The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Clown

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After Ding Yu finished her piece, the restaurant resounded with rapturous claps. Ding Yu politely bowed in every direction. The boy generously tipped her with a tiny wad of red bills.

At that moment, the goddess spoke. “It’s not worth that much. She played it quite rigidly. She likely only knows this tune, right?”

Ding Yu was stunned as the goddess continued. “You worked hard at playing it, but it’s not right to give you so much money. Take what you deserve.”

Ding Yu blushed as though blood would trickle out her face. However she still forced a smile and said, “It’s true I’m still a rookie. Beauty, I never expected you to be an expert.”

“Not quite. I’ve been studying the violin for five years. I can still appreciate it, but I wouldn’t be able to play it at any grand occasion.”

Ding Yu’s face turned redder. At that moment, the boy said, “That’s not right. Whether it’s nice or not doesn’t depend on how well she plays it, but how the person listening to it feels. I find it pleasant and worth this price.” With that said, he stuffed the money into Ding Yu’s hands and said, “If there’s nothing else, you may leave.”

Ding Yu looked at the cash in her hand, embarrassed. She then nodded and turned to leave. Fangzheng saw that Ding Yu had cried at that instant.

Red Boy frowned. “This is going a little overboard.”

“She looks like she’s crying tears of joy,” said Fangzheng.

Red Boy took a careful look, and indeed, it did seem that way! Red Boy had a baffled look. “Master, the lass is mad…”


Fangzheng raised his hand to rap Red Boy on the head. “With that brain of yours, it’s best you not renounce asceticism. You will still be single even if you do so.”

“How could that be? My mom prepared 3000… Uh, Master, I didn’t say a thing.” Red Boy wanted to retort, but when he saw Fangzheng’s ferocious expression, he immediately shut up. Fangzheng was definitely going to torture him the same way he tortured himself for being single.

“Master, where do we go now?” asked Red Boy.

Fangzheng took a glance at the boy and his goddess. They had returned to their conversation, and it was nothing Fangzheng was interested in. However it was obvious that the boy was taking the initiative constantly. As for the goddess, all she did was reply with a smile. It was unknown if she showed genuine interest.

Fangzheng shook his head and went out with Red Boy. Both of them had Ding Yu’s clothes. If she could not find them, she might even call the cops and accuse them of stealing her clothes…

The duo ran fast, while Ding Yu walked slowly, so when the two came out, Ding Yu was just on the way out. Fangzheng dispelled A Golden Millet Dream. Ding Yu immediately saw them and turned her head around. She wiped her face as she ran over all smiles. “Aiyah, it’s more comfortable outside after all. It was quite cold inside. Where are my clothes?”

Red Boy felt a little discomfort seeing Ding Yu’s front as he asked, “How was your performance?”

“Of course it went great! However it needs more work. Unfortunately…” When Ding Yu said that, a gloomy look flashed in her eyes. Following that, she smiled and ran off with her clothes.

Red Boy said confused as he looked at Ding Yu’s back, “Master, is she happy or sad? Why can’t I tell?”

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Amitabha.”

“Master, can we speak in all seriousness? Can you directly tell me the answer?” Red Boy said unhappily.

“I do not know either!” Fangzheng said with a bitter smile. He also realized that he could not understand what went on in girls’ minds.

Red Boy rolled his eyes. “Master, I think you can forget about renouncing asceticism too. You won’t be able to find a wife even if you do.”

Fangzheng: “…”

Soon Ding Yu had changed out of her clothes, and she dragged Fangzheng and Red Boy along. “Let’s go. Time to change venues!”

“Where are we going this time?” asked Red Boy.

“We will go back to my place first. There’s a lot of things to bring. Then, we will… Let’s go. You will know when we get there.” After Ding Yu said that, she hailed a taxi and returned home.

Not long later, Ding Yu came out with a bag of items. Then she got in the car with the two and headed straight for the next location.

“This place?” Fangzheng and Red Boy looked at the area in front of them in astonishment. It was a gigantic aquarium. Fangzheng had never visited such a place before. Red Boy was also curious, but he did not find it intriguing. After all, he had been to the sea as well.

“Yes, let’s go! This is something we have been planning very carefully for a long time.” Ding Yu pulled Fangzheng and Red Boy as she ran inside. Upon entering, she greeted the security guards at the door. They acknowledged her with a chuckle. Clearly they knew each other pretty well. After entering the aquarium, Ding Yu familiarly ran straight for the dolphin performance theater. There was apparently no performance at this time. Nor was there anyone in the empty theater. A man was sitting in his chair playing with his cell phone. In the water reservoir in front of him, two dolphins were swimming around. When they saw humans enter, they peeked their heads out and looked over in curiosity.

When Ding Yu came in, the man looked over and smiled. “Ding Yu, you finally came. I would have started thinking you weren’t coming if you’d come any later. Who are these two?”

“My friends. This is Venerable Fangzheng, and this is uh… His disciple, Little Venerable Jingxin,” introduced Ding Yu immediately. “This is my friend, Coach Han. He’s awesome at training dolphins.”

Red Boy chuckled dryly. Clearly he was not pleased with the word ‘little,’ but he did not say a word. It wouldn’t be right to stir trouble.

When Fangzheng saw this, he smiled. Red Boy was increasingly becoming mindful about others. It was a good thing.

Ding Yu said, “Coach Han, I got someone to deliver some stuff. Has it arrived?”

“Yes, it’s there in the corner. But I must tell you. All of this has to stay a secret. It cannot be spread out or it will bring me trouble,” exhorted Coach Han.

“Aiyah, I got it. Don’t worry,” said Ding Yu immediately as she pushed Coach Han away.

Only then did Ding Yu run over before carrying back a huge box. “Venerable Fangzheng, Venerable Jingxin, you will have to help me this time.”

As she spoke, Ding Yu took out a big bouquet of roses and stuffed it into Fangzheng’s hands. “In a while, please give this bouquet of flowers after the performance ends. Say: ‘Miss Shao Xinxiu, happy birthday. This is a birthday gift from Mr. Wang Lun. I wish you happiness forever.’ Remember the line. Don’t forget it, ok? Sigh, forget it. You look quite dull, so it would be a tragedy if you don’t remember it. I’ll write it down for you.”

With that said, Ding Yu took out a piece of paper from her bag. She stuffed it into Fangzheng’s hand after writing the lines on it before stuffing another note into Red Boy’s hands. “Take this. Eh… After your master delivers the flowers, give this to her.” Ding Yu stuffed a box of chocolates into Red Boy’s hands.

Red Boy looked at the chocolates in his hand. “This doesn’t look like a birthday celebration.”

“Aiyah, it’s enough to get the point. Must you be that picky?” said Ding Yu. At that moment, Coach Han shouted for Ding Yu. She ran over but before leaving, she did not forget to put away the rest of the items.

Before long, Ding Yu appeared in the lobby in the form a clown. She waved her hand at Fangzheng and Red Boy and asked, “How do I look? Do I look the part?”