The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Dont Want

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His present size was even bigger than that of a calf. His weight had reached a staggering number of over a hundred kilograms! Of course Lone Wolf was not fat, but muscular. He was a toned, domineering wolf!

Even so, among the benches Fangzheng had made, there were high stools and tiny folding chairs…

After the idiot saw Squirrel jump on the chair, his ass began to itch despite never having sat on a bench before. In his excitement, he threw his butt onto the folding chair to get a sense of it, only to…

“Fatty, it’s time for you to diet!” Squirrel looked up at Lone Wolf angrily.

Lone Wolf turned his head to the side and ignored the little guy.

Fangzheng stared straight at Lone Wolf and said, “You know what I wish to say, right?”

“If I’m living well, then the skies are clear?” said Lone Wolf softly.

Fangzheng nodded and said, “What else?”

“Master, I can’t do it!” Lone Wolf said sobbingly.

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. “What’s with that brain of yours? Can’t you sit on a bigger and more solid stool when you are this heavy?”

Lone Wolf took a glance at the one meter-tall stool and then his ass before looking helplessly at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng sighed. “Fine, I got it. I’ll make you a big chair later. You can just jump on it and lie there.”

Lone Wolf immediately felt delighted. This was a silver lining!


But the next moment, Fangzheng smacked him on the head. “This is your punishment for destroying public property!”

However, Lone Wolf remained happy.

“Jingxin, this chair is already not worth fixing. Chop it up and use it as timber.” Although Fangzheng could repair it and make it better if he used a little effort, there was so much of the material that he had no intention to save. Frost Bamboo grew quickly, so he definitely had enough for himself.

After saying that, Fangzheng left the backyard and went to sit under the bodhi tree to read his scriptures.

Red Boy carried the tiny folding chair out and said again, “Master, should I chop it up just like that? Are you really not fixing it?” He knew Fangzheng was a miser. He did not wish for Fangzheng to seek revenge on him.

“Chop it up. Why would I lie to you?” asked Fangzheng.

Only then was Red Boy put at ease. He put down the tiny folding chair and raised the machete in preparation to chop it up into timber.

Ten minutes prior to this, a few people had arrived at the mountaintop. Leading them was Guan Xiangfeng who was carrying Jiang Zhou together with Fan Qing! Following behind them was Qiu Xiaoye.

“Master, the top-grade Frost Bamboo I mentioned is up ahead. You have seen the ordinary Frost Bamboo as well. That is already top-grade bamboo, but compared to the bamboo on the mountaintop, it’s nothing,” said Guan Xiangfeng in excitement.

Jiang Zhou looked into the distance and saw the Frost Bamboo sparkle in a crystalline and emerald manner under the sunlight. It resembled jade and was indeed extremely beautiful. He could not help but marvel. “The hands of nature!”

Qiu Xiaoye said agitatedly, “Could this perhaps be jadeite?”

Fan Qing wore a look of astonishment as well. “This is just… too incredible.”

“How could a monk who can train a wolf, monkey, and squirrel so well be an ordinary person?” said Jiang Zhou with a sigh. To be honest, he had thought more highly of Perfected Letian previously. He also yearned for the freedom and carefreeness Letian embodied. Also, the yard full of ginseng was like a war machine for the rich. As for Fangzheng, he only thought of him as a kindhearted and ordinary monk.

Now, it appeared that his judgment had been off the mark.

“Let’s go and take a look inside. Regardless, he saved my life. I can’t just thank him with a few words. Little Ye, have you done what I requested you to do?” asked Jiang Zhou.

“I already got my elder brother to handle it, but it will probably not be ready any time soon,” said Qiu Xiaoye.

“Alright. Then just get the materials, and I’ll personally do the rest,” said Jiang Zhou.

“What? Master, you are going to carve it yourself?” Qiu Xiaoye and Fan Qing exclaimed.

“Why not? If not for Venerable Fangzheng and Perfected Letian, I’d be dead. Spending a year or two to thank them isn’t too much, right?” Jiang Zhou said matter-of-factly.

Although the duo felt that it made sense, they found it would be a waste for Jiang Zhou to spend a year or two on this considering his status. The only person who did not express his thoughts was Guan Xiangfeng. All he could do was smile bitterly…

“Guan Xiangfeng, what’s the meaning of that smile? How can you feel contempt when Master is the one personally carving a Buddha statue for the monastery? Or do you think the monastery doesn’t deserve it?” Qiu Xiaoye asked in puzzlement when she saw Guan Xiangfeng’s expression.

Jiang Zhou looked at Guan Xiangfeng as well. Guan Xiangfeng smiled bitterly. “No… It’s just that I… Sigh. How should I put it? Master, you’ll know when you see it. None of you will believe me even if I say it. I might even get scolded.”

Fan Qing snorted coldly. “Are you going to tell us that Venerable Fangzheng’s carving skills are better than Master’s? Guan Xiangfeng, how old is Venerable Fangzheng? He’s twenty at best. At his age, even if he started practicing carving in his mother’s womb, do you think he could really be so skilled? Even if he’s a genius, no one can reach Master’s standard at that age!” Although Fangzheng had saved them, which left Fan Qing grateful, Fan Qing refused to believe that Fangzheng, who was not necessarily older than he was, would possess carving skills better than Jiang Zhou!

Guan Xiangfeng said, “Don’t be so sure of yourself. Did any one of you believe me when I said that there was such excellent Frost Bamboo growing on the mountain? What about now? How is it? Does your face hurt? Do you still want another face slap?”

Previously, it was Fan Qing who doubted Guan Xiangfeng the most, but he ended up being severely slapped in the face figuratively. His face blushed as he said anxiously, “You…”

When Jiang Zhou saw his two disciples quarrel, he hurriedly said, “Seeing is believing. Let’s go and take a look.”

Guan Xiangfeng nodded as he held back his temper. This was the first time in his life that no one believed what he said! He was now being forced to use facts to slap the disbelievers in the face! But to be honest… He liked it!

The few of them came outside the yard and looked up. There was a lush tree growing inside, with some of its old branches extending beyond the walls! Under the scorching sun which heated up the lands, the tree continued growing luxuriantly in a strange manner! The leaves of the trees down the mountain had all withered, but this tree was unlike them. It seemed to be standing tall and proud with its huge leaves suffusing green light!

“This tree is growing really well. Master, this is a bodhi tree… Eh? A bodhi tree!?” Qiu Xiaoye was dumbfounded.

“This is… indeed a bodhi tree.” Jiang Zhou looked at the huge tree in front of him as his eyes wore an incredulous look. Bamboo from the south was already seeking death by growing on the mountain peak in the north. He could barely understand it if he thought of it as a unique breed, since Frost Bamboo was indeed a breed he had never seen before. However, there was no mistake about the bodhi tree. It was no doubt a bodhi tree from the south; yet it was growing in the north. This appeared strange. Bamboo had come here to seek death, and it had even brought a companion along? Were they trying to show off their love as a couple? Pulling along a partner to court death together?

However, from the way it was growing, not only was it not dead, but it was growing very well.

Just as everyone was feeling a little dumbfounded, they heard Fangzheng’s voice coming from the yard. “Chop it up. Why would I lie to you?”

Jiang Zhou, Fan Qing, and Qiu Xiaoye did not have much of a reaction, but Guan Xiangfeng felt as though he had been struck by lightning. He roared, “No!” Then, he charged straight into the yard without any consideration for politeness!