The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Murderer

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. He had never informed others of his cell phone number! How did the other person know?

Then, looking at the sender's address, it was from Jida University! Looking at the sender's name, it was Fang Yunjing! Fangzheng immediately understood that the delivery was from those college students!

"These college students really are rich! No wonder they can all afford college. They are really thoughtful, however. I must chant some scripture and pray for them in the future, hoping that their studies will improve and that they will have a healthy life." But Fangzheng started wondering about something and asked the System, "System, this is given to me by others. I can accept it, right?

"Ding! This is conditioned Dharma. It can be accepted."

Fangzheng naturally did not stand on ceremony. Furthermore, he noticed how Hu Tan looked in a hurry, so he did not waste any time to sign his name to accept the delivery.

Hu Tan noticed how Fangzheng accepted it quickly, so after tearing off a delivery receipt and keeping his pen, he bade farewell.

At that moment, the scene before Fangzheng's eyes changed!

At the foot of the mountain, Hu Tan was driving his three-wheeled van down the village road when suddenly a person jumped out and yelled, "Stop!"

Immediately, the electric van flipped over!

Hu Tan fell into the ditch and thankfully it was autumn, so there was no water in the ditch and it was padded with fallen leaves. It was soft, so Hu Tan was not harmed.

As for the person who shouted at him to stop, he had run away when he saw the trouble he had caused.

Fangzheng believed that that was all there would be to the matter, but the delivery van's door was suddenly kicked open. A person came out of it. He could not make out the person's appearance, but he had a burly figure! The figure held something in his hand.

Hu Tan crawled up and shouted, "Who is it? How can you be so wicked, making my van flip over?"

"Shut up!" bellowed the burly man.

"Huh!? Who are you? Why are you in my delivery van? A thief? Quick, catch the thief! Catch the thief!" Hu Tan yelled. There were quite a few packages in his van that had to be delivered in the afternoon! If those were stolen, he could forget about his bonus at the end of the year.

Upon realizing this, Hu Tan shouted even louder.

"Shut up! Shut the f*ck up! Stop yelling!" the man roared angrily.

However, Hu Tan ignored him and continued shouting.

And someone actually ended up coming, so as a result, the man raised his hand in nervousness and-


A gunshot immediately blew up Hu Tan's head as blood and his brain juices splattered everywhere! His eyes rolled back as he sprawled to the ground, motionless.

When the man saw this, he kicked some leaves on the ground to cover up Hu Tan's corpse. He muttered, "Sorry, Bro. I told you to shut up, but you kept insisting on shouting. Between me dying and you living or the other way around, I'd rather choose for you to die."

With that said, the person briskly walked away.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng suddenly jolted to his senses. By then, Hu Tan had already left the temple and begun his descent.

"Holy sh*t, that person actually has a gun! What's the situation?" Fangzheng was slightly dumbfounded. He had grown up in the town from a young age. Although he had seen old hunters having air pistols that were used on birds or rifles against wild boars, they had been confiscated by the government years ago. From the size of the gun the burly man had, it was not an air pistol or rifle. It was clearly a revolver!

This was a huge deal! Fangzheng was firstly worried for Hu Tan's safety and secondly, he was worried for the safety of the villagers. It was too dangerous to have such a dangerous person around the village!

Upon thinking of this, Fangzheng chased after Hu Tan.

Thankfully Hu Tan was exhausted, so he was not quick on his descent. Fangzheng also had his martial arts foundation, so he was able to move quickly. Soon, he caught up.

"Master, why did you chase after me?" Hu Tan was puzzled. Why did this monk chase after him?

Fangzheng said with a smile, "Hu Tan, is it?"

"Yes, what's the matter?" Hu Tan looked warily at Fangzheng. He was somewhat worried that there was a monk alone in the rural woods.

"Amitabha!" Fangzheng gave a Buddhist proclamation before continuing, "Patron, it is fate that we met. Can This Penniless Monk tell you something?"

"Master, please speak," said Hu Tan.

Fangzheng said, "When you reach the foot of the mountain, if your van were to flip, resulting in you landing in a ditch with leaves, pretend you have fainted and do not get up."

"Master, how can you say something like that? Why are you cursing me? Why do you want me to fall into a ditch?" asked Hu Tan unhappily.

Fangzheng said, "Remember my words. If it were to happen, just do according to what I said. If it doesn't happen, just treat it as me pulling your leg."

Hu Tan found the monk odd and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Hold on, can I use your pen and paper?" Fangzheng stopped Hu Tan.

Hu Tan was left a little impatient. Although he always believed that the customer was king, his patience had finally worn out today. However, Hu Tan still handed Fangzheng a piece of paper and a pen.

Fangzheng thought for a moment before writing, "There's a criminal in the village. Call the police. Fangzheng."

Then, he returned the pen to Hu Tan and said, "Patron, please walk carefully."

Hu Tan rushed down the mountain.

Fangzheng whistled, making Lone Wolf run over from a grass patch in the distance. Fangzheng placed the note into Lone Wolf's mouth and said, "Bring this to the Village Chief's house. Oh, you don't know the Village Chief? Alright, let me draw a map."

Fangzheng drew a rough map of the village on the ground. After indicating where the Village Chief's house was, he patted the wolf's head and urged him to hurry.

Fangzheng could have handed the note to Hu Tan, but he was afraid that Hu Tan might be curious or fearful. If he were to check the storage compartment of his three-wheeled van and stirred the criminal, he could be killed. That would truly be harming him.

After Lone Wolf left, Fangzheng was still worried. However, that was all he could do. He was truly helpless for anything else.

When he returned to the temple, Fangzheng entered the temple hall. He looked at the Guan Yin Bodhisattva and muttered silently, "Guan Yin Bodhisattva, I know this isn't part of your jurisdiction, but please bless them. It's best if nothing happens to the villagers. Also, please bless the delivery man and ensure his safety."

For the first time, Fangzheng truly wanted to save someone not because of merit or for the chance at the draw! However, the rule of him not being able to leave the mountain left him helpless. If not, with his martial arts, he could secretly take action and everything would be simple.

"System, why is it that when I see someone's future, everyone else is a blur except for the person themself?" Fangzheng asked perplexed.

"Your Heavenly Eye's level is too low. You can only see those who face danger or catastrophes. As for others, all you see is an outline. If you want to see more clearly, try your best to level up your Heavenly Eye," said the System.

Fangzheng felt his pockets. His funds were pathetic...

At the same time, Hu Tan had reached the foot of the mountain. As he had wasted too much time, he was in a hurry to get back. Therefore, he immediately got into his van and began to drive back.

He did not encounter anyone when he passed the village. Once he was out of the village, he began driving towards the highway.

As he drove, Hu Tan glanced at a ditch on the side of the road. Thinking back to Fangzheng's words, if his van were to flip over and he fell into a ditch with leaves...

"There are so many leaves here. It does resemble what that monk said. It can't be that I'll really have my van flip, right?" Hu Tan mumbled to himself with suspicion.