The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Teaching Fish How To Swim

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This roar immediately attracted many people to the door. Fangzheng crossed his legs as he hummed a tune in pleasure—A Golden Millet Dream…

Outside, Xu Yin looked at the empty bag in Li Jingchu’s hand and exclaimed, “Leader, didn’t I give you the money? What’s the meaning of this?”

“Meaning of this? The money is gone!” Li Jingchu said with a tearful tone.

Xu Yin said immediately, “Leader, I gave you the money. You were the one who took the money with you. You can’t blame me if it’s gone.”

“I’m not blaming you. Help me think about it. The money might have dropped somewhere.”

“How is that possible? When you left, it was a full bag. Did someone steal from you?” asked Xu Yin.

“Impossible. When I went out, Stone was by my side all the time. No one came close to me. Besides, I didn’t even get off the car or enter the city. The money just vanished out of the blue,” said Li Jingchu.

Xu Yin hurriedly said, “I have no idea then. Leader, this money is no trivial matter. This…”

Li Jingchu’s face turned black. What was she to do without the money? She could only make up for it! But how was she to make up for it when it was such a large sum of money? An idea came to her as she called Xu Yin over and whispered, “Get more rookies and increase the recruitment fee. We can cover the discrepancy like that.”

“That’s not good, right?”

“What do you mean that’s not good. We will be doing just that!”

Xu Yin nodded in acknowledgment. Then he stared at everyone in the building. “What are all of you looking at? Quickly get more customers.”

At that moment, the cell phone in Xu Yin’s pocket rang. Fangzheng found the ring tone familiar. Xu Yin took out the phone and Fangzheng saw it. Man, wasn’t that his?

Xu Yin knitted his brows tightly when he saw the number displayed on the screen. Nonetheless he still walked over and raised the cell phone up to Fangzheng, but he did not give it to him. Instead he switched it to speaker mode. Clearly Xu Yin still did not completely trust Fangzheng. He was prepared to silence the call the moment Fangzheng said something incorrect. Once that button was pressed, Fangzheng’s conversation with the other party would be cut off.

Fangzheng knew all of that, but he feigned ignorance. He picked up the call.

“Abbot Fangzheng, where have you been the past couple of days?” It was Wang Yougui.

“This Penniless Monk went to a classmate’s place on vacation. Patron Wang, is there something?”

“Nothing. Yang Hua’s child is about to be born. He’s afraid you won’t be back in time, so he’s a little anxious. I’m asking on his behalf…”

“Don’t worry. This Penniless Monk will definitely be back for it.” Fangzheng smiled.

“Alright, go busy yourself. I’ll be playing some cards.” Wang Yougui hung up after saying that.

Xu Yin felt a little better when he saw how proper Fangzheng’s answers were. “Fangzheng, I’ll teach you how to invite people over. First you need to download a few recruitment apps with which you can learn how to say the correct words. You can ask Sun Pu. All of them have it. The trick is simple. The same job gives a high salary, and the main company is in Haicheng. When they come, someone will receive them. Then in the name of expatriation, they will be sent here. Remember that the words you use are very important. You have to appear very orthodox. The few recruitment apps I’m telling you about aren’t very strict. They do not need us to provide the company’s registration details. You can just fill them up randomly. Choose the name of whichever big company you fancy. Of course, if you have any suitable friends or family, you can also invite them here. After all, it’s better to speak in person.”

“We are still recruiting?”

“Of course, we have to spread the wealth to even more people. Just the friends around us number only a handful,” said Xu Yin with a smile.

Xu Yin helped Fangzheng download some of the software before teaching him how to register and post recruitment notices. He was very familiar with the entire process. Clearly Xu Yin did this every day.

After all of that was done, Xu Yin was about to leave when Fangzheng suddenly stopped him. “Family Carrier Xu, when will Liu Dacheng return?”

“Oh, soon. I guess tomorrow.”

“By the way, is Patron Chen Xiao here?” Fangzheng asked. He remembered that Chen Xiao was heavily involved in making Qi Liya’s trip here possible. Furthermore Chen Xiao had also claimed that he was helping Liu Dacheng.

Xu Yin shook his head. “Him? He’s out on a business trip with CEO Liu. They will return together. Is there anything else?”

“I heard that I have another classmate here too. Her name is Qi Liya. Do you know her?”

Xu Yin’s eyes turned sterner the moment Qi Liya was mentioned. He stared at Fangzheng intently before saying, “She has returned home.”

With that said, Xu Yin left. Clearly he did not plan on discussing this any further with Fangzheng.

Fangzheng had a premonition of disaster as he looked at Xu Yin’s back. He turned his head to see the room filled with passionate cheats as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. He now understood most of what he needed to. There was probably not much left to find out. In that case, it was time for him to teach all of them a lesson.

Although Xu Yin left, Song Keling came to Fangzheng, claiming that the Leader was looking for him.

Fangzheng walked into the Leader’s office. Li Jingchu sat there with two cups of water in front of her. There was also a huge water flask by the side. Li Jingchu gestured Fangzheng to sit down before pouring water for herself and asking, “Fangzheng, do you think it’s important to do self-study?”

Fangzheng replied with a smile, “It depends on one’s state of mind.”

“That’s right. One’s state of mind is important.” Li Jingchu nodded before pouring water for Fangzheng. As she did so, she said, “Then do you know what sort of state of mind is most important?”

Fangzheng looked at Li Jingchu’s actions and subconsciously rolled his eyes! She was actually using a trick from the playbook on him. Did Li Jingchu not know that all of this derived from Buddhism? However Fangzheng did not say a word. He shook his head and said, “I don’t.”

“Of course, it’s the empty cup state of mind. Look at this cup.” As Li Jingchu said that, her eyes were filled with glee. Clearly she was very pleased with this trick of hers.

When Fangzheng looked over, he saw that the cup was almost filled with water. He smiled in return.

Li Jingchu continued. “You grew up in a monastery and probably think you know a lot of things. But having come here, you do not know a thing about our enterprise. You are like a newborn baby. If you can’t give up what you have learned, you will be like this cup. It’s filled with water, but how much more water can it take? No matter how much more is given to you, it will overflow… Uh?”

Li Jingchu was suddenly dumbfounded because the cup which was almost brimming with water did not overflow no matter how much more water she poured. It was as though the cup was a bottomless hole. It did not overflow!

Fangzheng watched all of this in silence before he asked out of curiosity, “Leader, you were saying?”

Li Jingchu’s face flushed red. After all this posturing, she realized that she had failed. The embarrassment she felt was in no way ordinary. However she could not figure out what was happening. Why wasn’t the cup overflowing? She poured even more forcefully to the point of the flask being lodged to the cup. Yet the cup appeared unsatiated. It drank as much as she poured!

Fangzheng said, “Leader, why aren’t you continuing?”