The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 573

Chapter 573 One On One

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Unfortunately, by the time Liu Beijun realized the folly of his ways, Red Boy was already taking action. He grabbed Liu Beijun’s hand and lifted him up!

Liu Beijun felt the world spin around him before he crashed to the ground. He gritted his teeth in pain as he looked at the child at the back door. He was infuriated to see the child playing with the cellphone!

At that moment, Red Boy looked at him. Liu Beijun hurriedly lowered his head. Since he was no match for him, he could only submit!

Since the front and back doors did not work, perhaps he could try the walls?

Without any intention of giving up, Liu Beijun returned to the front yard. Since Fangzheng was seated in the backyard, it was best he did not do it there. The front yard still had the huge white wolf slumped at the door. When it saw him, it immediately revealed an excited look as though it was saying, “Baby, come over! I just cost a yuan!”

Liu Beijun decisively turned around and ran to the wall.

One Finger Monastery’s walls were neither too high nor very low. If an ordinary person wanted to scale them, they would need to exert some effort. Although Liu Beijun was just a teenager, he was quite fit. As he ran to gain momentum, he leaped up into the sky, kicking the wall with his feet in the process! He raised his hands and grabbed the edges of the wall.

“I did it!” Liu Beijun was instantly overjoyed. He knew that the tiny monastery could absolutely not trap him. Hahaha!

Just as Liu Beijun used his strength to scale the wall, he suddenly saw a figure cast its shadow on him. Looking over, he saw a broom-wielding monkey wearing monk clothes standing on the wall.

Liu Beijun had an ominous feeling.

But before Liu Beijun could say a word, he saw the monkey raise the broom and smack down right at him!

Liu Beijun loosened his grip subconsciously. His dodge prevented the broom from hitting him, but by loosening his grip, he immediately plummeted to the ground. With a bang, his buttocks hit the ground. He cried out in pain as he held his buttocks and jumped around.

“Fangzheng, what exactly are you up to?” Liu Beijun finally figured it out. The white wolf at the main entrance, the violent child at the back door, and a broom-wielding monkey on the walls. Unless he became a bird, there was nothing he could do!

Furthermore, he had no way of negotiating with them. After some thought, he decided to discuss it with Fangzheng.

However, Liu Beijun did not know that the moment he went to complain to Fangzheng, Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Red Boy started laughing furtively. Lone Wolf was even rolling around.

Having been in One Finger Monastery for so long, it had been a while since they had the chance to prank someone. Eating and sleeping all day, every day was just too boring. The feeling of having someone to torture felt…

Let’s just say they finally understood why Fangzheng enjoyed pulling pranks on them. It was not because they performed poorly, but that he was just bored out of his wits!

Fangzheng put down the scriptures and looked at Liu Beijun with a smile. “Patron, what’s wrong now? Leave if you wish to. This Penniless Monk isn’t stopping you.”

“Fangzheng, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations! You aren’t stopping me, but you are inciting those monsters to stop me. How is this any different from you stopping me?” roared Liu Beijun.

Fangzheng did not turn mad. He put down the scriptures and said gently, “Oh, there isn’t much of a difference. So?”

“So? What do you mean so!? I’ll fight you, one-on-one! If I win, you have to let me go! If I lose, I’ll sweep the ground all day and all night until it’s clean!” Liu Beijun rolled up his sleeves as he glared, looking like he was going to kill. At school, just acting this way would be enough to make his opponent cower away.

Although Fangzheng was also well known to have been a brat when he was a child, the times had changed. That was all in the past. Liu Beijun was still young back then, but now that he was older, he believed that he had the strength to challenge Fangzheng.

Furthermore, he had made his calculations. Since he was no match for the other three, he could only choose the fair and tender-looking monk. Besides, he had never heard that the monk on Mt. One Finger knew martial arts. Therefore, he had the courage. He did not hope to instantly defeat Fangzheng, but he wished to deliver a punch or two to vent his anger at least!

Fangzheng was amused the moment he heard the punk challenge him. He said with a smile, “Is that so? Patron, are you planning on fighting with your bare hands or with weapons?”

“Weapons? I can even use weapons?” Liu Beijun always fought with his bare fists and feet at school. At most, he would use brooms, mops, or bricks, but they were not considered weapons. In his rage, coupled with the fact that he did not feel confident of his chances of a complete victory with his bare fists, he believed he should get a weapon to increase his chances.

Hence, Liu Beijun did not hesitate to shout out immediately, “With weapons!”

Fangzheng said, “Alright. Patron, make your selection in the monastery. Feel free to use whatever you think works best for you.”

“You said it, now. Don’t regret it when the time comes!” Liu Beijun’s eyes lit up as he already had an idea.

Seeing Fangzheng nod, Liu Beijun rushed into the kitchen. He instantly went for the vegetable knife. However, he thought one might be insufficient, so he held one in each hand, immediately feeling courage fill him. He sneered inwardly. “Hmph! Fangzheng, now you will know how formidable I am! How dare you trap me? F**k, even the principal doesn’t dare to!”

With that said, Liu Beijun charged out in a formidable stance as he roared, “Fangzheng, come on! Let’s fight!”

Fangzheng said with a smile, “Are you sure you are using them?”

“Clang! Clang!” Liu Beijun struck the two vegetable knives together, thinking it could augment his stance.

Fangzheng nodded. “Alright. Disciples, hand me the over one meter long Mountain Opening Saber!”

Liu Beijun was instantly dumbfounded when he heard that. Over a meter long? For real?

The next moment, he saw Red Boy drag a one meter something long Mountain Opening Saber over. It was indeed a huge saber. It was different from the one Fangzheng used to carve, as that one had already become his carving knife and had been burnished again. Fangzheng obtained this saber from the village’s secretary, Tan Juguo. It was passed down by Tan Juguo’s father and was used by hunters to cleaver bones in the past. Legend had it that it used to be the spare saber of a martial expert. Later on, it landed in the hands of a hunter, who didn’t use it against people. Instead, it ended up chopping trees, opening paths, slaying wild beasts, and chopping bones at home. It could be said to have “turned over a new leaf.”

Now that Tan Juguo had no use for it, Fangzheng had taken it over. Usually, it was left for Red Boy for him to chop Frost Bamboo with it or to be used during emergencies.

He never expected that his first usage of it would be to bully someone. Fangzheng even felt a little embarrassed.

Fangzheng gently flicked the saber in his hand as it reverberated with a heavy sound. It was enough to shake his opponent to the core, and Liu Beijun nearly cried when he heard it. The difference was too huge!

Fangzheng smiled. “Patron, let me confirm one more time. Are you sure you want to use weapons?”

Liu Beijun gulped down his saliva and said with difficulty, “I think that… Fangzheng… You are a monk. So it’s not suitable to have you use such a huge weapon. We are refined people, so let’s not use weapons.”

The moment he said that, Liu Beijun immediately felt eyes rolling. His face instantly blushed red.

Fangzheng casually threw the saber to the ground and laughed. “That’s fine too.”

Liu Beijun heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly returned the vegetable knives to the kitchen. Then, he loosened his arms, wrist, and feet…