The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Light Opening Talisman

At this moment-

"Stop!" A sudden loud shout came from in front of him.

Hu Tan was given a fright as he swerved, causing the three-wheeled van to head towards a ditch. It flipped right there and then! At the moment Hu Tan fell, he happened to see the fellow that had yelled for him to stop. It was the villager who had given him directions back when he first entered the village!

However, Hu Tan felt his nerves tighten at the next moment!

Leaves, ditch, van flipping over - what was next?

Fake unconsciousness!

When Hu Tan thought of this, he subconsciously gave up the thought of climbing up to release a slew of invectives. Instead, he lied on the ground motionlessly. He did not know why he heeded the advice of the monk, but he found the matter too much to be a coincidence. It was so spot on that he could not help but believe in it.

"Holy sh*t, I caused trouble!" Dog Song ran away when he saw the van flip over. He cursed inwardly, "As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. No one told me that curiosity could kill the cats of others! What the hell? All I wanted to know was who sent what to Fangzheng! In all honesty, I never thought of killing him! No, I can't return to the village. For such a serious matter, the police will definitely come to my house. I can't go to my relatives' houses either. I will be caught instantly and I might even trouble my relatives. Where do I go, where do I go?"

Dog Song lost his nerves. In fact, if he calmed down and thought carefully to probe Hu Tan's breathing, it would not have resulted in this. However, he was only a villager, a good-for-nothing that had never done any good his entire life. However, he had also never done anything overly bad. Cowardly and afraid of trouble was his innate nature.

In his panic, Dog Song ended up running back to the village.

He saw Yang Hua carrying bottles of alcohol from afar, walking over happily. He was even calling out to him.

Dog Song could only think that his deeds were now exposed, and he ran even faster. He ran to the east and out of the village.

As for Hu Tan, he immediately regretted the moment he discovered that Dog Song had run away. Someone had to defray the repair costs after the van flipped over, right? That person was responsible for scaring him! If he ran, wouldn't it mean that he had to pay for the repairs himself?

Just as Hu Tan wanted to curse at the shameless monk for colluding with someone to scam him into the ditch before climbing up, he heard a loud slam from behind him. Immediately, he gave up the thought of climbing back up.

After that, he heard an unfamiliar voice, "Damn it. I thought it was the cops. That gave me a fright. This stupid delivery man. He can even flip a three-wheeled van... what a useless man! Thankfully he has fainted. If he were awake, it would be trouble. If he were to scream, I'd probably have to add another life to my list of crimes."

Upon hearing that, Hu Han's muscles tensed up from fright.

Hu Tan was facing down, so since the other party was certain that Hu Tan could not see him, he left quickly.

Hu Tan waited until the other party had gone away before he jolted back to his senses. He got up and touched his face. It was covered in cold sweat! The shirt on his back was drenched in sweat. He sat there on the ground and did not stand up until much later. His mind was blank, and he didn't know what to think.

By the time he finally regained his senses, villagers had rushed over. They had noticed Hu Tan's van flip and had come over to help.

Only then did Hu Tan completely regain his senses. He hurriedly said, "Call the police, call the police! Do you have a cell phone? Hey, I have one!"

Hu Tan took out his cell phone and immediately called the cops.

As for Village Chief, Wang Yougui, he was completely dumbfounded. He had gone out for a while and when he returned home, there was a letter at his doorstep. It urged him to call the police!

"Which darn kid is pulling a prank?" Wang Yougui cursed and did not treat it seriously. At that moment, he heard someone outside mention that the delivery man had gotten into an accident. He immediately rushed out.

When he saw Hu Tan calling the police, Wang Yougui had a sense of foreboding as he asked, "Lad, what happened?"

Hu Tan ignored Wang Yougui and gestured for him to wait. He said to the police, "I'm in One Finger Village. Someone was hiding in my delivery van. I discovered it when the van flipped over. I was feigning unconsciousness, so the other party did not catch a proper look of my face. However, he said that thankfully I had fainted or he would have had to silence me. I'm not lying. Send your men here to take a look for yourself..."

"A killer?" Wang Yougui hurriedly took out the slip of paper. On it the name Fangzheng was written.

"It must have been given to me by that kid. But why didn't he call the police himself?" Although Wang Yougui was puzzled, he felt that it was better to believe than to not believe on such matters. He grabbed Hu Tan's cell phone and bellowed, "I'm One Finger Village's Village Chief. I can testify for the lad from before! A murderer has really come to our village! Alright, alright. I'll wait by the village entrance for you. Send your men quickly!"

Wang Yougui looked up. Where was the delivery man?

"Where did that lad go?" Wang Yougui asked a villager.

"He ran off towards the mountain." A person pointed at Hu Tan, whose back was the only thing that could be seen.

Wang Yougui yelled, "Lad, where are you going? The police might still need your help!"

"Up the mountain! I have to tell Master to be careful!" Hu Tan replied without turning his head back. Since the master was able to foretell his danger, he definitely had means to avoid danger. However, in novels, clairvoyants could not predict their own future. If he couldn't foretell his future, wouldn't he be in danger?

Hu Tan felt that he needed to repay Fangzheng for saving him.

Wang Yougui organized the villagers and everyone came out of their houses. They gathered together to prevent any mishaps.

After the call was hung up, the police station received another call. "What? Someone robbed an armored cash carrier and came to our area of jurisdiction? He even has a gun? Alright. I'll be heading to that village to take a look."

The policemen at the station were truly taken aback. They typically were responsible for the security of the nearby villagers, so they seldom even used handcuffs. This time, it was someone with a gun. They had never handled such a dangerous case. All of them shuddered in fear but when they saw that they were in uniform, they immediately headed out.

At the same time, the county's police were also rushing over. Furthermore, armed police from S county came to embark on a manhunt. They had to scour the area and capture the dangerous suspect as soon as possible! Mishaps were absolutely forbidden!

There was chaos at the foot of the mountain. Fangzheng, too, wasn't feeling calm.

"Ding! Congratulations, you have saved another person. You have obtained one free chance at the draw. Do you want to begin?" asked the System.

Fangzheng said, "Then let's do the draw."

"Ding! Congratulations, you have obtained one Light Opening Talisman."

"Eh? What's that?" asked Fangzheng.

"A Light Opening Talisman augments an item, augmenting it with Buddha's power. Items that are augmented will have special effects. According to the item, they will have random effects imbued in them. However, most of them will have the effects of warding off evil and calming your mind."

"So that's the case. Can I use it on the clothes I'm wearing?" Fangzheng looked at himself. This was the only set of clothes that he truly treasured.

"The White Lunar Monk Robe was produced by sacred Buddhist hands, so it has already been augmented. Furthermore, the Light Opening Talisman in your hand is a low-grade talisman. It's useless for the robe."

"Alright then. Let me see what else there is that I can augment with it," Fangzheng muttered. Having been notified by the System, Fangzheng was able to feel at ease after he was certain that Hu Tan was safe.