The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Warning


There was a sudden uproar of cheers. Lu Zheng turned to look and was stunned rooted to the ground!

On the basketball court a large group of children were playing basketball. The match was intense. A youth had soared high into the sky and with a shout, he did a slam dunk! Lu Zheng knew the youth. His name was Wang Kun, a guy who was always being scolded downstairs, but he was very good at basketball.

Nearly at the same time, the more than 1.9m tall Chen Wei leaped up with a roar and flailed his huge hands that resembled a fan, blocking the attempt!

However Wang Kun turned his body in midair and passed the ball to his teammate. His teammate caught the ball and shot!


What left everyone astounded was how a white figure blocked the basketball shot! Upon taking a careful look, everyone saw it was a huge white dog! The dog soared into the sky and struck the basketball with its head, sending the basketball flying off.

“Awoo!” The white dog let out a long howl as though he was taunting them.

When Wang Kun saw this, he was peeved. He shouted loudly, “Is this huge white dog a flea? Why can it jump so high? Did it grow up eating rockets?”

Lu Zheng was dumbfounded. A dog was able to play basketball? This was fascinating! Was it possible to play basketball even without hands?

When he looked at Wang Kun, Lu Zheng’s eyes burned fervently. A slam dunk, something he had always yearned for, but unfortunately, he was unable to jump that high even with able legs. He was passionate about basketball, but it did not mean that he was very good at it.

Lu Zheng did not continue forward. All he did was stay in a corner and watch silently. He liked that no one paid him any attention while he could seriously watch the game.

When the game continued, Lu Zheng was completely dumbfounded. Lone Wolf did not have hands, but he never engaged in traveling. Instead, he ran everywhere and used his speed and jumping strength to block Wang Kun’s team from passing the ball again and again. He prevented them from delivering an effective offensive, making Wang Kun and company lament.

As for Chen Wei’s team, they were extremely excited. They organized themselves for another round of offensives, sending Wang Kun and company in retreat.

Lu Zheng pouted his lips. He did not dare believe his eyes. A dog had managed to change the entire situation.

This was not the first or second time Wang Kun and Chen Wei were up against each other. They were almost equal each time, but the appearance of a dog had changed everything. He found it fascinating.

With Lu Zheng out, Fangzheng signaled to Wang Kun with his eyes. Wang Kun and Chen Wei instantly understood the signal.

The ball was thrown again, as Wang Kun crazily traversed the court with a ball, got past his opponents, and jumped up. “Chen Wei, if you have what it takes, try blocking this!”

“As you wish!” Chen Wei jumped up, widened his palms, and smacked down!


With a dull thud, the basketball was sent flying by Chen Wei. It flew high into the sky and flew into the distance with a beautiful trajectory. Finally, it hit the ground in front of Lu Zheng before bouncing off It was unknown if it was the work of a god, but the basketball landed in Lu Zheng’s arms after bouncing once!

Lu Zheng subconsciously grabbed the basketball with both hands. It was a feeling he had not experienced in a long time! As he took in the uneven surface of the basketball and sniffed its rubbery smell, Lu Zheng was stunned! He actually managed to grab a basketball again! At that instant, his mind thought about nothing but basketball. He even forgot that he had been exposed and that others had seen him.

Just as Lu Zheng was in a daze, he heard a voice. “Hey! Bro, you grabbed that really nicely. Wanna play together?”

Lu Zheng was stunned as he looked up in a daze. He saw Wang Kun and Chen Wei walk towards him. Wang Kun rubbed his nose before saying, “Bro, why are you staring into space? Let’s play basketball, what do you think?”

“Ah Ah? I” Lu Zheng looked down at his legs and suddenly threw the basketball at Wang Kun. He turned around in a bid to escape. How was he to play basketball when his legs were in this state? Wasn’t this mockery?

“Stop! If you are a man, don’t you escape! Aren’t you just temporarily disabled in the legs? Does that interfere with you playing basketball?” Wang Kun shouted.

Chen Wei curled his lips. “Forget it. He doesn’t like playing basketball. If you really like basketball and are passionate about it, you can play basketball even without legs, much less when you still have a pair of them!”

“I see. So he doesn’t like basketball Let’s continue. You dared block my shot? I’ll let you know my prowess,” said Wang Kun.

“Isn’t blocking you commonplace?”


As they exchanged taunts, Wang Kun and Chen Wei turned to walk back towards the court.

Lu Zheng had his back facing the two. He did not continue escaping. Instead his mind kept replaying the conversation between the two. If you are really passionate, you can play basketball? But could he?

He turned around and saw Wang Kun and Chen Wei walk further away.

At that moment, a white figure came behind Lu Zheng and suddenly pushed his wheelchair forward.

Lu Zheng was given a fright. When he turned his head, he realized that the white dog was pushing his wheelchair!

“What are you doing?” Lu Zheng turned anxious.

Lone Wolf gave him an encouraging look, just like the one he gave when Lu Zheng went down the stairs.

“There’s There’s no way for me to play basketball,” shouted Lu Zheng.

“Ao! Ao!” Lone Wolf cried out twice.

Fangzheng appeared. “He’s saying he will help you. He wishes to play basketball, but he doesn’t have any hands. You have hands, and he has feet, why don’t you work together?”

“Ah?” Lu Zheng was completely flabbergasted.

“Awoo!” Lone Wolf did not give Lu Zheng a chance to reject him. With a wolf howl, it sounded like was gearing himself up for battle. At the same time, he used his head to move Lu Zheng forward.

When Chen Wei saw this scene, he laughed out loud. “Bro, catch the pass!”

As he spoke, Chen Wei threw the ball to Lu Zheng who subconsciously reached his hands out to grab it. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of him and blocked his way. It was a huge pimply boy. He said arrogantly, “Don’t you think of getting past me!”

Lu Zheng saw no disdain, contempt, or pity in his eyes. There was only him preparing for a defense!

He liked that feeling!

At that instant, Lu Zheng seemed to forget that he had lost the use of his legs. All he had on his mind was basketball! There was only his opponent and a single goal: “Get past him!”

Lu Zheng nearly subconsciously bounced the basketball as he felt a nudge from behind. He did a bend and charged forward, spinning his wheelchair in the process. The pimply boy had no way to stop him as Lone Wolf pushed Lu Zheng to flank from the right. Just as the pimply boy tried to block him, Lone Wolf switched directions, and they got past him!

The pimply youth looked aggrievedly at Lu Zheng’s and Lone Wolf’s backs before shouting, “Not fair! This guy is basically an armored vehicle! I can’t do a thing about him!”

Everyone immediately burst out in laughter when they heard that.



A long whistle sounded.

“Lu Zheng, traveling violation! You receive a yellow card as a warning!” shouted the judge.

Lu Zheng was taken aback. Not only was he not depressed, he turned even more excited! When he went past his opponent, he had indeed failed to bounce the ball and instead went forward with the basketball in hand. He had indeed violated the rules. Although he was being punished, he was happy. He liked this feeling of fairness! No one took special care of him because of his disabled legs. Similarly, no one despised him because of his legs!

“Brother, stop dazing off. This is just the beginning. From the way you controlled the ball, you seem pretty good. You must be quite an experienced player. Work well with that guy, and you will be our most powerful armored tank. Crush them to death! I’ll defend in the back, so defeat them!” Chen Wei patted Lu Zheng on the shoulder.