The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Knowing Too Much

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“You will know when we get there. It’s hard to explain anyway. Besides, we are tight on time.” Ding Yu held her back as she said bitterly, “I feel like my back is gonna break. That grandson Wang Lun better treat me to a good meal to nourish my body.”

Fangzheng did not say a word. He carried the box and walked out with Ding Yu. They hailed a taxi once again before heading straight for Hongshuwan.

When Fangzheng saw the azure-blue sea and sensed the smell of salt in the sea breeze, he knew that they had come to a coastal city! As he looked at the boundless sea, Fangzheng immediately felt the feeling of embracing the entire world. He felt his heart broaden as he felt a lot more relaxed. He could not help but say, “Amitabha, so this is the sea…”

Red Boy imagined that Fangzheng would express some deep reflections, so he waited with his head up. However Fangzheng ended up finishing the sentence with, “It’s indeed filled with water.”

Red Boy: “…”

At that moment, Ding Yu ran aside and flailed her arms. A huge truck drove over, loaded up with wood. Fangzheng looked over in curiosity and asked, “Patron, what did you get so much wood for?”

“Good stuff. Help unload the vehicle.” Ding Yu gave a mysterious smile as she began to move the wood. The wooden blocks were not bulky, about the thickness of an arm, but there was a large number of them. Even men would have to exert quite a bit of strength to move them. As for girls, it would be difficult.

Fangzheng rushed over to help. Even the driver came to help too. After lots of hard work, they moved all the wooden blocks to the beach. Ding Yu paid the driver and sent him off.

Ding Yu panted as she looked at the wooden blocks on the ground. Her white t-shirt had already turned black. Her hands and face were dirty as she said bitterly, “If I had known it would be this tiresome, I would have changed to an easier plan. No way! Wang Lun has to treat me to three big meals!”

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. “Patron, what did you get all these wooden blocks for?”

“To pose them nicely. Come help me. Move these wooden blocks into the words ‘LOVE,’ and there should be a heart as well.” After Ding Yu said that, she took a deep breath and began getting her hands dirty once again.

A resigned Fangzheng had no choice but to continue to help. However, the duo did not see a little guy squatting in the corner, engrossed with reading a diary.

An hour later, everything was finally set up. Ding Yu lay on the beach in exhaustion. She looked up a little at Fangzheng and exclaimed, “Venerable One! That’s not fair. How are you still this clean? I feel as dirty as a dog!”

The moment she finished her sentence, a white samoyed dog ran over. Its white fur resembled snow.

Fangzheng looked at the samoyed dog scuttle over before turning his gaze back at Ding Yu. Ding Yu rolled her eyes as she said through chokes, “Dirtier than a dog! Boohoo…”

Fangzheng was immediately amused by the lass as he sat beside her. “Patron, what do we do now?”

“Now? We wait. They will come here after dinner when it turns dark.”

“Oh. We will wait that long?” Fangzheng was stunned. He imagined that the event would begin immediately.

Ding Yu smiled bitterly. “How could it be any faster? Venerable One, are you hungry? If you are hungry, I’ll buy you some take-away. Uh, after having take-away, I’ll treat you to a big meal in the evening.”

Fangzheng asked perplexed, “Are you going to stay here the entire time?”

“Definitely. I have no idea when they will come. If they come, and I don’t give him the signal, he will have no idea when to act cool. All our work would go to waste.”

Fangzheng suffered another bout of speechlessness. Wasn’t the girl a little too nice to the boy? Could they still be considered bros? This was way better than your ordinary bro! At the very least, Fangzheng had no such bros back when he was in school, be they boys or girls. Fangzheng looked at the panting Ding Yu as she lay on the ground and felt great envy towards Wang Lun. It was probably a worthy life to have such a confidant in one’s life, right? At the very least, this was what Fangzheng wanted. Firstly, it didn’t need to be an especially beautiful girl, and secondly she had to be a girl who was devoted to him. He would also be nice to her, and the two of them could lead the rest of their lives together simply.

“Venerable One, order the dishes. Order anything you like.” Ding Yu took out her cell phone.

Fangzheng shook his head. “This Penniless Monk isn’t hungry. Let’s eat together tonight.”

At that moment, Red Boy shouted, “Master, come over for a moment!”

At that moment, Fangzheng suddenly recalled that he had a prodigal disciple! He had disappeared while there was work to be done, but he had now appeared again! This was too much! How could the disciple run off to gallivant while the master was doing manual labor? Fangzheng wondered if he should practice the Great Strength Vajra Palm on Red Boy’s head. Although it might not be effective, it would be good for venting his anger.

Fangzheng smiled at Ding Yu and said, “Patron, This Penniless Monk will go over to take a look. Call out to This Penniless Monk if there’s anything.” With that said, Fangzheng walked off.

Ding Yu looked at Fangzheng’s back with eyes filled with gratitude and joy. She knew very well that she did not have much money on hand. In fact, she and Wang Lun could not be considered wealthy. At least, not now! Their money came from the allowance their parents gave them. It had taken them half a year of saving to accumulate what they needed for their plan. But here came the problem, their money was only enough to purchase the props. As for things like moving the wood, they could not afford to pay anyone. If not for Fangzheng’s help today, Ding Yu felt that she would have died on the beach that very day.

Ding Yu knew how expensive manual labor was these days. How could a simple vegetarian dish hire someone who did not complain despite the hardships? Clearly, that was impossible. Therefore Ding Yu was already worrying over the little money she had left in her pockets. As for the tips Wang Lun gave her in the afternoon, she had already used that money to pay for the wood and the delivery service.

Ding Yu felt a sense of helplessness when she thought about her empty pockets.

“Jingxin, where did you go just now?” Fangzheng walked over as he cracked his knuckles.

Red Boy acted guiltily. He knew he was going to get a beating from the way Fangzheng walked over. He hurriedly said, “Master, don’t be angry first. I discovered a huge secret!”

“Oh? Huge secret? What secret? Tell me. If it’s good, I’ll give you two fewer slaps.”

Red Boy was rendered speechless. The darn baldy was still the same! He refused to lose out! However Red Boy took a glance at Ding Yu and gave up wrangling with Fangzheng. “Master, Sister Ding Yu is a childhood sweetheart of that Wang Lun.”

“This Penniless Monk can tell. If not, they wouldn’t have such a strong bond to the point of Ding Yu busying herself as Wang Lun courts a chick.”

“The problem is, Sister Ding Yu has always liked Wang Lun!”

Fangzheng was stunned. “What?” Then he smacked himself in the head. Thinking back to Ding Yu’s actions, wasn’t it obvious and right there in front of him? To think Fangzheng could not tell despite all that he had experienced over the months. It was true that those closely involved could not see things as clearly as those outside!

“Definitely. She really likes Wang Lun, but Wang Lun doesn’t seem to like her…”

Fangzheng frowned. “How do you know so much?”