The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Han Xiaoguo's Ploy

"Master, please speak," said Han Xiaoguo.

Fangzheng said, "First, the healing can only happen on the mountain."

Han Xiaoguo nodded.

Fangzheng carried on, "Second, after your daughter recovers, you are not to tell anyone that it was This Penniless Monk that healed her."

Han Xiaoguo was surprised. After recalling how Fangzheng remained in such an austere environment despite having such amazing capabilities, he surmised that Fangzheng did not pursue fame. Hence, he nodded.

Obviously, he did not know that Fangzheng could only remain on the mountain because he had no other choice. He too wanted to go out and show off!

Fangzheng said, "Finally, you have to surrender yourself and not resist arrest. As for you, This Penniless Monk cannot give you any guarantees. Everything will be determined according to the law. This is also your self-redemption and the medical fees that This Penniless Monk charges."

"I know. I owe that carrier personnel too much. If I am to die, I will be repaying it with my life. If I happen to not die, I will use my entire life to redeem myself," Han Xiaoguo nodded. He no longer cared for his life. The only thing that worried him was his daughter.

"Alright. Then, let's wait until tomorrow," said Fangzheng.

The storm outside became stronger as incessant thunder sounded. Fangzheng did not know if what he did was right or wrong. Humans were complicated. Would Han Xiaoguo sincerely acknowledge his wrongdoings after he saved his daughter? Fangzheng did not know.

"I'll do my best and leave it up to heaven. It is fated that we met. I encountered this situation just after receiving the Minor Rejuvenation Pill. From the looks of it, that girl isn't fated to die. Forget it. Even if it's not for great merit, it's also good to save someone. As for the cause and effect of Han Xiaoguo's actions and the recompense required, he has to pay with his life after killing someone," Fangzheng sighed inwardly.

The torrential storm came quickly and subsided quickly. It stopped after an hour.

However, the cold air the storm had brought with it remained.

On the next day at daybreak, Fangzheng got up, and immediately his eyes lit up! The entire temple was covered in ice. Under the light, it appeared crystalline and resplendent! Under the roof hung ice stalactites as though they were swords.

This was also one of the most favorite toys Fangzheng liked as a child. He could not help it as his inner child exploded. He plucked two stalactites and held them in his hand and began engaging in swordplay. It felt similar to the days of his youth.

At that moment, Lone Wolf came running in. The fellow bit on one side of the ice stalactite and sparred with Fangzheng. However, the moment they clashed, the ice stalactite fractured and broke into several pieces. The man and wolf had no choice but to find other ice stalactites to continue their battle.

They had fun an entire morning, leaving the ground covered in ice.

A fire was lit as Fangzheng cooked rice. While he waited for the rice to cook, he practiced his Great Strength Vajra Palm and took out the rice.

At that moment, Han Xiaoguo also woke up. He had had many thoughts running through his head through the night, so he nearly did not get any sleep. As such, he got up late. When he caught a whiff of the rice fragrance, Han Xiaoguo came over and asked curiously, "Master, why is your rice so fragrant? It seems to be much more fragrant than the one I ate yesterday!"

"This is This Penniless Monk's Crystal Rice. You can try it later," Fangzheng said with a chuckle. He had cooked a little more Crystal Rice. Han Xiaoguo's future was not certain, and Fangzheng planned on giving him a good meal before he sent him off.

When Han Xiaoguo heard that, he chuckled, for he understood what Fangzheng was implying. However, he did not say a thing. After thinking an entire night, he had straightened his thoughts.

When the rice was done, both human and wolf ravaged the food, especially Han Xiaoguo. He had never eaten such delicious rice, so he chomped down on it with big mouthfuls. The fragrance that entered his mouth nearly moved a big man like him to tears.

As for Fangzheng, he ate it daily, so he had already become somewhat immune to it. He slowly ate his rice and occasionally drank some water to wash it down. His calm composure made him appear like an established monk.

After having breakfast, Fangzheng let Han Xiaoguo stay in the backyard as he went to clean the temple hall with a cloth.

When Han Xiaoguo saw this, he did not sit idle. He began helping Fangzheng sweep the courtyard and wipe the doors.

While the two busied themselves, footsteps came from outside.

When Fangzheng heard that, he lowered his cleaning cloth and sighed.

Han Xiaoguo gave a faint smile and said to Fangzheng, "Master, I hope you remember your promise."

Fangzheng nodded. A group of people came in from the main door.

"Master, we are here to sightsee again- Eh, Han Xiaoguo!? Stop, don't move!" Chief Zhang immediately got into position along with a few armed policemen. Wu Hai and Pang Wei were also with them. Chief Zhang was beaming before he entered, but he immediately turned stern the next moment. He shouted at Han Xiaoguo loudly!

Wu Hai and company quickly drew their revolvers and aimed at Han Xiaoguo!

There was no other way about it. Han Xiaoguo was infamous, and they had to be careful. No one dared to risk their lives!

Han Xiaoguo sneered and said, "Enough. Don't be nervous. If I wanted to run, I wouldn't be waiting for you here."

Chief Zhang jolted to his senses and saw Fangzheng walking out of the temple hall. He asked, "Master, what's going on?" Although he addressed Fangzheng as master, his tone was stern. Clearly, he was just being courteous and formal and did not truly recognize Fangzheng as a master.

Fangzheng held his hands together and said, "Amitabha. Patrons, there is no need to worry. Patron Han and This Penniless Monk have chatted an entire night. After This Penniless Monk's counseling, he is willing to surrender himself."

"What?" Everyone was stunned. This fearsome and evil man who had killed and robbed a cash carrier had been on the run, making them run helter-skelter for him. Yet, he had been convinced to surrender by such a young monk? How was that possible?

It had to be said that in order to appeal to Han Xiaoguo's emotions, they had tried a variety of methods. They had even played Han Xiaoguo's wife's voice through loudspeakers without stopping! However, it all been for naught. Yet, he had been convinced by a monk. They suddenly felt like they had been leading useless lives for the past twenty years or so.

Wu Hai subconsciously asked, "Master, you aren't joking, right?"

Chief Zhang said seriously as well, "Master, are you sure?"

"You don't have to ask. Master was the one that convinced me to surrender. If not, I would have run into the deep mountainous woods. Why would I be waiting here for you to nab me?" Han Xiaoguo said loudly.

Chief Zhang looked at Fangzheng with a complicated look. He realized that he had belittled the inconspicuous young monk. Now, upon a careful look, the monk was dressed in white. His bald head was shiny, and his skin was crystalline and white. It was better than a woman's skin. His eyes were peaceful and had spirit. If one carefully observed him, a youth's high spirits were hidden in him. This was not a pedantic old monk but a young monk with his own thoughts!

"The youth have to be regarded with respect indeed," said Chief Zhang before he spoke to Han Xiaoguo, "Han Xiaoguo, I believe you must have some requests?"

"At this point in time, what requests can he have? Chief, why don't you just arrest him and end this?" said Wu Hai.

Han Xiaoguo sneered as he suddenly pulled out a broken knife!

Everyone subconsciously aimed their guns at Han Xiaoguo!

However, Han Xiaoguo calmly placed the knife to his neck and said, "Chief Zhang, I only have one request. Before I surrender, I want to meet my daughter and talk to her. I have no other requests! I will leave my life in your hands."

"Are you threatening us?" Pang Wei said furiously.

"This is not a threat. If I must make a threat, the money has been placed in a location you can absolutely not find. I will simply die if you truly force me and let the money be buried forever!" Han Xiaoguo enunciated his words clearly as he stared back at Pang Wei without fear.