, “Master, I really know my faults. I will never enter the mountains to hunt again. I will never hire people to poach again! Please, I beg of you! Spare me!”

“Monk, it looks like this hazel grouse doesn’t know how to dance. You have lost.” At that moment, Lin Lei quipped mockingly.

“You f**king shut up!” Lin Zicheng turned around and roared, but he realized that he was no longer Lin Zicheng. What right did he have to demand that of Lin Lei?

“A f**king chicken like you dares to shout at me? I’ll be stewing you later!” Lin Lei glared back.

Lin Zicheng felt a chill through his heart as he looked at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. Patron, it’s best you dance as soon as possible.”

Helplessly, Lin Zicheng could only clench his teeth as he shook his buttocks and waddled with his short, tiny feet. He began dancing by wobbling his plump body. Although his motions were not right, it did follow a particular rhythm. It really looked quite like dancing!

Lin Lei, Lin Ying, and Xia Meng were dumbfounded seeing a hazel grouse shake its ass as it began making wide strides to begin dancing! They widened their eyes, with looks of disbelief. All of this was just too strange! It made the three of them look at Fangzheng like he was a monster. He had instructed the hazel grouse to dance and it danced. Was this guy even human? However, they were certain of one thing. The fellow was not a retard. They were!

Fangzheng looked up at Lin Lei and smiled. “Patron, it seems like This Penniless Monk has won.”

“This” Lin Lei did not wish to give up the hazel grouse, but what Fangzheng had shown him was just too strange. He did not dare posture any further.

Xia Meng immediately said, “Venerable One, nice trick. We have lost. We can release this chicken. Venerable One, please tell me where my boss, Lin Zicheng, is.” With that said, Xia Meng bowed. At that moment Xia Meng was truly convinced. He knew he had encountered an otherworldly man of god.

Lin Lei immediately released the rope in his hand and stopped restricting the hazel grouse’s freedom.

However what astonished him was that the hazel grouse did not run. Instead, it came in front of Fangzheng again and began kowtowing and crying.

The others might not have been able to understand him, but Fangzheng was. Lin Zicheng was shouting, “Master, I beg of you. Spare me. As long as I change back into a human, I will not only stop poaching rare animals when I return. I will also donate all the money I earned unscrupulously! I beg you. Please spare me.” Lin Zicheng knew very well that a stupid bird like him would not be able to escape the mouths of other predators even if he escaped Lin Lei’s pot! If he really left, he would not be able to survive the night!

Fangzheng ignored Lin Zicheng and bowed back at Xia Meng. “Patron, the person you are looking for is nearby. Whether you can find him is not up to you or This Penniless Monk, but up to him. If he wishes to show himself, he will naturally do so. If he doesn’t think things through, you will likely not see him for the rest of your life.”

“Master, if we can’t find him, we will report it to the police. When the time comes, I hope you can assist in the investigations.” Xia Meng knew it would definitely be useless for him to threaten the monk. He could only exert pressure by using the police.

Fangzheng smiled. “Of course. A monk doesn’t lie. This Penniless Monk will not lie about any questions the police pose.”

The moment that was said, Xia Meng, Lin Lei, and Lin Ying jolted. He would not conceal anything? Then wouldn’t the matter of their poaching be made known? This monk was the one threatening them!

Xia Meng was the one truly suffering. He had threatened the monk just a moment ago, and now, he was the one being threatened! Worst of all, there was no solution to that threat!

“Patrons, if there’s nothing else, This Penniless Monk shall bid you farewell.” With that said, Fangzheng turned to leave.

Although Lin Lei, Lin Ying, and Xia Meng were unwilling to let him leave, they did not chase up to him.

However Lin Zicheng immediately followed. He knew that the only person that could save him was the monk in front of him! He refused to give up regardless of the situation.

After Fangzheng walked far and was certain that Lin Lei and company could not hear him, he said slowly, “Patron, stop following This Penniless Monk.”

“Master, who else in the world apart from yourself can help me? I just want to change back into a human. I don’t want to be a chicken,” pleaded Lin Zicheng.

Fangzheng shook his head. “You are wrong. This Penniless Monk can’t help you. Only you can help yourself. What Man does, Heaven watches. Our meeting is definitely not arbitrary, but an effect of the circulation of karma that results in punitive justice. When you were human, you were not punished for your evil acts, so this resulted in your punishment as a chicken today.”

“Master, isn’t it enough for me to hand out my wealth?”

Fangzheng turned to look at Lin Zicheng. “This Penniless Monk is only a monk. How you redeem your sins is up to you, and has nothing to do with This Penniless Monk. Alright, Patron. It’s not early anymore. You should find a nest to hide in. If you follow This Penniless Monk further, you might suffer during the long night.”

When Lin Zicheng heard Fangzheng’s recommendation to find a nest to hide, he nearly suffered a mental breakdown. He was a high and mighty boss, but he needed to find a nest? He really wished to kill himself.

Realizing that Fangzheng was unwilling to help, Lin Zicheng decided to find a place to hide. He definitely could not head out the mountain or there would be a high chance he would be eaten. Then, the only way was to run further in!

At that moment, Red Boy chased up to Fangzheng and shouted, “Master, there are many wolves in the mountain. Hehe, a few boars were attacked just a moment ago.”