The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 572

Chapter 572 The Miserable Brat

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Liu Beijun was taken aback. Punishment would be meted out according to the rules? What rules?

Not only was Liu Beijun dumbfounded, even Lone Wolf, Squirrel, Monkey, and Red Boy were dumbfounded as well. They did not know that One Finger Monastery had rules. It was rather carefree. Especially about these punishments; they had no idea!

Fangzheng looked at his dumbfounded disciples and felt exasperated. When he passed by Lone Wolf, he whispered into his ear: “@#@?%”

The eyes of Lone Wolf, Red Boy, Monkey, and Squirrel instantly lit up when they heard what Fangzheng had to say. They revealed sinister smiles as they looked furtively at Liu Beijun. It made his hair stand on end. Why did he feel flustered when stared at by those gazes?

However, Liu Beijun thought nothing of it. When he saw Fangzheng head to the backyard, he sneered. Was he planning on trapping him with a few animals and a little boy? What a joke!

With this in mind, Liu Beijun turned and headed out. When Lone Wolf saw this, he raised his feet and charged forward to block Liu Beijun’s front. He bared his fangs as his sharp claws drew a line across the ground, leaving a deep mark.

Instantly frightened, Liu Beijun did not dare move anymore. He could feel the killing intent Lone Wolf exuded. He felt his body turn limp as he nearly slumped to the ground, exclaiming, “You… Abbot Fangzheng! Abbot Fangzheng! Watch your dog!”

Regardless of how mischievous Liu Beijun was, he was ultimately still a child. The typical person would feel horrified just facing a larger dog barking at them, not to mention Lone Wolf with his huge size. Furthermore, Lone Wolf’s killing intent had been forged from actual killings. If he truly entered a frenzy, it would not be something Liu Beijun could defend against.

“Be obedient and it won’t harm you.” Fangzheng’s voice sounded from the backyard.

“What if I’m not?” shouted Liu Beijun.

Fangzheng said nonchalantly, “Nothing much. Ah, but I forgot to tell you that it’s a wolf. The nation’s relevant authorities verified the matter a long time ago. It’s a wild wolf who has nothing to do with This Penniless Monk. So, if anything were to happen…”

Before Fangzheng even finished his sentence, he heard the rustling sound of somebody sweeping. Fangzheng smiled faintly as he thought, “Smart.”

Fangzheng was laughing, but Liu Beijun was close to tears. As he swept the floor, he secretly glanced at the huge white wolf that was slumped at the entrance. The fellow lay on the ground, languidly using his claw to streak across the ground back and forth. The look in his eyes seemed to imply: “Little Boy, come over quickly. This Lord’s fangs are unable to endure the thirst!”

Liu Beijun suddenly felt a little regret for having stayed behind. At least he had a chance to resist at home, but he was robbed of that freedom in the monastery.

Ten minutes later, Liu Beijun felt his back hurt.

Twenty minutes later. How boring. My feet hurt as well.

Thirty minutes later. Why does this crappy tree keep shedding leaves? Is there an end to it?

An hour later. F**k, I’m not sweeping anymore!

Li Jun finally lost his temper as he ran to the backyard to seek out Fangzheng. He said in extreme anger, “I’m not sweeping any further. That crappy tree just keeps shedding leaves. How can there ever be an end to the sweeping!?”

Fangzheng, who was reading the scriptures with his Buddha Beads in hand, did not even look at him. All he did was say indifferently,”If you don’t finish sweeping, no meals will be provided. You can choose to continue sweeping or starve.”

“You… Fangzheng, you can’t treat me that way! I do not belong to your monastery. What right do you have to restrict my personal freedom? What you are doing is illegal!” roared Liu Beijun furiously.

Upon hearing that, Fangzheng put down his book and looked up slightly. As he looked at Liu Beijun, he said, “When did This Penniless Monk restrict your personal freedom? Patron, if you wish to leave, feel free to do so. This Penniless Monk will absolutely not stop you.”

