The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Luxurious Hotel


Fangzheng shook his head helplessly. He was unsure as to how to answer. Obviously he was not going to blame Ouyang Fenghua. She had kindly offered her help after all

At that moment, Red Boy exclaimed, “Is there a need to ask? All the hotels are fully booked. We plan to have the sky as our blankets and the earth as our beds. We’ve been walking an entire night Alas, woe be us!” As he said that, he gave Fatty a pitiful look.

Fatty asked immediately, “Venerable One, is that true?”

Fangzheng nodded in resignation. “Yes.”

Fatty immediately laughed when he heard that.

Red Boy asked unhappily, “Fatboy, what are you laughing at?”


When the man sitting at the wheel heard Red Boy’s nickname for Fatty, he spat out a mouthful of Redbull onto his dashboard. He giggled. “Fatboy Haha! F**k, that’s such a f**king good nickname.”

“Shut up. If you dare spread this, don’t blame me for silencing you.” Fatty glared as he threatened. At the same time, he gave Red Boy a sideward glance and cursed inwardly. “What the f**k, whose brat is this? Why is his mouth so foul? F**k, was he my love rival in a previous life?”

Fangzheng also raised his hand to strike at Red Boy’s head as he reprimanded him. “How can you say so? This patron is older than you. Even if he’s fat, you can’t call him Fatboy. That’s something elders use to address juniors. Do you understand?” As he spoke, he gave Red Boy a menacing glare.

When Fatty heard that, he smiled bitterly in resignation. “Venerable One, can we not mention the word fat?”

Fangzheng pressed his palms together, looked at Fatty, and said in all seriousness, “Amitabha. A monk doesn’t lie.”

“Pfft! Hahaha!” The driver spat a second mouthful of Redbull onto his dashboard as he slapped the driving wheel, laughing madly. “Fatty, the people you know sure Sure are interesting people. Haha!”

Fatty felt helpless as he said bitterly, “Venerable One, let’s change the topic.”

Red Boy exclaimed as well, “That’s right. Let’s change topic. About that. Fatboy Erh, Patron.” Red Boy had subconsciously called out ‘Fatboy’ once again but the moment he blurted it out, he saw two murderous gazes stabbing at him. Immediately he dragged out his words and forcefully changed the word. When he saw the murderous gazes be gone, he continued. “Let’s talk about something else. Let’s see if you can actually help us. I might be fine enduring the long night, but my master is such a frail person with supple skin and tender flesh. How terrible it would be if he catches a cold.”

When Fatty heard that, he immediately rolled his eyes. Others might not know how powerful Fangzheng was, but how could he not know? He still had a deep impression of the palm print on the door back then. Also, he had grabbed a wolf barehanded. If such a person was considered frail, wouldn’t he be meat on a chopping block?

Fatty could also tell that the brat wasn’t being truthful. Nothing he said sounded proper. He could not be bothered to waste his breath on Red Boy as he laughed. “Venerable One, what a coincidence. We booked four rooms. Two of them were for clients, but my clients suddenly said they wouldn’t be joining us and stood us up. The rooms are empty, but we have already paid. The hotel isn’t going to refund us. I was even wondering how we should deal with the rooms Kick me again, and trust me I’m going to kick you to death!” Fatty suddenly turned his head and roared at the driver.

Then his expression changed again as he turned around as he chuckled jovially. “Venerable One, it would be a waste leaving the rooms empty. Our great Chairman has taught us that corruption and wastage are the greatest crimes. I won’t be able to be corrupt, but I might be pinned with the fault of wastage. Why don’t you help me?”

With that said, Ouyang Fenghua was surprised as her words reflected her amazement. “What a coincidence!”

“Heh heh, that’s right. What a miraculous world.” The driver’s face was ashen as he sneered in response. Then, he cried out in pain.

Fatty chuckled. “Ignore him. This punk is always quite eccentric. Chick, didn’t I say so? It’s a coincidence Can’t those happen?”

The moment that was said, the car door opened as a tiny head entered the car, and a fair-looking hand was stretched out. “Since it’s such a coincidence and to help the lost sheep, I’ll help my master save you. Hand me the room card!”

Fatty rolled his eyes. What shamelessness!

Fangzheng looked suspiciously at Fatty and did not say a word. He only watched.

Fatty felt that Fangzheng’s eyes were like two extremely bright suns shining on him, as though he could see through him. He felt like he could not hide anything from him. Even someone as thick-skinned as him turned flustered as he quickly said, “Venerable One, why are you looking at me like that?”

Fangzheng remained silent as he quietly looked at Fatty.

Fatty turned more nervous the longer Fangzheng looked at him. He felt as though his secrets would spill themselves if this continued. Unable to stand it any longer, he quickly fished out two room cards and stuffed them into Red Boy’s hand. “Young Venerable One, these are the room cards. Hilton Hotel. As for the exact room, ask the front desk.”

However Fatty realized in shock that the instant he offered the cards, the brat had retracted his hand, refusing to take them! He looked sidewards at Fangzheng, as though he was waiting for Fangzheng to give the go ahead. The abnormal feeling was something even the brat could sense.

Just as Fatty was at a loss for words

Fangzheng suddenly said, “Patron, can you give This Penniless Monk a hand?”

“Eh? Fatty, are your friends all this thick-skinned? He’s sleeping in your room and still asking for your help?” asked the driver.

Fatty slammed him down onto the wheel before saying, “Venerable One, go ahead.”

“Turn the car back and keep going until you don’t feel like continuing.”

“Eh?” Fatty was taken aback. What sort of request was this?

The driver was also dumbfounded. He then secretly pinched Fatty’s thigh and before he could say a word, he heard Fatty shout, “Alright!”

Only then did Fangzheng’s tranquil eyes light up as he smiled. “Jingxin, take the room card. It looks like we will be staying in a luxurious hotel for the first time today.”

When Red Boy heard that, he moved as fast as lightning, snatching the room card from Fatty before he could even react. Red Boy then ran to Fangzheng’s side and waved his hands to indicate his success!

Fatty took in everything that had happened in front of him with speechlessness.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together at Fatty. “Amitabha. Patron, we shall meet again if fate allows for it.”

With that said, Fangzheng turned and left.

Only when Fangzheng walked far away did the driver pinch Fatty. “You retard, that’s our room card! Are you planning to sleep on the streets?”

Fatty turned his head. “What can I do after giving it away? What do you think? We don’t have to sleep on the streets. Let’s just sleep in the car. It’s just one night. It’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“Holy sh*t! Fatty, are you f**king out of your mind? He’s just a young monk. Must you go that far?”