The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Beginning Lessons

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Upon hearing this, Li Jingchu’s anger was alleviated greatly. At the very least, the darn baldy knew to show respect to a leader like her.

But the moment she repressed her anger, it spiked up again!

It was unknown what sort of monster he had transformed from. As he took the mantous, he stuffed them into his mouth. The huge mantous were compressed into a lump and stuffed right in! He ate one with every bite, and held ten in his hands. By the time he’d walked back to her, he had finished them all! Then Fangzheng looked embarrassingly at Li Jingchu and smiled. “Aiyah, everything is gone. That’s fine. Leader, wait. I’ll go get some more.”

Upon hearing that Fangzheng was returning for more, the people behind him quickly took action. The fewer than ten mantous that were left were instantly swiped clean! Those that managed to grab one were delighted, while those that failed turned dejected. But soon, they nearly burst out crying. As they were about to get some salted vegetables to fill their stomachs, they realized that the two plates of salted vegetables had been taken away by the darn baldy! Just as they were about to complain, they saw the darn baldy place the salted vegetables in front of the leader. He said smilingly, “Leader, there are no more mantous left. But there are still some salted vegetables. Have some first?”

Upon hearing this, who would dare say a word? He was giving it to the leader, so all they could do was curse inwardly.

However Li Jingchu was not happy. In fact, she was angry. Extremely angry! How could she not know what kind of crap their salted vegetables were? They were bought salty already, and to save more money, she then added another bag of salt to them. Others sold pickled vegetables, but hers were actual salt-vegetables! Eating two plates of salted vegetables without anything else would kill her from the salt overdose!

Yet the darn baldy looked like he was being fully considerate towards her. She gnashed her teeth in fury, but in the end she said, “I’m full… All of you can eat.”

When Xu Yin saw that, he hurriedly said, “Leader, I still have a mantou. I’m not hungry. Why don’t you have it?”

“Scram!” Li Jingchu could not unleash her anger at Fangzheng, a rookie who had not yet paid, but there was no problem with unleashing her anger on Xu Yin. The moment her fury erupted, she delivered the word ‘scram’ with spewing spit. It was like the eruption of a volcano or the levee breach of a river. It instantly washed Xu Yin’s face…

Xu Yin felt disgusted, but what could he say? Here, ranks were strict. Leaders were the family’s heads. As a Family Carrier, he was only a deputy family head. Sub-chiefs were considered overall supervisors. Each rank was like a huge ravine. He did not dare say a word.

Li Jingchu returned to her office, while Xu Yin was burning inside as well.

At that moment, Fangzheng came over. “Family Carrier Xu, if you aren’t hungry, why don’t you give it to This Penniless Monk?”

At that instant, Xu Yin’s anger burst out. He roared, “Eat? You still want to eat? Do you know that the mantous are counted by the head? One per person! With you eating so many of them, what should the others eat? Look, so many brothers and sisters have not eaten. They are still hungry!”

Fangzheng gave a look of trepidation. “I see, but I’m also hungry. Everyone is still hungry, so no one lost out.”

“You…” Xu Yin’s eyes nearly rolled back from anger. He subconsciously threw the mantou out of anger, which Fangzheng caught! He popped it into his mouth and said, “Thank you, Family Carrier Xu. Ha…” Then he turned around to show Xu Yin his bald head and left!

Xu Yin was instantly too deep for tears. That was his breakfast! F*ck, he was starving!

With no one around, Fangzheng went to the bathroom and took out the mantous from his clothes before washing them down the toilet. That’s right. Fangzheng had not eaten any of the mantous. Just like the noodles from yesterday, he had not eaten any of them. He had smply used the divine power of A Golden Millet Dream to make others see the illusion of him eating. After all, he was not Red Boy who had the True Samadhi Fire in his belly and could refine anything he ate, allowing him to eat without limit. But the toilet in front of him could eat without limit…

After discarding all the evidence, Fangzheng leisurely walked out.

The moment he walked out, he saw the previously fuming Xu Yin working hard at maintaining a smile. He was waiting for Fangzheng by the door as he said with a smile, “Fangzheng, you’ve been here for some time. Shouldn’t you pay for your food?”

“Didn’t Liu Dacheng say that everything was paid for by him? Why is payment needed for food?”

“Yes. CEO Liu did say that everything will be on him. But he hasn’t returned… As you know, he’s busy. No one knows when he will return. Since you will be staying here for an extended period of time, we have to go by the rules. Everyone is to pay for their meals. CEO Liu said that he will pay you back for what you have to pay.”

“Is that so? Okay. Wait a moment. This Penniless Monk will get the money for you.” With that said, Fangzheng returned to the room and asked, “How much is it?”

“For one month it’s one-” Xu Yin was about to say ‘one thousand,’ but when he thought of Fangzheng’s appetite, he gritted his teeth and said, “Two thousand.”

Xu Yin believed that it would be very difficult to obtain the money from Fangzheng and was prepared to negotiate with him. However Fangzheng directly took out two thousand yuan from his bag and stuffed it into his hand. That felt awesome! It was so surreal that Xu Yin felt like he was in a dream! He had never received food payment from rookies so easily! This feeling was pretty good.

Before Xu Yin could revel in his joy, he heard Fangzheng say, “Family Carrier Xu, there doesn’t seem like there’s much to do today. Why don’t we play some cards?”

Xu Yin felt a shudder when he heard the mention of cards. He suddenly recalled that the money came from Fangzheng’s winnings! He had triple As all the time! Only an idiot would play with this son of a gun!

Besides, there actually were important matters to tend to.

Xu Yin hurriedly said, “Fangzheng, we have lessons to attend today. Let’s leave it for another time. The teacher is already here. The class is in the opposite room.”


“That’s right. Didn’t I tell you yesterday? There’s a very, very important and esteemed guest who came especially for you. Do you know how rich he is? He’s a multi-millionaire! He’s a famous tycoon in the Bei River. He rushed over all because of CEO Liu. He will give you a life-changing lesson! After you understand the lesson, you will understand what to do for the rest of your life.”

Fangzheng thought about it. Xu Yin had mentioned it yesterday, but he had not gone into detail. Fangzheng did not mind it as he said, “In that case, let’s attend it.”

“That’s right! This is a rare opportunity. Quick. By the way, this is your notebook and pen. Listen more, remember more, and ask less. If you have any questions, ask after the class is over. Your classmates are all senior classmates. They know a lot about the material. Learning from them will be beneficial for you.”

Fangzheng nodded and put away the notebook before following Xu Yin into the room.

The moment he entered, he saw a room that wasn’t too big in size. A group of men and women was sitting there. A child was drawing in the back. A woman was carrying an infant who was a few months old while breastfeeding her. But in general, the lesson did seem like the real deal.