The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Man And Wolf As One


Lu Zheng puckered his lips as he bit down hard on them and nodded heavily. Alright!

Hehe, with your speed and strength, youre way too formidable! But next time, I will block you. The pimply boy ran over and taunted.

Lu Zheng smiled abashedly. He glanced at Lone Wolf who raised his head high and proud, as though he thought nothing of the pimply boy. Lu Zheng also raised his head and was filled with burning spirit. He said, Bring it on. Ill be waiting!

As the game began, Lone Wolf began pushing Lu Zheng as they attacked from the left or right flanks. Although Lu Zheng wasnt able to run fast, Lone Wolf was. He had sneaky eyes and would always rush Lu Zheng to a spot ahead of time. Furthermore Lu Zheng had played basketball numerous times in the past. Although his legs were disabled, his hands were still able. Added to the fact that Lone Wolf positioned him well, allowing him to intercept balls very precisely, it caused Wang Kun to curse often.

This was what it was like on a basketball court. Spirited youths would often curse at times while they were burning with passion. If one wasnt happy about being on the receiving end, they would just curse back! However they would not bring their parents into play. That was the bottom line.

Wang Kun cursed when he saw that the ball had been snatched from him. F*ck! Lu Zheng, thats too much! If you randomly intercept me again, Ill beat you up and muck up your houses locks!

As Lu Zheng got more into the game, he turned highly spirited, as though he had regained the feelings of the past. He laughed out loud. Idiot! Go ahead and try!

Right! Go ahead and try! F**k, you run fast while playing basketball, but when it comes to fighting, I can fight two of you! Chen Wei flailed his arms as he appeared behind Lu Zheng and smiled smugly.

Wang Kun rolled his eyes and flipped his middle finger before roaring, Attack!

The game continued!

A distance away, Su Yun and Lu Hui were already drowning in tears.

Su Yun would occasionally exclaim, Lu Hui, look! Little Zheng has come down the stairs!

Lu Hui, look! Little Zheng entered the court. He did not reject them! He touched the basketball!

Lu Hui, do you think Little Zheng will be in danger? Will he be knocked over? Will

Lu Hui, look! Little Zheng passed someone!

Aiyah! Lu Hui, Little Zheng violated the rules.

Aiyah, Lu Hui, look! Little Zheng is smiling! He looks so nice smiling! My son is really handsome. Haha!

Lu Hui, our son is cursing. Haha Hes cursing! Haha!

Lu Hui, our son is attacking. Go on! Give it your all!

When Lu Hui heard Su Yuns excited cries and how she was crying tears of joy, he cried too. How long had it been? A day? Two days? A month? Two months? He had forgotten. Ever since Lu Zheng got into the accident, his family seemed to pass each day like a year. Every second was excruciatingly long and painful like there was no light in the world. Every day was so long, so long that he wanted to cry out angrily. Such days weighed down on his heart and only seemed to turn heavier, enough to explode his chest.

Su Yun had never smiled all this time, nor had he. Su Yun would often hide in the bathroom, crying with the medical report in hand. He would hide away from people and wipe his tears, chugging down alcohol and sucking on cigarettes.

Those days were like hell on Earth!

There was a period of time when Lu Hui did not seem to see any hope. Only when he saw his son on the court, running around with that radiant smile on his face once again, did Lu Hui cry. He bawled as he hugged Su Yuns shoulders and mumbled, What are you crying about? This is good, its good

Outside the court, Fangzheng was smiling warmly as he watched everything. His white monk robes fluttered under the wind, exuding his untainted bearing.

A few girls happened to see this scene and were instantly mesmerized.

Fangzheng was quite good-looking. With him meditating and helping others all day, he had a type of merit to him. He had a Zen-like nature and the benevolence of redeeming people. The aura he exuded was magnified by the White Lunar Monk Robe, making him appear even more extraordinary. It was refreshing and comforting to these girls who were used to seeing sunshine boys or business CEOs on television.

Fangzheng feigned ignorance towards this, or things would only become troublesome. He did not dare interact too closely with girls. Every time he interacted with them, he felt like he was being devoured by them. Now, he was a little afraid.

The more Fangzheng did not look in their direction, the more aloof he appeared. It further attracted the girls gazes as their eyes burned. The way they looked at Fangzheng made his heart race. He cried for help inwardly. System, when can I renounce asceticism? Im wasting my youth when Im so handsome!


Really? How? Quick, tell me!

Slam your head into the wall and die. You will then be renouncing asceticism. Do you need my help?

System, I will kill you sooner or later

In the court, Lu Zheng did not work well with Lone Wolf in the beginning. He often missed the balls, causing their defense to fail. This gave Wang Kun and company an opportunity to tear through their defenses, but Chen Wei and company did not turn mad. Instead, they constantly encouraged Lu Zheng.

Finally, Lone Wolf and Lu Zheng began having some good teamwork twenty minutes later. They began counterattacking, and even scored with Wang Kun and company deliberately going easy on them.

Lu Zheng was as excited as a child with him beaming brightly! Of course, it also won cheers from the girls, making him feel even better.

A basketball match would eventually come to an end. When it was almost over, Lu Zheng and company managed to tie the game, and in the last five seconds, Chen Wei got the ball. Lone Wolf pushed Lu Zheng straight towards Wang Kun and company in the other half of the court.

Chen Wei roared, Lu Zheng catch the ball and destroy them!

Chen Wei threw the ball straight at Lu Zheng!

But here came the problem! He threw too high! Chen Wei was accustomed to throwing at an ordinary persons height in order to prevent his opponents from intercepting the ball. By throwing it a little higher, his teammate would be able to catch it by jumping, but How was Lu Zheng to catch the ball with him sitting?

Lone Wolf could jump, but he did not have hands!

Chen Wei widened his mouth as he cursed himself, F**k, Im an idiot!

Wang Kun stood by the side and laughed. Chen Wei, you idiot. Are you giving me the tie? Haha!

Its over! Its over! someone shouted. No one believed that a miracle would happen with that ball.

Many people turned over as they hugged their shoulders in anticipation.

Everyone had relaxed, but there were two who had not! They were Lu Zheng and Fangzheng!

Fangzheng was constantly watching Lu Zheng. The throw had been too sudden, but Fangzheng still had hope for a miracle! Lu Hui had mentioned that Lu Zhengs feet were not truly disabled. He needed time to recover. As long as he went for physiotherapy, there was still a chance of him recovering. Of course Lu Zheng and Lu Hui only believed that the doctor was being euphemistic. At the very least, Lu Zheng did not believe it at all.

However Fangzheng believed it! Therefore Fangzheng was hoping for a miracle to happen!