The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Paying Back In One's Own Coin

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The more they walked, the more alarmed Uncle Da became. The monk ahead of him walked through the dense forest like it was flat terrain. Yet his white monk robes were completely unstained! With the addition of the snake’s actions from before, Uncle Da’s heart felt heavy. What the hell was this monk?

At noon, the group finally reached the top of the first mountain. Standing on the mountaintop, Uncle Da cupped his eyes to look around him. Ying Zi and Zhang Zi rested on the ground as Mute walked around with a compass in hand.

As for Fangzheng, he sat far away and quietly observed their every action.

Uncle Da whispered into Zhang Zi’s ear. After Zhang Zi nodded, he said to Fangzheng, “Venerable One, I see a stream over there. I’ll go get some water.”

Fangzheng nodded with a smile.

Zhang Zi went down the mountain and shortly, Zhang Zi returned with a flask of water. As he poured the water for everyone, he gave Uncle Da a nervous expression.

Uncle Da nodded slightly as Zhang Zi suddenly exclaimed, “Aiyah! I dropped my wallet into the water. Venerable One, I’m exhausted from walking all the way there and back. Among us, Uncle Da and Uncle Mute are rather old, while Ying Zi is a lady, so I wouldn’t feel at ease…”

Fangzheng looked at Zhang Zi with eyes of purity. However, there was a clever glint behind their pureness as though he was saying, “I know what all of you are about to do!”

The look made Zhang Zi feel uncomfortable, as though everything had been seen through by Fangzheng.

Zhang Zi said, “Venerable One…”

Fangzheng got up. “Patron, what you said makes sense. This Penniless Monk will go search for it.”

Zhang Zi heaved a sigh of relief as he quickly pointed in a direction.

Fangzheng locked onto the direction and began heading down the mountain.

Uncle Da stood on the mountain as he looked down. “You didn’t point in the wrong direction, did you?”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Da. Count the monk unlucky. When I went over, I really saw one slumping by the riverside. If he were to head over, heh heh.” Zhang Zi licked his lips.

Ying Zi asked baffled, “What are the two of you talking about?”

Zhang Zi said, “Nothing. By the way, Uncle Da. Have Boss Xiong and company set off?”

“How could I know? I lost cellular connection the moment we entered the mountains. However he’s probably even more anxious than you are. I’m guessing he was probably already at Black Mountain by the time it was dark. He should reach the foot of Mt. One Finger tomorrow,” said Uncle Da.

The few of them chatted for a moment when they heard a bear’s growl down the mountain! Following that, they heard Fangzheng cry out!

Zhang Zi immediately jumped up and laughed. “Haha, we succeeded!”

Uncle Da laughed as well. “That’s troubling, isn’t it? Everyone would run when meeting a bear in the mountains. For a Venerable One to be killed by a bear. Sigh… That sure is a tragic story.”

Ying Zi knitted her brows together as she said, “Uncle Da, we are only after money. There’s no need to cause any deaths, right?”

“Who caused any deaths? What did we do? Zhang Zi dropped his wallet, and the monk went searching for it. He met a bear on the way. Is that our fault? Ying Zi, be careful of what you say. Don’t speak nonsense.” Uncle Da glared at Ying Zi.

Ying Zi opened her mouth and wanted to utter something, but she ultimately remained silent. After sighing, she sat to the side.

“Alright, consider our guide gone. Now we still have to walk the remaining path. If I’m not wrong, the dragon vein is not far of,” said Uncle Da.

“Uncle Da, you found it?” asked Zhang Zi excitedly.

Uncle Da said, “I can’t be certain. There is a dragon vein, but it’s an earth dragon. Let’s search the area ahead. Finding a tomb is no game. You wish to find it in a day and leave with it? Stop dreaming! We won’t be able to leave without staying here for half a month.” After Uncle Da said that, he led the group down the mountain.

However, they heard someone speaking ahead of them shortly after they began walking.

“There’s someone there!?” Zhang Zi and Ying Zi turned alert simultaneously.

Uncle Da calmed them down. “Don’t panic. It’s fine if there’s people. If you are questioned, just say you came to the mountains to pluck herbs.”

The two nodded immediately. Mute followed behind them looking unperturbed.

After a while, the voice was getting closer to them. It was accompanied by the sound of running and heaving.

The group felt an ominous feeling as Uncle Da indicated for everyone to be careful.

The next instant, a white figure appeared out of the woods. A bald man dressed in white robes. It was none other than Fangzheng!

“Venerable Fangzheng? You are alright?” exclaimed Ying Zi.

However Fangzheng cried out strangely in response. “I’m alright now, but you won’t be alright if you don’t start running! Oh no, run! The bear is coming!”

Fangzheng had said his sentence slowly. By the time he mentioned the bear, he had ran past the group and scooted off far ahead already!

Meanwhile, an additional black figure appeared in the woods. It was almost two meters tall, and its massive figure sent the ground quaking with every step it took. It was a northeastern black bear! The bear charged forward like a tank. Wherever it passed, it knocked down trees and trampled logs, grass patches, and tree saplings. It opened its gaping jaws, revealing its barbed tongue!

“Uncle Da…” Ying Zi nearly broke down crying from shock.

However, Uncle Da remained silent. Zhang Zi was the first to run. “Run!”

“We won’t be able to run away from it in time. Act dead! Let’s risk it!” After Uncle Da said so, he lay prone on the ground as he protected his head with his hands.

Ying Zi and Mute fell to the ground just like Uncle Da.

While on the ground, Ying Zi clearly felt the ground trembling with the bear’s every step. What would happen if the terrifying weight stepped on her? Just the thought of it sent shivers of horror down her spine. She prayed not to be visited by the bear.

The rampaging bear approached before there was a cracking sound from Uncle Da’s direction. It was as though something had broken. It made Ying Zi shudder in fear.

Following that, the bear’s footsteps turned distant…

However Ying Zi did not dare move. All she did was look worriedly at Uncle Da. Uncle Da had already flipped around. His face was livid, and his skin was pale. Beads of sweat dripped down his face as he pressed his right leg with both hands. He grimaced in pain.

Mute sat up and quickly took out a first-aid kit to check on Uncle Da.

Ying Zi ran over and asked concerned, “Uncle Da, what… What happened to you?”

Uncle Da said through clenched teeth, “The darn bear stepped on my leg when walking by. It’s probably fractured.”

Although Uncle Da was in excruciating pain, he did not shout out at all. He spoke softly, afraid of attracting the bear’s return.

“What? Uncle Da, your leg fractured? This…” Ying Zi was given a fright. Uncle Da and Mute were crucial when entering the mountains. Now, with Uncle Da injured, it was equivalent to losing their main combat strength. How were they to continue?

“We can’t go to the tomb. Let’s think of a way to return. If not, all of us will have to stay in this mountain,” said Uncle Da.

Mute grunted a few sounds before Uncle Da said, “Alright. Throw away all useless items. You carry me. Ying Zi, take the water and food.”

“Alright… Eh? What about Zhang Zi?” asked Ying Zi.

“That retard. He ran the moment he encountered danger. He did not even turn his head. Since he likes running, let him run!” Uncle Da said angrily. He did not say anything else. To run while being locked onto by a bear basically meant doom. Now that Uncle Da was suffering from a fractured leg, he had no intention or ability to save Zhang Zi. He decided to leave Zhang Zi’s outcome up to fate.