The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Baldies Have Worries Too

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Fangzheng let out a long sigh.

“I thought you would forever be free spirited without any worries. I never expected that despite not having any hair, you can still have worries.” A familiar female voice sounded, bringing with it a sense of playfulness alongside some fatigue.

Fangzheng was taken aback as he turned his head and saw a woman appear not far from him. She wore a pair of large sunglasses and a scarf. Her clothes were somewhat baggy and when the wind blew, it accentuated her perfect figure. Her legs were long and straight in perfect proportion. Fangzheng got up and pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. Female Patron, is there something?”

Since he could not recognize her, he might as well play the fool…

“Venerable One, have you forgotten me so quickly?” The woman took off her sunglasses unhappily and unwrapped her scarf, revealing a beautiful face.

Fangzheng was instantly surprised when he saw her. He had guessed at her identity, but he was not experienced when it came to women. To him, women with fabulous body lines were all quite similar except for their builds. He could not tell with the naked eye. Things like breast size were meaningless. From his point of view, once clothes covered everything, there was no way to tell if one had a buxom chest unless the size was truly exceptional.

However, among the women Fangzheng knew, there were none that stood out drastically. Therefore Fangzheng had been unable to recognize her. When he recognized her, he could not help but exclaim. “Patron Li Xueying!”

It was none other than the international superstar, the female lead of City-Toppling Beauty , Li Xueying, who had come to film at Mt. One Finger before!

However, Fangzheng never expected to see this superstar come back to his humble monastery after several months. He thought he would basically not have any chance of meeting this superstar ever again. After all, their standing was just too different. It had nothing to do with Li Xueying disliking him or not, but their circles just hardly crossed.

Fangzheng had a very good impression of Li Xueying. Back when he first met her, she did not put on any airs, and the duo had hit it off easily. More importantly, Li Xueying was a kind person, having offered to help the moment she heard about the policeman’s widowed wife who ran an online store.

The past was like a movie. The figure that had turned somewhat clear because of City-Toppling Beauty’s release had instantly turned very clear.

Red Boy’s eyes lit up as well. Having watched City-Toppling Beauty , he felt a little excited seeing the main lead in front of his eyes! However, he was more at a loss than anything. This person was completely different from Hua Mulan! Women were indeed the most variable animals… Red Boy made such an observation like he was a senior.

“Phew, Venerable One, I thought you had already forgotten me. It’s been so long, but you have never taken the initiative to send me a WeChat message.” Li Xueying looked as though she had been unburdened. Then, she said with a sigh, “I was really afraid that you would forget me. It would be difficult to find a place to relax then.”

“That won’t happen. This Penniless Monk’s memory is still pretty good. As for WeChat… Well, you know.”

Fangzheng was interested in having short chats with Li Xueying, but once he did so, he would expose himself and be discovered by the other women. He would inevitably be teased by them, making him feel uncomfortable every time. Therefore, it was best he hid himself.

“Pfft!” Li Xueying obviously knew what Fangzheng was afraid of as she laughed while covering her mouth.

Her beautiful eyes landed on Red Boy as she exclaimed. “Hey! Whose child is this? How adorable!”

Red Boy rolled his eyes when he heard that. Although he found meeting Li Xueying quite interesting, he was a proud person deep down. Why would you call me a child when I’m not familiar with you? Hence he said with a grunt, “Whose child is this? Why does she make such audacious statements?”

“Uh?” Li Xueying was dumbfounded. The child looked doll-like and cute, but why did he sound so old?

Fangzheng said, “This is a child a certain accomplished monk left with This Penniless Monk. His Dharma name is Jingxin. He was uneducated from a young age, so he doesn’t know how to mince his words. Patron, please don’t blame him.”

“He hasn’t been to school? He can attend one now. Do you need me to recommend you a few schools?” Li Xueying went right in front of Red Boy as her eyes shimmered.

Red Boy felt his heart palpitate. Why did those eyes look like how a wolf looked at a bunny? He turned flustered.

“Little boy, can I touch you?” Li Xueying truly found Red Boy adorable. She had traveled the entire world and had seen numerous children. However, this was the first time she was seeing a kid that was so exquisite. Other children would typically have their skin tanned from the sun once they reached two or three years old, losing their rosy glow when they were infants. However, the child in front of her was rosy pink with delicate-looking skin. His skin was even better than her skin on which she spent huge amounts of money to maintain. Furthermore, his facial features were truly a perfect combination. It was like he had reached the limits of beauty!

He looked adorable no matter how she looked at him. Therefore, she had the urge to pull Red Boy into an embrace and give him a tight hug.

Red Boy felt that something was amiss. He had the nagging feeling that the woman was just like his mother’s demon spirit sisters. All of them looked at him with odd looks too. Thinking of the ‘vile’ acts those aunties did, Red Boy broke out into goosebumps. He immediately scurried away and exclaimed. “Master, I suddenly remembered something. I haven’t fetched water yet, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Then the child widened his pace and sped up, his legs moving as fast as though they were wheels. Without even turning his head, he ran far off with his naked ass showing.

Fangzheng was puzzled as well. This was the first time he saw Red Boy so afraid of someone. Was Li Xueying more terrifying than a great demon like him?

Li Xueying wore a look of embarrassment as she shrugged in resignation. “This child sure is shy. He’s quite afraid of strangers.”

Fangzheng looked up at the sky. What could he say? This child was shy? Afraid of strangers? LOL!

At a loss for words, all Fangzheng could do was chuckle as a response.

He diverted the topic of conversation as he asked, “Patron, why do you have the time to come here?”

Li Xueying sat down and stretched her back. Her slim waist was fully accentuated as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Following that, she lay flat on the ground. As she looked at the white clouds in the azure blue sky, she let out a deep sigh. With a look of satisfaction, she said, “This mountain is indeed comfortable. It’s far away from the din, relaxing and cozy.”

Fangzheng realized what was happening. She was there to hide away from the complexities of life. Therefore, he sat cross-legged to the side. “Patron, since you do not like the din outside, why don’t you let it go? If someone wishes for peace, how can it not be obtained?”

“Venerable One, you might not understand even if I tell you. Sometimes, after entering a particular career, even if you do not wish to continue, when you are shackled by various means, the journey has to be completed. Sigh, there are some problems that can’t be verbalized. Even if I explain, perhaps no one will believe it,” said Li Xueying with a long sigh.

Fangzheng actually immediately thought of himself when he heard that. He had become a monk and was unable to escape it. Others were shackled, but he was directly abducted! However, the outcome was the same. He immediately felt like they were in the same boat. He lay down and looked at the sky. He did not say a word as certain things were beyond the human language. All he wanted to say was conveyed in silence.

“Venerable One, you really also have worries?” Li Xueying looked at Fangzheng in astonishment.