The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Bullying?


“Bear with it. You can patronize them when we are back. There are monks everywhere here. What happens if you get caught fooling around?” said Zhineng.

“Fine, fine, fine. We have to be careful, right? Aiyah. Master Zhineng, how nice it would be if you became abbot. When that happens, things will be great. I’ll f**king court babes or do things as and when I like!” said Zhiyun.

“Just be content with your lot. You were so unwilling to become a monk back when I got you to become one,” said Zhineng.

Zhiyun chuckled. “I did not know how good it was being a monk back then. In the past, I always believed that being a monk would be as vapid as being an altar lamp by Buddha’s side. Even the food eaten would be void of oil. Who knew that you were leading such a good life? You were in charge of all the finances of such a huge Southwind Monastery. Hehe. Back then, you really did not waste your efforts studying accounting. However the monks at Southwind Monastery sure are silly. All they know is to chant the scriptures daily. It’s as if chanting can replace food. It’s better to be like us. While they chant, we go down the mountain to listen to people sing. They eat vegetarian while we eat meat and drink. They don’t look up when facing women, but there’s no women we can’t have down the mountain.”

“Enough, enough. Cut the talk after doing it!” Although Zhineng was reprimanding Zhiyun, there was a pleased glint in his eyes. No one had high hopes for him back when he became a monk. Many of his fellow classmates had deemed him silly, but now, who led a better life in comparison? Thinking back to the string of numbers in his bank account, he sneered inwardly. “We’ll buy the best house and car when I return. I’ll open a company and become a boss. I’ll let them know who is best!”

“Alright, I won’t speak of it any further. Bro, I really want some p*ssy. Look at the streets, everyone has girlfriends. They have their arms around their shoulders or waists. Isn’t this flaunting? F**k! Are the heavens blind? A monk is here to flaunt as well!” Zhiyun suddenly cursed.

Zhineng was stunned as he looked over. Indeed, a young white-robed monk and a beautiful girl were sitting on the sofas in a hotel lobby. When Zhiyun made the exclamation, the duo were still having an unknown conversation as their eyes were locked onto one another’s!

Zhiyun could not tolerate this as he exclaimed in jealousy, “Senior Brother, look at that undisciplined monk. He’s even wearing white. Does he not know that monks can’t wear pure monk robes? Hehe, he even came to a hotel with a female patron. Hehe I wonder how his master taught him. Isn’t he disgracing us Buddhists?”

Fangzheng frowned when he heard this. He turned his head over and saw a plump monk with fat ears. He had walked into the hotel with another monk that similarly had fat ears. The monk in front appeared to be older, and his eyes were like smiling slits. Dressed in yellow monk robes with meditation beads in hand, he looked affable and gave one a good impression. However, Fangzheng had a nagging feeling that the person appeared fake.

The plump monk behind was not tall. He had a string of thick meditation beads around his neck, and he held a black plastic bag in hand. It was unknown what was inside, but it made quite a bit of noise. He was the one who had spoken, and he had shot an eccentric look at Fangzheng after he finished his sentence. However when his eyes swept to Ouyang Fenghua, his gaze clearly came to a stop.

Ouyang Fenghua was a rash person, so she was infuriated the moment she was scolded. She exclaimed, “Unfortunately, such a nice hotel allows dogs to enter. And they even bite randomly.”

Zhiyun was stunned when he heard that. When he came back to his senses, he realized he was being scolded! He remarked in return, “Female Patron, how can you scold someone without reason?”

Ouyang Fenghua immediately smiled adorably and asked in astonishment, “Aiyah? Was I scolding someone? I didn’t know I was scolding a human? Sorry, sorry. I thought I was scolding a dog.”

“You!” Zhiyun was instantly infuriated. Just as he was about to shout back, Zhineng held him back. The words he was about to deliver were swallowed back in.

Zhineng pressed his palms together and bowed at Fangzheng and Ouyang Fenghua. “Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is Zhineng from Southwind Monastery. This is This Penniless Monk’s junior brother, Zhiyun. Venerable One and Patron, how should you be addressed? At which mountain do you cultivate?”

As the saying goes, one does not slap a smiling face. Ouyang Fenghua did not say a thing despite having her reservations towards the monk. She left it to Fangzheng to resolve the situation.

Fangzheng smiled amiably, pressed his palms together, and returned the bow. “This Penniless Monk is abbot of Mt. One Finger’s One Finger Monastery, Fangzheng. Greetings Venerable Zhineng.”

“Mt. One Finger’s One Finger Monastery?” Zhineng was stunned. Then he looked deep in thought as he furrowed his brows. Finally, it was unsure if he did it with ulterior motives or if he was being genuine, but he raised his voice and shook his head. “This Penniless Monk believes he knows all the large monasteries in the province. This Penniless Monk has even heard of small temples in the rural mountains, but no matter how much This Penniless Monk scours his memories, there is no recollection of One Finger Monastery. Venerable One, are you an abbot of a large monastery outside the province?” He had emphasized the words ‘outside the province, ‘large monastery,’ and ‘abbot.’

The moment he raised his voice, the entire lobby heard him clearly. The attendant at the counter and some monks who had just come out of the elevator also looked over.

Zhiyun immediately echoed, “Senior Brother, with you saying that, I should search the map. Let me see One Finger Monastery Let me do a search. Aiyah, there’s no such monastery. Could it be a large monastery from outside the country? It’s really rare to see an abbot from a large monastery outside the country!”

The two echoed each other as they raised their voices, attracting even more people. It was obvious they were trying to disgust Fangzheng!

Ouyang Fenghua fumed when she heard that. However Fangzheng was now the one conversing with them, so it was not her place to budge in. She could only glare fiercely at the two fat monks behind. She could not fathom why two monks would give them trouble for no reason.

Fangzheng was also puzzled. He was certain he did not know the two monks, so why did they make trouble for him for no reason? As the saying goes, even Clay Bodhisattva has a temper, much less Fangzheng who was no esteemed monk or master. He was already unhappy that there was no room to stay in, and now that someone was picking a fight, he was even more unhappy.

However Fangzheng also knew that they were not openly picking a fight with him. He could not immediately point at their noses and curse. Besides, he could not curse

Fangzheng took a deep breath and asked with a smile, “Venerable Ones, what sort of temple is a large monastery in your eyes? What sort of monastery is a small temple?”

Zhiyun smiled. “Are you asking my senior brother for advice?”

Zhineng went along with it as he raised his head slightly. He looked like an accomplished monk looking at his disciples. From his point of view, Fangzheng was not very old, and it was unlikely he was very knowledgeable. Furthermore he had really never heard of One Finger Monastery. It could not even be found on the map. Besides, he knew that when it came to abbots of large monasteries, all of them were aged monks. How could someone so young be abbot? Either he was lying or he came from a rural temple with a handful of people Such a temple was not even considered a monastery in his eyes.