The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Compelling Admiration (Part 2/2)

The group started wolfing down the rice and very quickly, they finished it all!

After having their fill, be it man or woman, fat or thin, they stared at Fangzheng with widened eyes.

Fangzheng shrugged and said, "Patrons, you have drunk the water and have eaten the rice, can you listen to something This Penniless Monk has to say?"

"Master, please go ahead. But before that, can you give another mouthful of rice? I have no idea what rice this is, but it is the most delicious rice I have ever eaten in my life! It makes me hungrier the more I eat," exclaimed Fatty.

Fangzheng shook his head without any hesitation. What a joke. He did not even have enough to eat, so how could he give any more to them? Did he find himself starving too slowly that he needed to have a bonus round to accelerate the process?

Fatty wanted to continue, but Jiang Ting held him back by saying, "Alright, Fatty. Know your limits. Master has already shown immense grace by giving us rice to eat."

Fatty indeed shut his mouth. As the saying goes, gifts blind the eyes. Furthermore, the temple was filled with miracles, and it truly compelled his admiration.

Jiang Ting went forward and said, "Master, you previously wanted to say something to me but unfortunately, I didn't know any better and did not listen to it. Master, I hope you would not hold it against me. Go ahead and say what you wanted to say."

"Right. Just go ahead and tell us. Just don't tell me ominous portents like my glabella is black or a catastrophe of blood awaits me. That kind of talk is the trademark of a cheat," Fatty said without thinking.

Monkey went forward and kicked him, to which Fatty asked aggrieved, "Darn you, Monkey. Why did you kick me? Wasn't this what you said?"

"Bullsh*t! Shut up! If you keep spouting nonsense, I'll definitely puncture your tires and you can walk back yourself!" Monkey threatened.

Fatty was about to continue, but all he received were the angry glares from the rest, so Fatty decisively shut his mouth.

Monkey faced Fangzheng and said with a placative smile, "Master, don't blame him. Feel free to speak."

Fangzheng gave a bitter smile. Were these fellows clairvoyants? Why were people able to accurately mention what he was about to talk about? The last time, it was Zhao Datong, and this time it was darn Fatty. It was as if both of them graduated from some school of clairvoyance.

However, Fangzheng still had to mention it. It was for no other reason than the two lives or in other words, two chances at the draw! He was unwilling to pass on them. Therefore, Fangzheng said, "Patrons, all you need to do is agree to a request of This Penniless Monk."

"Oh? Master, feel free to tell us. We don't dare to promise the moon but if it's something humanly possible, we will do it," Monkey did not dare speak too categorically. The monk in front of him was mysterious. He truly did not dare to promise the seas for something that the monk could not do himself.

Fangzheng said with a smile, "This Penniless Monk does not need anything else. This Patron and this Female Patron, please promise This Penniless Monk that when you encounter four convoy trucks carrying coal in the future, you must not overtake them. Reduce your speed and maintain a safe distance."

"Ah!? Just this?" Monkey and Lu Xiaoya were surprised.

Jiang Ting, Fatty, and Ruan Ying were also stupefied. They never expected that the master in front of them would beat about the bush to say something so brainless.

Monkey was sharp so he immediately asked, "Master, did you foresee something?"

Fangzheng said with a shake of the head. "Patron, don't ask further. Just remember This Penniless Monk's words. Do it accordingly as a way to repay today's debt of water and rice." As he said this, Fangzheng asked the System, "This doesn't count as revealing the secrets of Heaven, right?"

"As long as the actual situation is not fully divulged, it is only considered guidance. It doesn't count. However, you have mentioned quite a bit. It's best you keep it to a minimum in the future," warned the System.

Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief, afraid that the System would give him a bad rating or deduct his points. When the time came for the completion of the mission, he would truly feel depressed if he did not receive a good prize. After all, this mission was quite a tough one.

With so much said, what else could Monkey say?

Monkey gaped but suddenly yelped. He angrily said, "Lu Xiaoya, why did you pinch me?"

"Master is speaking to you. What are you dazing around for? Reply!" Lu Xiaoya glared at him angrily.

Monkey still had questions plaguing him, but since his other half had threatened him, he did not continue asking. He said forthrightly, "Master, don't worry. I'll remember your words. If I were to really encounter those trucks, I'll definitely not overtake them and will maintain a safe distance while driving."

Fangzheng gave a satisfied smile. He gestured politely to them to leave and said, "Patrons, it's no longer early. It's best you descend the mountain early. This mountain of mine doesn't provide lodging."

Monkey and company were indeed exhausted. Although they had drunk the water and eaten the Crystal Rice, they were not machines after all. Hence, they bade farewell and left, safely reaching the foot of the mountain. When they returned to their cars, they turned back to look at Mt. One Finger. There was already a fog that blurred the peak, making it look like a dream.

Jiang Ting silently took out her cell phone and snapped a picture. She posted on Weibo: "Today, I scaled Mt. One Finger with Fatty, Monkey, Xiaoya, and Ying'er, encountering One Finger Temple. It was the most substantial, peculiar, and dream-like day in my life. Up to this point in time, I still feel as if I'm in a dream. Can anyone tell me if I'm in a dream or awake?"

Jiang Ting had planned on writing something about Fangzheng, but when the smile that resembled the sunshine and the handsome bald monk's face flashed in her mind, she blushed slightly. She was unsure how she could continue writing. She feared she would write something wrong and cause a misunderstanding.

Jiang Ting snapped out of her daze and left when she heard Fatty's car horn.

When Fangzheng watched the group leave, he was cursing inwardly. "You bastards, you ate and drank from me. Shouldn't you at least offer some incense!? To leave no incense money behind is way too stingy, isn't it?"

After Fangzheng finished cursing, he refused to give up. He returned to the temple hall and searched it thoroughly. He checked under the cauldron, the offering table, the mats, everywhere. Only then did he sigh dejectedly. He returned to the backyard and went to bed. That night, he had a sleepless night of disappointment.

"Ding! As a master, worrying about personal gains and losses do not adhere to the requirements the System has of you. What's meant for you never passes; what's not always."

"Is this a form of consolation after your conscience got stung?" asked Fangzheng.

"Ding! I'm only reminding you. If you don't sleep now, you will only feel hungrier."

"You!" Fangzheng rubbed his belly as he was truly hungry! He had benevolently offered lunch to Jiang Ting and company by making a big pot of rice. Now, there was not much rice left. In order to conserve his stock, he had decided not to eat dinner. By sleeping early, he would not feel hungry in his sleep.

However, with the System reminding him, he realized... he was hungry!

Howl! Lone Wolf outside was also hungry!

Down the mountain, three cars drove into One Finger Village and meandered through the village in preparation to leave.

Dog Song, who had spoken ill of Fangzheng in the morning, was bragging about something while squatting against the wall in a corner after having his dinner. Upon seeing the luxurious cars, he immediately shouted, "Eh! Everyone, how was it up there? Did Fangzheng say anything to you?"

The window rolled down and Fatty stretched out with a big thumbs up. He said, "That temple was awesome! I'll come again in the future!"

Then, he stepped on the accelerator and left.