The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Diesel Oil

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“Extremely cool,” said Red Boy.

Ding Yu immediately gave him a happy smile and ran off.

Fangzheng and Red Boy exchanged looks before Red Boy said, “Master, Sister Ding Yu is really hard-working. If that punk can’t succeed in his courtship, he is really letting her down.”

Fangzheng nodded his head in deep agreement as he hid away with Red Boy.

Not long later, Wang Lun appeared with Shao Xinxiu.

“Wang Lun, there’s no one here. I don’t think there’s a performance today,” said Shao Xinxiu.

Wang Lun smiled mysteriously and said, “How can there not be? Look!”

With that said, Wang Lun clapped his hands. A clown ran out from the back the next instant and did two somersaults before engaging in some funny actions.

“Oh, there’s really a performance.” Shao Xinxiu was clearly quite astonished.

“This aquarium’s unique performance is to have clowns tease the dolphins. This is a performance specially for you,” whispered Wang Lun.

Shao Xinxiu blushed as the two of them sat down. They saw the clown pull out a whistle on stage. When he blew it, another clown ran out. The clown’s technique wasn’t as skilled, for after a few jumps, she fell into the water clumsily. Shao Xinxiu was instantly amused as Wang Lun joined her in laughing.

Fangzheng and Red Boy knitted their brows as they could tell that the clumsy person was none other than Ding Yu…

But the next moment, another clown, Coach Han, blew at the whistle. In response, the two dolphins dived deep into the water, and shortly after, Ding Yu appeared while riding a dolphin. She had an odd expression which made Shao Xinxiu cover her mouth in laughter. However, Wang Lun was a little stunned seeing this.

Following that, Ding Yu jumped onto a board and fed the dolphins fish. The dolphins jumped out of the water, somersaulted, spun around, and even sang! The performance was very well rehearsed. It left Fangzheng and Red Boy stunned with mouths agape. To train dolphins to such an obedient state without being able to communicate through language was truly…

“Master, I think Sis Ding Yu is better than you.”

Fangzheng nodded. At the very least, he would be absolutely unable to achieve the same feats without his Beast Communication Skill.

Soon, the performance ended. This time, Ding Yu bowed at Wang Lun and Shao Xinxiu. Then she made an odd expression that looked very humorous.

Wang Lun got up and invited Shao Xinxiu over. She exclaimed in surprise, “I can go over?”

“Of course,” said Wang Lun said proudly. Simultaneously he looked at Ding Yu with a look filled with gratitude.

The two came to the stage, and Ding Yu looked towards Coach Han. Coach Han laughed helplessly as he blew at the whistle. The two dolphins appeared out of the water as Shao Xinxiu gently caressed the dolphins’ heads. She smiled extremely happily when a dolphin suddenly rose up and pecked her on the cheeks. Shao Xinxiu exclaimed in pleasant surprise, while Wang Lun beamed happily. He felt that he was closing in on his target.

Ding Yu secretly retreated and went to the room beside. She then said to Fangzheng, “Venerable One, go on up! It’s your turn now!”

Fangzheng smiled bitterly as he took a deep breath. He appeared with the bouquet of flowers. A monk gifting a bouquet of flowers? It was truly ridiculous. Fangzheng guessed that he was probably a pioneer among all the abbots of the various huge monasteries. Thankfully, he was not gifting the flowers on his behalf, although he deeply yearned to have a chance to do it for himself.

Upon seeing a white-robed monk walk over with a bouquet of fresh red roses, Shao Xinxiu was stunned. She looked at Wang Lun and said, “This…”

“Miss Shao Xinxiu, happy birthday. This is a birthday gift from Mr. Wang Lun. I wish you happiness forever.” Fangzheng was a little nervous. This was the first time he was gifting a woman roses in his life. Even though he was not doing it for himself, he was ultimately the one doing the actions. He was nervous! His bald head even began sweating…

Shao Xinxiu looked at Fangzheng’s expression and could not help but laugh. “Wang Lun, this… This is really the first time I’m being gifted flowers from a monk. What you have done is really unforgettable.”

Wang Lun was a little worried when he first saw Fangzheng carry out the flowers. He immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Shao Xinxiu’s comment.

At that moment, Red Boy came over and handed the chocolates over. “Miss Shao Xinxiu, these are chocolates from Mr. Wang Lun. I wish you a happy birthday.”

Shao Xinxiu looked at Wang Lun who was blushing. He still appeared very excited and nervous.

Shao Xinxiu accepted the gifts as she said, “Thank you, Venerable Ones. Thank you, Wang Lun.”

Wang Lun immediately said, “You’re welcome.” Then he said to Fangzheng and Red Boy, “Thank you, both of you.”

Fangzheng smiled faintly as he turned and left with Red Boy. Before they stepped into the room, they heard a sneeze.

Fangzheng frowned as he entered. He saw Ding Yu wrapping her head with a towel. She had already changed out of her costume. When she saw Fangzheng walk in, she wanted to say something but ended up sneezing again.

Red Boy asked out of concern, “Sister Ding Yu, have you caught a cold?”

“Ah? Maybe I was all heated up from the running just now, and I ended up falling into the water. My body is a little not used to it. I should be fine in a while. Have you gifted the things?” Ding Yu asked as she thought nothing of her sneeze.

Fangzheng said, “The gifts have been given. If you are uncomfortable, why don’t you have a rest?”

“I’m fine. My body is great. My mom always disparaged me for never getting sick since I was little. She calls me a little monster. Even if I really catch a cold, I’ll be fine taking a short walk outside. Let’s go! We need to switch venues! This time, it’s a big one!” With that said, Ding Yu ran out with the two in tow.

It was already 3.30pm when they left the aquarium. Ding Yu quickly got a taxi, and they rushed back home. This time Ding Yu brought Fangzheng and Red Boy into her house. However the moment Ding Yu entered, she ran somewhere to rummage for things.

Fangzheng and Red Boy sat in the living room. Fangzheng was absolutely not one to walk around without permission. This was someone else’s house and as a guest, it was impolite if he walked everywhere, especially if he went to the bathroom or bedrooms. This was something Fangzheng learned from a young age. Although he was a little mischievous back then, he had a bottom line. It was why he was well-liked in the village. Otherwise, everyone would probably be eager to avoid a truly brattish child.

However Red Boy lacked that propriety. He sat down as he kept shifting his buttocks as though he had piles. Finally, he got off the sofa when Fangzheng wasn’t paying attention. He ran off, saying he was heading to the bathroom.

Fangzheng obviously could not prevent him from using the bathroom, right? He could only remind him, “Inform your Sister Ding Yu before going!”

Red Boy immediately replied and not long after he ran off, he ran back furtively. Then he sat beside Fangzheng looking like an obedient child.

“What did you do?” asked Fangzheng.

“I went to the bathroom before coming back. Master, see how obedient I am. Hehe.”

Fangzheng looked suspiciously at Red Boy and had a nagging feeling that the kid had done something bad. However Ding Yu came out at that moment. She was carrying a huge cardboard box as she said wryly, “Venerable One, you have to help me. This is a little heavy.”

Fangzheng looked over and said in shock, “Diesel oil? What did you get this for?”