The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Net

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Upon seeing this, some people chose to retreat, but there were still people who tried to circle the boats. Unfortunately, the two boats blocked their path from two sides.

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt the presence of something ominous. He looked around and when he noticed that no one was looking at him, he secretly entered the river.

Although Fangzheng did not know how to swim, humans had a certain level of buoyancy. With the White Lunar Monk Robe protecting him, he did not need to worry about breathing or swallowing water. It was naturally very easy for him to learn how to swim. Furthermore, Fangzheng was very strong. He also moved through the water very quickly. Despite not being specially trained or being able to convert his strength into propelling forward with full efficiency, just a ten percent efficiency was enough to make him faster than the average person. Fangzheng moved like a fish underwater and soon arrived beneath the good Samaritan. He happened to see him retreat after being left helpless by the fishing boats.

After seeing that the good Samaritan was fine, he continued swimming to the middle of the river. Just as he approached, he saw the victim was about to drown. He hurriedly held his feet and pushed up. The man was immediately propped up as his head broke out of the water’s surface.

Just as Fangzheng was about to send him to the bank, he suddenly realized that the two fish boats were approaching!

“Are they here to save him?” Fangzheng wondered, and he heaved a sigh of relief. If the boats were willing to save the victim, he would not need to worry about exposing himself.

But the next moment, Fangzheng saw that one of the boats threw out a huge net that blanketed the young man.

“Using a net to rescue someone? Although it’s a solution relying on brute force, maybe… What!?” Fangzheng was just about to praise them when he realized that the net was extremely heavy! The lead weights attached to the net were definitely bigger and heavier than your average net’s. The moment the net had descended, Fangzheng had released his hand to prevent himself from being discovered. However, this resulted in the victim being pushed down by the huge net. The boats did not stop as they sped up directly, dragging the victim across the surface!

Fangzheng instantly realized what was happening. These bastards were not there to rescue the victim but to kill him! With such a heavy net pressing the youth into the water, they would not need to drag him for long before the youth died.

“Murder? That’s not right. If it’s murder, there’s no need to go through all this trouble.” Fangzheng’s mind was filled with questions, and he was unsure what the fishermen were up to.

However, Fangzheng did not have the luxury of time to think. He rapidly swam over and removed the net before yanking the youth out. At the same time, he cast his divine power. If he failed to obtain a suitable divine power this time, he would just bring the youth to the bank even at the risk of being discovered. No matter what, a person’s life was precious. He could not be perfunctory about it.

Fangzheng laughed the next moment!

He saw three huge words appear in his mind—Flying Fish Spell!

“Flying Fish Spell: Can be cast on anyone. After casting, the target will be able to breathe underwater for a short period of time, gaining the ability to swim like a fish. Note: The spell will be dispelled the moment the target gets onto shore.”

“That’s enough! System Bro, thanks!” Fangzheng did not believe that his luck was that good, getting something he needed immediately by coincidence. He rather believed that the System was helping him in secret. With that said, he cast the Flying Fish Spell on the youth and himself. Without any consideration of how astounded the youth was, he pulled the youth like a crazy fish and tore through the water, plunging deeper into the river. He swam for a few kilometers before arriving on the shore.

“Phew!” The youth subconsciously took a deep breath when he touched ground, instinctively trying to breathe in more oxygen despite no longer needing it. He turned his head towards Fangzheng. Whatever had happened was too incredulous, yet the facts were laid bare before him—everything was real!

The youth was no fool either. Besides, he had been reading web novels for years, so he was very receptive to such matters. He turned around and kowtowed, thanking Fangzheng. “Thank you Master for saving me!”

“Amitabha. Patron, it’s all because of fate. There’s no need to thank me.”

“No, I don’t believe in fate. All I know is that without you, I, Lin Zhixian, would be dead. Please tell me your Dharma name and where you cultivate, Master. I’ll definitely pay you a visit to thank you.”

Fangzheng shook his head. “Patron, we will meet again if we are fated. If destiny does not permit it, let it go. If you really wish to thank This Penniless Monk, promise two things.”

“Master, please tell me!” Lin Zhixian was already treating Fangzheng as a man of god. He nearly worshiped him, so he was naturally willing to agree to anything.

“First, do not return home for the next three days!”

“Ah?” Lin Zhixian was taken aback, unsure of Fangzheng’s intentions. However, he still agreed instantly. “Sure!”

Fangzheng continued. “Second, if destiny does not permit us to meet again, help others in the future. As long as you feel like you have repaid the debt of having your life saved, everything will be square between the both of us.”

“This…” Lin Zhixian originally believed that Fangzheng would raise extremely difficult requests, but he never expected them to be so simple.

“How about it?” Fangzheng asked.

“I’ll do as you say, Master!” Lin Zhixian did not hesitate to agree before adding a question. “Master, do you not have any other requests?”

Fangzheng did not answer him as he turned around and jumped into the river. He cast the Flying Fish Spell on himself once more! Augmented with the spell and his immense strength, he was like a rocket in water. He traveled nearly twenty meters in one go as he rapidly swam to where Lin Zhixian had nearly drowned.

Fangzheng no longer cared about how or why Lin Zhixian had fallen into the water. All he wanted to know was what the people on the two fishing boats were up to!

The actions of the fishing boats had infuriated Fangzheng. He needed an explanation! If they didn’t have one, he would not mind letting them endure the rage of the Wisdom King!

“F**k! Where is he?” On the boat, a man in a white t-shirt cursed as he looked at the empty net.

“F**k me, where’s the man?” Another wrinkled man with dark skin and ragged clothes added.

“Ghosthead, you were the one who threw the net. You didn’t crush him, right?” said the man in the white t-shirt.

“How could that be possible? Don’t you know my skill? Have I ever screwed up in the ten plus times in the past? Today was quite creepy, though. I saw the man being pressed down by the net, and I tightened the net. But in the blink of an eye, he was gone… Boss Bai, something isn’t right,” said Ghosthead.

Bai Wenshui glared at Ghosthead and said, “If there really are ghosts in this world, we would have been eaten by them a long time ago. Would we have lived to this day? There’s definitely no ghost, but this incident is a little creepy. Forget it. Since the person is gone, whatever. All of you know what to say when people start questioning, right?”

“After so many times, we do. It’s always the same thing, anyway. Eh? That’s not right, he’s still in the net!” Ghosthead had subconsciously shot a glance at the net and discovered someone inside!

“There’s someone?” Bai Wenshui looked over and indeed, there was someone stuck underneath the boat. It was just difficult to notice from his angle.