“For real?” Liu Beijun’s heart trembled when he heard that as he asked in excitement. He really had enough of sweeping!

Fangzheng smiled with a nod.

“Abbot Fangzheng, you are such a nice guy. Haha!” The moment Liu Beijun said that, he ran off happily.

But a few seconds later, an angry and indignant cry sounded outside. “You darn dog! Abbot Fangzheng said that he permits me to leave. Did you hear that? Get lost! Make way! Help! Abbot Fangzheng, help! It’s going to kill me!”

Liu Beijun ran back like the wind the next moment. There were a few claw marks on his body as he looked wretched and horrified. The moment he saw Fangzheng and confirmed that Lone Wolf was not chasing him anymore, he heaved a sigh of relief. He ran to Fangzheng and pointed angrily at him, saying, “Fangzheng, are you f**king pulling a fast one on me? That wolf doesn’t permit me to leave!”

Fangzheng raised his eyelids slightly as he said gently, “This Penniless Monk did not stop you from leaving. It’s the wolf’s fault if the wolf prevents you from leaving. What has that got to do with This Penniless Monk?”

Liu Beijun was instantly dumbfounded. Fangzheng was right. The wolf was feral, which had been confirmed by the authorities. This was something known by everyone in the surrounding villages. Therefore, what Fangzheng said made sense…


Unconvinced, Liu Beijun said, “But that wolf lives in this monastery of yours. It walks with you and listens to you. How can it be called wild?”

“Patron, you are now living in This Penniless Monk’s monastery. Does that mean you are mine? A Buddhist monastery has its doors open to welcome devotees from everywhere. Humans and wolves alike can be devotees. Since he comes willingly, should This Penniless Monk stop him?” returned Fangzheng with a question.

Liu Beijun was once again left speechless.

Fangzheng waved his hands and said, “Alright. Patron, if you wish to leave, do so quickly. This Penniless Monk still needs to read the scriptures and has no time to chat with you.”

Liu Beijun roared inwardly when he heard that. “Leave? Leave my ass! That huge wolf is slumped at your door, so how am I to leave? Should I fly? F**k, why am I so stupid?”

With this in mind, Liu Beijun ignored Fangzheng, and he ran to the back door. Indeed, it was empty. There was no human or wolf, just a child playing with a cell phone while bobbing his head.

“This is a kid, it should be fine.” When Liu Beijun thought of this, he immediately charged over. It was as though he had forgotten the rumors of of the child with formidable strength on Mt. One Finger.

At that moment, the child suddenly raised his head and grinned. He looked especially adorable as he bobbed his head. This road is opened by me 1 , this door is―”

Before he finished speaking, Red Boy caught a glance of Fangzheng and hurriedly said, “This door is opened by my master! To pass by it, hmph! Uh…”

Red Boy saw five yuan in front of him and was left a little dumbfounded. The child in front of him was quite a swell guy! He felt a little embarrassed making things difficult for him. But at that moment, he heard a cough from Fangzheng. Red Boy immediately looked up and said righteously, “Five yuan isn’t enough!”

“Ten! This is all the savings I have.” Liu Beijun clenched his teeth and fished out his final five yuan.

Red Boy scratched his head and looked at Fangzheng. Since he was used to being poor, ten yuan was quite a sizable sum to him. He felt a little enticed.

However, Fangzheng continued reading his scriptures, looking composed. He did not seem to be enticed at all.

Red Boy took a deep breath and shook his head. “It’s not enough!”

“You greedy imp! You should be happy that I’m giving you money, yet you think little of it? Then, get lost!” Liu Beijun raised his hands as he attempted to pull Red Boy away, but the moment his hands landed on Red Boy, he felt like he was yanking at a boulder. It was completely unmovable!

Only then did Liu Beijun recall that there was a child with extraordinary strength on Mt. One Finger!