The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Chaos from one Phrase

Zhao Datong had also attached a picture of himself of which he believed they showed his handsome side. However, there were crumpled tissues beside his bed and even more on the floor.

No matter how uneducated Fangzheng was, he immediately understood the mystery behind the problem. He answered, "Amitabha. Patron, don't worry. Just take care to receive semen!"

It was the first time Fangzheng was using a smartphone, so he had made a typographical error! He wanted to correct the error when he realized it, but he heard footsteps from outside and a chaotic brouhaha. Someone was even shouting his name! Fangzheng hurriedly went out.

At the same time, in a particular lecture hall in Jida University's Sports College, a middle-aged female teacher was giving everyone a biological lesson. There were two enlarged diagrams of the human anatomy which left quite a number of girls blushing.

As for the males, they looked nonchalant. Compared to their collection of pornographic pictures and videos, these were way too inferior! There were all sorts of comments.

Just as everyone was feeling bored, someone exclaimed.

"F*ck! How can Master say that?"

"That gentleman over there, what did you say?" The female teacher in front glared angrily at Zhao Datong. She could tolerate the fact that people were playing with their cell phones in class, but she could not accept it when someone shouted and even cursed! She was incensed!

Zhao Datong hurriedly got up and said apologetically, "Sorry, I had a nightmare."

Everyone knew that he was not sleeping, but it was quite a good excuse. Seeing how sincere his apologetic look was, the female teacher was appeased as she said, "Focus on your studies."

"Yes, yes!" Zhao Datong nodded his head repeatedly.

At the instant Zhao Datong sat down, Hu Han beside him yelled, "Holy sh*t! Is Master that hard core?!"

"Damn you, how dare you peep at my cell phone!" Zhao Datong turned nervous as he yelled.


"Both of you, get out!" The female teacher was finally infuriated as she roared, forcing Zhao Datong and Hu Han to quickly run out dejectedly.

As for standing as a punishment? The duo did not stand by the door to receive the punishment. Instead, they ran off.

"Datong, what's your relationship with Master? Isn't it too... Does your ass hurt?" Hu Han said with a smirk.

"Scram!" Zhao Datong cursed angrily. At the same time, he felt depressed. He was just feeling down and out, but there was no need for him to receive semen, right? Furthermore, it did not seem to be related.

"Datong, don't be angry. I think you should consider the problem of receiving semen. I'm telling you that I will absolutely not give you-" With that said, Hu Han dashed off.

Zhao Datong was so incensed that he felt like his liver was about to explode. However, he could do nothing but return to his dormitory in a dejected state.

However, Hu Han could not curb his big mouth. He told Ma Juan, and Ma Juan spread it to Fang Yunjing. Thankfully, Fang Yunjing was tight-lipped and did not spread it further. Instead, she quietly wrote it in her blog but forgot to set it to private.

Fang Yunjing was a knowledgeable beauty, so she had countless admirers. The moment she posted on her blog, a group of admirers immediately read it, causing Zhao Datong to become so embarrassed that he refused to leave his dormitory. People would from time to time shout from outside his door, "Datong, do you want some semen? It's fresh!"

"Get lost!" Zhao Datong roared.

Zhao Datong was truly too deep for tears. He had no idea how to explain it. He had sent a message to Fangzheng, asking him what receiving semen meant.

However, Fangzheng wasn't online to answer him. Zhao Datong looked at the sky with tears welling up in his eyes. He could not live his days further! Although he yearned to become famous, he never expected to become famous in this manner! How was he to hit on chicks in the future?

As for Fangzheng, he did not know that his simple typographical mistake had caused Zhao Datong such great trouble.

When Fangzheng walked out of the backyard's door, he saw that there were many policemen and armed policemen in his temple. They held guns with live bullets and looked ready to act at any moment. At the same time, Wang Yougui and Tan Juguo were among the group. Even Dog Song was there!

"Fangzheng, you came just in time. Hurry over here. Let me introduce them to you. This is a comrade from the county, Chief Zhang. Chief Zhang, this is One Finger Temple's abbot, Master Fangzheng," Wang Yougui quickly introduced them.

Chief Zhang looked like a capable person. His ironed police uniform made him exude the dignified bearing of an accomplished person. He had a serious expression and was not someone who smiled easily. However, he was not considered a stiff person.

Fangzheng held his hands together and gave a Buddhist proclamation, "Amitabha. Patrons, is there a reason why you have come to This Penniless Monk's temple?"

"Little Monk, did any strangers come to your temple recently?" a young policeman behind Chief Zhang asked impatiently.

Fangzheng decisively shook his head and said, "No."

"Little Monk, there is no way we can believe what you said. If possible, we want to search the temple. Please make way," said the policeman.

Fangzheng shook his head once again and said, "No! Buddhist places of worship are meant to remain tranquil. It is not suited to be searched."

"Little Monk, do you know who we are searching for? A murderer that has robbed an armored cash carrier. He even has a gun! We are doing a search to ensure your safety. If we were to leave without a thorough check, you might end up being in danger," the young policeman said, clearly displeased. He was not a Buddhist and did not hold things that were contrary to his beliefs in high regard. He had said that to scare the young monk in front of him. He wanted to see if the frightened monk would remain calm and smug.

However, Fangzheng remained composed. A faint smile hung on his face as he said, "No."


"What do you mean little? Didn't you hear what the village chief said? This is the abbot. Mind your words," Chief Zhang suddenly reprimanded the policeman before saying with an amiable smile, "Master, please do not take it to heart. The main thing is that something serious has happened down the mountain. Someone has robbed an armored cash carrier and even killed the carrier's personnel. According to what we know, he has come to these environs, which is why we have come up the mountain to search for him. The person's name is Han Xiaoguo. He has a squarish face, thick brows, and small eyes. He was an international mercenary in the past, so he is extremely skilled. He doesn't think twice about killing. If possible, we want to search- Well, sightsee your esteemed temple."

One did not smack a smiling person. Furthermore, Chief Zhang had handled matters in an appropriate manner. Besides, he was here on serious business. If he truly wanted to search the area, Fangzheng could not stop him. Also, sightseeing and searching were two different things. Which Buddha would not welcome popularity? Searching was a disturbance while sightseeing was popularity. It was naturally different. Fangzheng similarly showed disdain toward the young policeman. It was no wonder that man was just a low-ranking policeman. Look at your chief and see how articulate he is!

Hence, Fangzheng nodded and said, "Patron, please go ahead!"

Chief Zhang smiled with satisfaction. By the side, Wang Yougui and Tan Juguo heaved a sigh of relief. They were worried that the two would come to a heated argument which would make it hard for them to alleviate the situation.

Fangzheng led Chief Zhang and the armed police into the temple hall before circling the courtyard and then the backyard. They 'sightsaw' Fangzheng's kitchen, bathroom and living quarters. Only then did everyone leave.

"Amitabha. Patrons, this temple is tiny, and there's no other place for you to sightsee," said Fangzheng.