The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 46

Chapter 46: To think that on the mountain, the Abbot and the Wolf are...

Fangzheng looked at the bodhi tree and recited Buddhist scriptures. His perturbed mind finally calmed down completely and was rid of all ripples.

At that moment, Lone Wolf returned and indicated that he had delivered the letter.

Fangzheng felt even more relieved as he opened the delivery package. He was surprised to see an exquisite cell phone box!

"What a beautiful cell phone! Isn't this a Huawei phone? Heh heh, I've heard that this locally produced cell phone is rather impressive. I never expected for me to have one too. That old driver of mine can finally be decommissioned," Fangzheng chuckled as he took the cell phone out. After fumbling around all day, he finally managed to take out the SIM card from his old cell phone and insert it into his new phone. Immediately, a beautiful booting animation appeared, and a melodious tune rang. Fangzheng had a feeling like it was the festive season.

He had always wished to obtain a better phone but unfortunately, the System did not give him one. As for pinning his hopes on others? He did not have parents down the mountain while he had no money up the mountain. All he could do was dream. He never imagined that his dream would come true!

"Haha, I finally have a new cell phone. Not bad, not bad at all! Eh, this is something I have that is relatively valuable. It shall be you!" Fangzheng's Buddha Vat, White Lunar Monk Robe and plaque were all priceless items. However, those things could not be sold. Hence, when he received the cell phone that could be sold, it became something that was of value.

In addition, Fangzheng was a young man himself. Although he had obtained the System, it was impossible for him to truly tone himself down and become a quiet and perfect monk. He was still a young man that liked things or people that matched his age. He took out the Light Opening Talisman and pasted it on the Huawei cell phone.

With a bang, the Light Opening Talisman exploded into a flood of yellow light. It enveloped the Huawei cell phone before the light converged into it.

Fangzheng hurriedly tested the phone and realized that nothing much had happened to the phone.

"System, are you sure you gave me a working talisman?" Fangzheng constantly tapped the cell phone. He had never come into contact with such a premium cell phone. He felt that the fluidness of the screen was extremely smooth. All the apps in it were instantly launched. Furthermore, the light emitted by the screen left his eyes relaxed. As for anything aside from that, he did not find anything different.

Unfortunately, the System ignored Fangzheng. He gave up and after playing with the cell phone for a moment, he downloaded the new version of the messaging program, WeChat. He saw a message that was sent from Fang Yunjing. "Master, you should have received the cell phone, right? Do you like the gift? I really can't flatter the cell phone you had before. The quality of the photos was just terrible. Use this cell phone and take a beautiful photo or two to send us. Heh heh."

Fangzheng replied, "Patron, thank you for your generosity. Come visit anytime you want."

There was no response, so she was probably not online.

Fangzheng held the cell phone and pondered over what pictures he should snap.

Standing beneath the bodhi tree, Fangzheng posed with his palms held together. Then, he set a timer and took a photo!

He took another picture outside before returning to the temple. He took a picture of himself standing by a cliff... Fangzheng was overjoyed for being able to take photographs with such a good cell phone! Lone Wolf initially did not know what Fangzheng was doing. After Fangzheng showed off his results to him, the pictures with proper framing like a portrait changed suddenly.

The first picture had the blue sky and white clouds behind Fangzheng. There was a pine tree as well. A smiling Fangzheng had an affable expression. Ka-cha!

A dog's head appeared out of nowhere, blocking out more than half the shot!

"Darn dog, go into a corner! Don't block the camera!" Fangzheng reprimanded as Lone Wolf went to the side.

The settings were set again. Another time!


A dog's head appeared underneath Fangzheng's crouch!

"Darn dog, can you stop doing that? Sit in a corner. You are not to approach this region!" Fangzheng felt truly helpless.


There was another paw by the side of the picture!

"Darn dog. Go behind me. You are not to show your face! Right, stand in front of that tree. Don't you move!" After Fangzheng was certain that he could completely block Lone Wolf's figure, he decided to try again!


"Darn dog! Can... can you stop photobombing me!? Who taught you this pose? Why is it so seductive?" Fangzheng was quickly going out of his mind. Lone Wolf had not moved, but it had leaned against the tree and stood up. Its right leg was placed forward and resembled the poses of beauties on magazine covers... And that look of his was slutty. It invited others to give him two slaps!

Fangzheng gave up after being repeatedly disturbed. He got Lone Wolf to come over and just take a picture together.

With that, all the pictures Fangzheng took later were of him holding his palm to his chest. As for his other hand, it was hanging beneath his torso, pressing down on the silver wolf that wasn't behaving! Fangzheng was afraid that he would cause more trouble. Thankfully, Lone Wolf was smart. After getting what he wanted, he no longer made a fuss and obediently cooperated with Fangzheng. At one moment, he would raise his head high up as if he stood atop all his rivals. In another moment, he would crouch in front of Fangzheng like a divine guardian hound. Once Lone Wolf turned serious, he began to reveal his wolfish aspects. He was solitary, cold, and extremely domineering!

When Fangzheng finished looking at the photos, he felt extremely jealous. The fellow was more photogenic than he was!

Thankfully, although the wolf kept trying to steal the scene, Fangzheng appeared more outstanding and mysterious beside this silver fox that was the size of a calf. The scenery of Mt. One Finger also turned a lot more beautiful.

After taking more than a hundred photos, Fangzheng was done having his fun. After sending Lone Wolf away, Fangzheng immediately wanted to send the photos to Fang Yunjing. However, a pop-up message asked if he wanted to send the raw pictures. Fangzheng thought for a moment before he chose to do so.

Fang Yunjing happened to be online. When she saw the photos that were sent to her, she opened them casually. She was taken aback as she shouted, "Ma Juan, are you sure we bought Master a Huawei cell phone that's eleven hundred bucks?"

Ma Juan, who was having a good time eating on the bed, said, "Yeah, why? Didn't we buy it together? Is there a problem?"

"It can't be? Are photos snapped by Huawei cell phones that awesome? Come and take a look. The photos taken by Master are beautiful! It's better than my iPhone by a lot," Fang Yunjing shouted.

Ma Juan climbed onto Fang Yunjing's bed to take a look as the chips in her hand fell to the ground. The picture was already displayed fully on the computer. It remained extremely clear even at 1080p resolution! The picture could not be said to be beautiful, but it depicted the scene nearly perfectly! It was very realistic! It was as if she was looking at it with her own eyes and not at a picture!

Photographs taken by typical cameras would lose some of its realism. What could be seen in a photo was completely different to what one could see with one's eyes. However, this picture was as if she was looking at it with her naked eyes! It was very realistic!

Ma Juan attempted to zoom in, and the two were shocked to realize that the photo could be zoomed in almost without end! In fact, it was so clear that they could see Fangzheng's pores! On Lone Wolf's head, there were snowflake patterns that had landed on its silver fur which could be seen! In the distance, there was a tree that could be zoomed into to see a cute fat squirrel!

Upon seeing this, the duo was left dumbfounded.

"Yunjing, could we have been tricked by Master? Did he use some super DSLR? But I've never heard of any DSLR that's so powerful," said Ma Juan.

Fang Yunjing nodded and said, "I'm baffled too. What's terrifying is not this, but the compression of this picture! It can be zoomed in so much, so the resolution must definitely be very high. However, it's only ten megabytes! This doesn't make any logical sense..."