The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Creepy

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“Useless trash.” Boss Xiong curled his lips. With Elder Li having served his purpose, he no longer showed him any courtesy.

“Boor, you are up next!” shouted Boss Xiong.

Elsewhere, a stout man who was in charge of assembling machinery grinned. “Alright! Boss, don’t worry. Leave it to me.”

With that said, the man led a team of people and went up the bell tower with all the machinery in preparation to unsolder the bell.

When Lone Wolf saw this, he understood everything. This was a bunch of thieves!

Lone Wolf was just about to charge forward when a palm hit him on his head. Lone Wolf turned his head abruptly and realized that Monkey had arrived beside him without him realizing it. He had been squatting to his side and watching silently.

“What are you doing? Are we still watching as they are about to destroy the bell? I can’t watch any further. I’m going forward,” said Lone Wolf.

“Who said we’re just watching? There are so many of them. Are you sure that you can handle them alone?”

“Then what do we do? Do we just watch as they destroy the bell?” Lone Wolf was burning with anxiety.

“Why are you so anxious? Master told us before he left that it is forbidden for people to strike the bell, but if they want to tear it apart, we should leave them be.”

“What?” Lone Wolf widened his eyes before looking at Monkey suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you are a spy that the thieves sent?”

Monkey rolled his eyes in anger. “Are you silly? Have you considered how this bell appeared? Back then, Master went up empty-handed and suddenly, the bell was hung up. You think it’s an ordinary bell? Do you think Junior Brother Jingxin is so assured that he can go flying and have fun at this juncture in time without a good reason? He is completely unworried that the bell will be stolen. Alright, stop fretting for nothing. Follow me back to the monastery to watch over other things.”

Lone Wolf felt that what Monkey said made sense. However, why hadn’t their master informed them? While his mind wandered, the burly man began taking action. A blow torch spewed its blinding light as it blazed at the Yongle Bell. White sparks were produced which resembled fireworks.

When Lone Wolf saw this, his eyes turned red as he roared angrily. He ignored how Monkey was pulling him back and charged forward as he let out a wolf’s howl!

The person standing ahead jumped in fright as he looked back, only to see a huge wolf the size of an ox calf charge at him. The wolf had lowered its head and was ramming straight at him! Before he was fully cognizant of what was happening, he felt a sharp pain in his chest before he flew up into the sky amid a cry. He also heard the sound of his sternum cracking. The pain was so excruciatingly bad that he instantly fainted.

“What is it?” Boss Xiong was also given a fright as he looked back to see the gigantic white wolf standing a distance away. Behind him hung the bright moon. The silvery moonlight scattered on the Lone Wolf’s silver body and together with the mountain winds, it made Lone Wolf’s fur seem as if it was dancing in the wind. It made him look mighty and extraordinary!

“A wolf? A wolf!” someone exclaimed.

“Such a huge wolf? Is it a demon spirit?” someone immediately shouted as well.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s only a single wolf. We have the numbers advantage. Draw your weapons and attack it! I want its hide. I’ll reward anyone who kills him with a hundred thousand yuan!” Boss Xiong showed no fear. Instead, his eyes lit up as he stared intently at Lone Wolf.

Handsome rewards definitely attracted the brave. The huge group retrieved poles or knives from their weapon stash. All of them charged at Lone Wolf with a fearsome bloodlust.

Lone Wolf was incensed the moment he heard that. Not only were they stealing from his home, but they were also coveting his hide? Did they really think of him as a mongrel?

Lone Wolf showed no fear either. He was the alpha wolf of a pack of mountain wolves to begin with. In terms of ferocity, who could compare with him? He had only curbed his feral nature after entering One Finger Monastery. Now that he was provoked by these people, his eyes turned red, as his killing intent raged! He bared his fangs and claws as he let out another howl that reverberated through the sky!

The howl was filed with boundless killing intent. It made the group of people think twice about charging forward!

Just as someone was about to make another charge, more wolf cries sounded from behind them in the mountain range. A pack of wolves were responding to Lone Wolf’s howl! To hear a pack of wolves howl in the night on the mountaintop was enough to make all of their hair stand.

“What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you attacking? Do you think I hired you for nothing?” Boss Xiong berated angrily. However even he did not dare look at Lone Wolf. The look in Lone Wolf’s eyes was indeed frightening.

Everyone jolted to their senses when they heard him. They roared again as they charged at Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf showed no mercy. He sped up and dashed forward as quickly as the wind with the strength of a bear! The moment he charged forward, he struck out randomly, causing tragic cries to undulate. One by one, people were sent flying as their arms or legs were fractured. They collapsed to the ground and cried incessantly.

“Use a net!” someone shouted at that moment. A net that they had prepared to hold the bell fragments was thrown at Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf was no idiot either. He could forget about escaping if he was trapped by the net. Therefore Lone Wolf immediately began running off…

When the people saw Lone Wolf run, they immediately chased after him with the net.

Lone Wolf was just about to turn around to attack when he suddenly heard Red Boy. “Eldest Senior Brother, if they wish to steal the bell, let them steal it. To be honest, I would like to see how a bunch of mortals of flesh and blood can steal a Buddhist treasure!”

“Oh?” Lone Wolf was taken aback.

“Snap out of your daze. I’m inside the monastery. Come back. The more people you injure, the more likely it is you will cause trouble for Master,” said Red Boy.

With Monkey having already raised the possibility of an indestructible bell and Red Boy corroborating what he said, Lone Wolf began to believe in them. He swished his big furry tail and entered the monastery without another word. Simultaneously, the monastery’s door slammed shut.

“Boss, the wolf ran into the monastery. What do we do?” someone asked Boss Xiong.

Boss Xiong cursed. “What are you waiting for? Enter the monastery and capture it!”

“Boss, something is wrong. This bell can’t be torched apart.” At that moment, Boor stood up and shouted from the bell tower.

“You can’t torch it apart? How is that possible?” Boss Xiong had an incredulous look. He temporarily put the thought of capturing the wolf on hold and put everyone on high alert.

Boss Xiong went up the bell tower and looked at the spot where Boor had been torching. Not only were there no holes, it was not even tarnished by any soot!

“Hehe, this must be the work of a devil. Since when is bronze this resilient? Boor, continue torching it. I don’t believe it can last much longer.” Boss Xiong refused to back down.

“Alright.” Boor nodded. He continued torching in front of Boss Xiong. One minute, two minutes, five minutes… And ten minutes later.

Boor stopped. Boss Xiong immediately closed in to to observe the bell and amazingly, the Yongle Bell was completely fine. It was as good as before!

“This…” Boss Xiong was dumbfounded as he scratched his head. He was completely at a loss as to what was happening.

“Boss, this is quite creepy. It can’t be damaged,” said Boor.

“F**k. If the bell can’t be destroyed, break the frame. I’ll think of a way to push it down the cliff. I don’t believe that such a tall cliff can’t damage this bell!” said Boss Xiong.

Boor nodded and looked up, only to be dumbfounded. “Boss, don’t tell me this frame is made of wood?”

“Wood is good. Wood is easily dealt with. Find a saw… What? Wood!? How is that possible? How can a hundred ton bell hang from wood? What wood is that resilient?” Boss Xiong jolted to his senses as he shone the torchlight on the frame. He carefully observed it and clearly, it was a circular beam of wood! There was a layer of paint over it, but the grain was still clearly discernible.