The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 438

Chapter 438 Begin Robbing If We Can't Afford To Lose

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

“What f**king luck is this?”

“It’s not luck. It’s cheating right?”

“Laosan, check the cards immediately!”

Liu Laosan was already taking action. As he checked each card, there was only one ace in his hand. The rest were in Fangzheng’s hands! When he saw this, Liu Laosan nearly wailed.

Wang Laosi’s gaze turned heavy. He failed to see how Fangzheng had cheated no matter how much he tried. This was because Fangzheng had not even moved. He had only touched the cards when he flipped them. It was done so very casually and without any additional motions. He refused to believe that Fangzheng could trick his eyes!

Wang Laosi jumped off his bench and shouted, “What’s the din about? Laosan, take a break. I’ll do the dealing this round.”

With that said, Wang Laosi pushed Liu Laosan aside. He then took Wang Qingzhi’s seat and faced Fangzheng directly.

Wang Laosi smiled. “They are out of money. Brother, do you want to play?”

As Fangzheng counted the money in his hands, he laughed. “Yes. Definitely! I have never seen so much money before. There’s so much… Haha, my luck sure is great.”

“Luck… Heh heh,” Wang Laosi said eccentrically, “This time, we shall take turns being the dealer. How about it? Do you go first or shall I take the honors?”

Fangzheng said indifferently, “Up to you. Until I run out of money, the rule of flipping our cards doesn’t change. Aside from that, everything else is up to you.”

Wang Laosi nodded. “Alright. Then I’ll deal the cards first.”

With that said, Wang Laosi took out a brand new deck of poker cards. Again the pattern on the back of the deck had changed into one with special geometrical shapes. It was also obviously a custom made deck and not purchasable elsewhere.

Wang Laosi quickly shuffled the deck with amazing speed. At the same time, he trained his eyes on Fangzheng. However all he saw was Fangzheng counting his money with his head down. He wasn’t even looking at his hands! Wang Laosi knitted his brows tightly. He really could not figure things out. The bastard across him did not look like a gambling expert no matter how he looked at him. He had seen gambling experts before. The speed of their hands, their eyesight and auditory senses were extraordinary. Experts could easily see through the cards when shuffled by the average person before they memorized all the positions of the cards and could as such gain first hand knowledge of the deck. They could then predict their opponent, so how could they not win? But even such an expert had to look at the very least, right? They had to focus to listen, right? No one would be like Fangzheng, counting money as he chatted… That was way too unprofessional!

Wang Laosi confirmed that Fangzheng was not looking or listening to him before he stopped shuffling the cards. However he knew better this time. He shuffled the good cards for himself. This time he was absolutely confident that he would have the three As for himself! He would completely shatter Fangzheng’s legendary luck!

Wang Laosi began dealing the cards and quickly finished. Each person had three cards. Then, Wang Laosi said, “A small bet is for delight, while a big bet hurts feelings. I will first bet 10,000.”

With that said, Wang Laosi placed 10,000 yuan on the table, but the moment he did that, he saw the little bastard opposite him throw the sack of money on the table. “That’s too slow. Let’s just go all-in. Hey, are you calling?”

At that instant, Wang Laosi finally felt the same feelings Wang Qingzhi and company had endured. He felt that the bastard across him was way too much of an a**hole! How could someone bet like that? Can you at least look at your cards? Can you at least play some psychological battle? Can you show some respect? You throw out your money without even looking at your cards… Are you here to f**king show off your money?

Wang Laosi felt anger rise in him as he clenched his teeth. He ran to his safe and took out a bag of money. “Call!”

“Then let’s open them up,” said Fangzheng casually.

Wang Laosi sneered. “You will definitely lose this time. I have three As here!” With that said, he flipped his cards. At that instant Wang Laosi saw the sharp edge of the A. He revealed a smile of victory, but the next moment…

“How is this possible!?” Wang Laosi’s eyes nearly popped out! There were indeed sharp edges, but they were not from the As, but from 4s!

“Three 4s?”

“F**k, I thought it was three As!”

“Three 4s isn’t that small. As long as he doesn’t have a three of a kind, it’s basically a victory.”

“That’s right…”

“Laosi has never lost before… Uh… Pretend I never said that.” The moment the person spoke, he saw Fangzheng flip his cards. Fangzheng had the triple As!

“How is this possible?” Everyone was astounded. Having triple As once or twice was still possible, but to do it consecutively was spooky!

Wang Laosi’s face turned livid as he gradually stood up and patted Fangzheng on the shoulder. “Brother, let’s go out and talk.”

When they were outside, Wang Laosi said, “Bro, for an expert like you to come to my tiny den, aren’t you being too much of a bully?”

Fangzheng smiled. “What expert? I only came to play a few casual games. Besides, I didn’t win much.”

“Bro, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. You repeatedly received three As. That’s no luck.”

“If it’s not luck, what is it? You changed the deck, checked the cards, and I didn’t touch the cards from beginning to the end. Do you think I can snatch your cards through the void?” Fangzheng chuckled as he questioned.

“This…” Wang Laosi was also at a loss of what to say.

“Alright. Time is tight for me. Let’s continue.”

Zheng Jiaxing laughed as well. “Laosi, he only has good luck. Perhaps things really always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. If his luck tapers off, you might still win.”

Why did the sentence sound so harsh on Wang Laosi’s ears? He felt pissed as his body was consumed with flames of anger. He entered gloomily.

The result…

“He’s going all-in again?”

“Another three As?”


“Another three As!”

“Madness. It’s another three As!”

After a few consecutive times, Wang Laosi lost all his money. He had lost a total of 2,360,000 yuan! That was his entire fortune. It took him a long time, through the scamming of countless people, to accrue that much! Yet he had lost it all in one morning! It pushed Wang Laosi to the point of mental anguish. He even had a deranged urge to kill! Worst of all, the darn punk kept stuffing the money into his gunny sack while asking with a chuckle, “Laosi, do you still want to play?”

“You are f**king cheating!” Wang Laosi finally lost his temper. He stood up and yelled angrily.

“Laosi, to catch a thief, you need to find the stolen goods. With so many eyes watching, how can it be cheating? Cut the crap. Are you playing or not? If you aren’t, we are leaving,” said Zheng Jiaxing with a smug smile.

“Leave? You are even f**king thinking of leaving?” Wang Qingzhi roared with bloodshot eyes. At the same time, Wang Qingzhi, Long Face, Fierce Face, and Liu Laosan surrounded them.

Zheng Jiaxing trembled in fear, but when he looked at Fangzheng, he ultimately stood forward bravely and shouted, “What are you doing? Being sore losers?”

Wang Qingzhi raised his hand to slap him as he shouted, “You f**king shut up!”


However before Wang Qingzhi’s hand landed, another hand had grabbed his hand, lodging it firmly like metal cuffs. He was unable to move it at all!