The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Soliciting Donations


Meanwhile, Fangzheng was looking at the second floor from the basketball court’s periphery. When Lu Hui turned his head, Fangzheng traced his gaze and happened to see a pair of eyes with burning desire through the cracks in the curtains. Fangzheng activated his Heavenly Eye but saw nothing He activated his Wisdom Eye next but did not see any lotus flowers above the person’s head either. Instead, there was a golden halo that was surprisingly pointing towards Fangzheng!

Fangzheng immediately laughed when he saw this. He knew that that person was his mission’s target! He was also that person’s opportunity!

The basketball match was fought like a raging fire as both sides attacked and counterattacked, spanning the entire court. Finally, Wang Kun defeated Chen Wei’s team with a difference of one point. However Chen Wei had blocked his shots twice. As such, although both sides held particular advantages, neither side was impressed by the other. And so they scheduled another match for tomorrow!

Fangzheng also understood that although Wang Kun and Chen Wei seemed at odds with each other, they were only using their competitions as an excuse to attract the ladies to cheer for them. It was also a way to scratch that itch their basketball addiction caused them to feel. Fangzheng only smiled with regards to this and did not say a word.

“Master, it was a great game today. We are going to get lunch. Are you joining us?” Wang Kun asked as he wiped the sweat off his face.

Fangzheng shook his head. “This Penniless Monk plans on spending some time around here. Patrons, enjoy yourselves.”

Wang Kun and company were planning to have a feast at an eatery. A bunch of teenagers would definitely be ordering meat, so Fangzheng’s presence would be quite an inconvenience for them.

Wang Kun understood that as well. He secretly stuffed a hundred yuan into Fangzheng’s hands and said, “Master, I know you are poor. Don’t you solicit donations? I believe you can take this, right? Buy whatever you would like to eat. Then See you at the entrance to my place tonight.”

With that said, Wang Kun beckoned for the rest and left together with them.

The girls were somewhat disappointed to see Fangzheng wasn’t joining them. Teasing Fangzheng and watching the big white dog was a lot more fun than listening to the boys’ bragging.

With the basketball players gone, the curtains on the second floor were secretly drawn as well.

Fangzheng smiled as he walked towards the building’s entrance.

“Master, what are we doing? Shouldn’t we be having our meal at this time?” Lone Wolf cried.

“All you think about is eating. Do you still want to return to the mountain?”

Lone Wolf nodded immediately. “Of course! Although it’s novel here, it feels so complicated. It’s not as comfortable and carefree as life on the mountain.”

“Human society definitely has many more rules than there are on the mountain. That’s why some people enter the forest mountains to escape the shackles of the world. As for you, you are just not used to it. Alright, let’s go. The person upstairs should be This Penniless Monk’s target. Once we finish the mission, we will return.”

“That’s great!” Lone Wolf really was not accustomed to human society. In the mountain, he could jump and run as wildly as he liked. In the village, he could go from door to door as he wished. But here in the city, he basically could not be more than ten steps away from Fangzheng. Just a little further and he might get lost in this maze-like city. More importantly, he did not need to worry about food and drink on the mountain. Away from it, everything needed money. As for them, money was what they lacked the most! If their meals were a problem, how could they be considered free?

Fangzheng pondered for a moment as he stood in front of Apartment 203’s door before knocking on it.

“Who is it?” a man’s voice with a hint of impatience sounded. Following that, the door opened to reveal a forlorn-looking Lu Hui.

Lu Hui looked up and saw the young monk dressed in white monk robes standing at his doorstep. Beside him, there was a huge wolf-like dog that was as huge as a calf. It was truly frightening. However the monk had a delicate face, and he was smiling faintly. He exuded a warmth like jade, and the radiance he let out warmed his heart.

However Lu Hui’s brows knitted even tighter at this sight. “Is there something the matter?”

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Amitabha, This Penniless Monk comes from the north. Having walked this far, hunger has prompted the need to solicit some vegetarian food.”

“Bam!” The door slammed shut!

Fangzheng stood awkwardly in his spot. In fact, this was his first genuine attempt to solicit donations. Back in One Finger Village, he often solicited donations with Zen Master One Finger, but that could not be strictly deemed the same. That was more like taking something from his own home. Now that he was properly doing it for the first time, he was denied.

Lone Wolf looked at the embarrassed Fangzheng and could not help but snigger. Fangzheng patted Lone Wolf on the head. “There’s no lunch for you today.”

Lone Wolf: “”

“Master, you can’t blame me, right?” said Lone Wolf aggrieved.

“It’s not your fault, which is why there’s no lunch for you. If it were your fault, you wouldn’t even have dinner.”

Lone Wolf was rendered utterly speechless. When he saw Fangzheng remain standing by the door despite being denied, he asked out of curiosity, “Master, aren’t we leaving? They have already closed the door.”

Fangzheng smiled. “The door will open.”

Lone Wolf was perplexed

Inside the house.

“Lu Hui, who was that?” Su Yun walked out of the kitchen and asked out of curiosity.

“A fake monk. He was talking about soliciting donations,” said Lu Hui impatiently.

“A monk is soliciting donations?” Su Yun was taken aback as well. It was very rare to see monks travel and solicit donations nowadays. This was because most monasteries and monks were paid by the country. There were also devotees that helped fund them. Monks led pretty good lives.

“Yeah, monks these days lead quite a comfortable life. So why would they need to solicit donations? He’s obviously a cheat,” said Lu Hui.

Su Yun frowned. “Lu Hui, don’t be in a hurry to deny him. Let’s take a wait-and-see approach. If he’s a real monk, giving him some money would accrue some blessings for our son.”

Lu Hui wanted to retort her, but when he looked at Lu Zheng’s room, he fell silent.

Upon seeing this, Su Yun opened the door. Indeed, a clean-looking monk stood there. It was quite a pleasing sight.

Su Yun smiled. “Venerable One, are you here to solicit donations? What sort of donations are you looking for?”

Fangzheng smiled. “This Penniless Monk only wishes to solicit for a vegetarian meal and some clean water.”

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that. It was good as long as he wasn’t asking for money. One who solicited for money was very likely to be a cheat! If such a radiant and benevolent monk was a cheat, as a mother, Su Yun would probably have a tough time bringing up her child.

Su Yun immediately made way. “I see. We are about to have lunch too. Venerable One, please come on in.”

Lu Hui heard Fangzheng clearly as well. However he did not believe Fangzheng was there to solicit a meal. He had a nagging feeling that Fangzheng was there for money! He had encountered quite a number of fake monks like this outside. However this was the first time he saw a monk coming up to a residence to run a scam with a dog. Lu Hui did not say a word and instead watched silently from the side. As long as Fangzheng mentioned money or if Su Yun handed him money, he would immediately chase the monk out! They were not giving a single cent! If he got pissed off, he would report him to the police to be taken away!

Fangzheng did not know what was on Lu Hui’s mind. He was happy gaining entry. He entered with Lone Wolf in tow and sat down upon Su Yun’s invitation.

Su Yun poured Fangzheng a cup of water. Fangzheng immediately drank a huge mouthful. He was truly thirsty. After watching the basketball match the whole morning under the scorching sun, it would be odd if he wasn’t thirsty. He poured the remaining half of the cup into Lone Wolf’s mouth. Lone Wolf smacked his lips, seemingly wanting more.