The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Violent Master

Bang! Fangzheng did not even blink as the bullet bounced off, sending sparks flying!

"Holy sh*t!" Han Xiaoguo yelled as if he had seen a ghost. In his horror, he pulled the trigger crazily!

"Ding Dang! Ding Dang!" The bullets bounced randomly, producing even more sparks.

Fangzheng pricked up his eyebrows and charged forward. He reached out his hand. Ka!

"What- What are you doing? Let go!" as Han Xiaoguo yelled, he took out his knife and thrust it into Fangzheng's stomach.

"I knew it. Movies are all lies! I still have to use my own means," Fangzheng grumbled inwardly and made a snatch. Han Xiaoguo felt an immense strength pass through his body, forcing him to release his grip. The gun landed in Fangzheng's hand. At the same time, Fangzheng struck him with his palm.

Pa! Fangzheng hit Han Xiaoguo's wrist, causing his knife to fall on the ground, where it got stuck.

Han Xiaoguo staggered backwards as he touched his swollen left hand. He looked at Fangzheng with fear. "Are you a human or a ghost?"

Fangzheng exerted his strength in front of him, making crunching sounds with the gun in his hand. The gun distorted and crumbled apart.

Han Xiaoguo looked at Fangzheng with even more horror.

Fangzheng approached the knife and picked it up. With a knock, the knife made a sharp sound and snapped. Fangzheng said with a shake of his head, "Such lousy quality."


Han Xiaoguo could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. That knife was an ATAK Mad Dog Knife, something that was not available for sale to the general public. It was a collector's item his team leader had given to him after he attained great achievements to his credit. Yet, it had been snapped in the monk's hands. He began to suspect that his team leader had given him a counterfeit. Otherwise, the monk was no human.

After Fangzheng settled the problem with the gun and knife, he chuckled at Han Xiaoguo and said, "Now, can we properly talk?"

"Master, didn't you want me to go down the mountain? I'm going down now. I bid you farewell." Han Xiaoguo fled.

Lone Wolf looked at Fangzheng, but Fangzheng said, "Let him go. What a pitiful child. He can't go down the mountain, and it's going to rain. This kind of clouds won't disperse until tomorrow. Here it is again, and the air pressure is so low! It looks like the cloud is about to descend. The final rain before winter."

With that said, Fangzheng led Lone Wolf and closed the temple's main door, before entering his quarters.

Since Fangzheng had nothing to do, he took out his cell phone to take a look. There, he saw a number of messages on WeChat.

When he opened them, they were all from Zhao Datong.

"Master, are you there?"


"Master, save me! You have to explain properly. What does 'receive semen' mean? Am I still a man?"

"Master, my name is now infamous! Boohoohoo."


Fangzheng's cursory glance left him a little stumped. Receive semen? What's receive semen? Then, he suddenly recalled that he had made a typographical error. He hurriedly searched it and indeed, the words 'receive semen' were especially eye-catching!

Fangzheng immediately replied, "It's not 'receive semen', it's 'conserve semen'. Amitabha, This Penniless Monk made a typographical error. Patron, please don't be angry about it."

And at that moment, Zhao Datong was sitting on a bed with red eyes. "Why do these things happen to me? Everything is a mess."

His cell phone suddenly vibrated, which made him look down. Immediately, Zhao Datong wailed and pulled Hu Han over, yelling, "You darn grandson, look! Look! It's 'conserve semen', not 'receive semen'! F*ck you!"

Then, the fellow ran outside, shouting at the top of his lungs to everyone he saw.

It left everyone baffled.

After a moment of madness, Zhao Datong realized that the matter regarding 'receive semen' had only caused a buzz for a short period of time. However, it had gone stale after so much time. People were beginning to discuss other matters.

That was college life. That was society. Nothing could forever maintain its popularity. He had been the one that had been overly paying attention to such a minor matter, magnifying it and torturing himself. No matter how immense the heavens and earth were, as long as his heart was immensely open and strong, he could truly ignore any external pressure!

Zhao Datong suddenly seemed to realize something. After returning to his dormitory, he silently replied Fangzheng, "Master, I am suddenly enlightened in the truth of life. Thank you for your advice."

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What advice had he given? All he had done was make a typographical error. What the hell!?

Fangzheng replied Zhao Datong a few more times before feeling assured when he discovered that everything had returned to normal for Zhao Datong.

At that moment, there was dull thunder sounding from outside the window with lightning constantly streaking across the sky. It was particularly frightening when the thunder roared while the lightning stroke the mountain peak.

Fangzheng closed the temple hall's doors and windows and checked the items outside before returning to his room, where he waited quietly.

Another few dull claps of thunder rumbled as a gust of wind blew before the rain began pattering down. A northern wind came together with the rain extremely fast. It was raining cats and dogs, pattering down on the roof loudly.

And at that moment, someone was experiencing a mental breakdown.

Han Xiaoguo had rushed down the mountain when he realized that there were a few tents by the entrance. There was police activity there, so he could only secretly run back. If he had a gun, he could have still fought it out. But now, he was unarmed, so to fight it out with armed policemen? He wasn't that dumb.

He circled around the mountain to the forest behind him. Although there was a savagery smell to it, it was late into the night. There weren't any animals lurking. He did not dare light a fire, afraid that he would attract the police.

He was starving, and the heavy rain had fallen. The pattering rainwater struck the trees like devils clapping but when they struck him, it was biting cold to the bone! Even a strong man like him could not withstand it.

There were no caves in the mountain, and he had no time to build a temporary shelter. Out of options, Han Xiaoguo gritted his teeth.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A series of knocks sounded on the door.

Fangzheng dug his ears and mumbled, "Strange, isn't the thunder coming in succession too quickly?"

Han Xiaoguo, who was outside, was close to tears. The rain before the impending winter was very cold. Now, it was late at night and the temperature was plummeting. His teeth were chattering as he jumped on the spot to warm himself up. The temple's walls were not high. He could have easily climbed over the walls, but he did not dare act wantonly when he remembered how terrifying the monk was. Therefore, he could only continue knocking.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Why isn't there any lightning after this thunder?" Fangzheng reached his bald head out the window and mumbled as he looked up into the sky.

"Wu Wu Wu," Lone Wolf beside him could not stand it anymore and whimpered.

"Ah!? What? There's someone knocking at the door? Aiyah... The big fish is back for more. I had nearly forgotten about him." Fangzheng hurriedly went out. He was overjoyed the moment he went out! He believed that he would get drenched, but he would have never imagined that the White Lunar Monk Robe could not only remain impervious to knives and guns, it could even ignore rain!

After laughing twice, he felt his toes turn cold. Looking down, he realized his shoes had gotten wet.

"System, your clothes are flawed," grumbled Fangzheng.

"You are wearing another kind of shoes. The White Lunar Monk Robe is unable to protect your feet. You can try taking your shoes off."