The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 60

Chapter 60: This Temple Again?

"Here comes the problem. We are supposed to avoid aversion and anger, but isn't there the Glaring Vajra? And even Buddha has the Wisdom King form. So it's impossible for an ordinary person like me to be completely void of anger, right?"

"Ding! You can be angry but as a master, you should simultaneously have a benevolent heart. Just because a person doesn't trust you and makes some nasty remarks, is there a need to turn ballistic and argue back, fight, or even kill? Resembling Buddha when void of anger, resembling Buddha when in anger! When Buddhism talks about being void of anger, it does not mean to tolerate everything. Where the boundary lies is determined based on your own experiences."

Fangzheng was surprised as he said with a wry smile, "I think I understand. One should be angry when one is supposed to be angry, while one shouldn't be angry when one shouldn't. Is that right?"

Unfortunately, the System did not respond. All Fangzheng could do was ponder over it himself. After thinking over several problems concerning 'aversion', Fangzheng finally realized that many of the answers could go both ways. It did not have any pragmatic meaning. When something really happened personally, the answer would differ according to the person and situation.

At that moment, WeChat flashed with a notification.

"Master, have you taken the pictures?" It was Fang Yunjing.

Fangzheng immediately sent her the photos he had taken before.

In Jida Chinese Department's dormitory, Fang Yunjing's eyes lit up the moment she saw Fang Yunjing's newly taken photos! Although Fangzheng was not proficient at adjusting the color tone on the cell phone or beautifying the pictures, he was a handsome and radiant monk in and of himself. With the beautiful scenery and majestic-looking wolf, it truly looked like a perfect match!

Fang Yunjing was a little mesmerized after looking through a few pictures. She was not mesmerized by the person but by the pictures. She replied, "Master, these are very good. Excellent! It gives off the vibes! However, owning a wolf might become a problematic matter. Do you think the wolf should appear? Also, wasn't that wolf gray in color? Why did he turn silvery-white? He really is pretty, though!"

Fangzheng replied, "He was a silver wolf originally but was just too dirty in the past. He became like this after a bath. As long as the picture works. I just took it casually."

Fang Yunjing replied with a few big thumbs up and said, "Master, your place is a little too out of the way but overall still has a few unique points. There are few lone mountains in the north. It's steep, has a spring and a temple. The scenery at the mountaintop is also very nice. You can try taking a few pictures and write something to post on tourism websites. Perhaps, it might attract some tourists."

Fangzheng thought for a moment before saying, "If there's a chance. I'm still not very familiar with all of this and need to study it. Also, it's about to snow, so it's not safe to ascend the mountain now. Let's wait until spring."


The two chatted a little more before they proceeded with their own lives.

Fangzheng had nothing to do. All he did was read Buddhist scriptures before he went to bed.

An uneventful night passed.

There was nothing over the next two days. With the weather turning cold, Mt. One Finger also seemed to have entered hibernation. Other than Lone Wolf running around happily, Fangzheng was so bored that he yawned several times.

However, it was rather rowdy elsewhere...

"Doctor, are you sure that this is my Xiaomi's medical report?" Lu Shuangshuang looked at the doctor in front of her in astonishment.

The doctor said with a wry smile, "To be honest, I don't dare to believe it either. It's a miracle. To recover while being in the terminal stages of having a brain tumor... It's truly a miracle."

By the side, Director Zhao propped up his glasses. His mood was utterly terrible recently. First, it was that couple of which they were certain that it could not bear children. And now, it was a child that had been given the death sentence who ended being in the pink of health. He was having a headache! What was going on!? Was it because his doctors were lousy, or was it because his machines were faulty?

"Thank you, Doctor! Thank you, Director!" Upon receiving confirmation, tears streamed down Lu Shuangshuang's face. Xiaomi's sickness had nearly destroyed the family and was forcing her to the end of her rope. Her husband was imprisoned, and if her child were to depart from this world, she would really have no idea how she could live on. Although she had spent a lot of pointless money, the final outcome was happiness. As long as she was no longer ill!

Director Zhao said with a wry smile, "Madam Lu, this matter was our fault. You can think of it as a wrong diagnosis."

"Director, it's not a wrong diagnosis. I still have the pictures taken before. I even went to famous doctors from several large hospitals for advice. It was definitely a brain tumor, the kind that cannot be treated. But, now... This... is truly a miracle," said the doctor.

Director Zhao took over the pictures that were taken before and compared them with the newly taken ones. Indeed, there were several differences.

Director Zhao frowned and said, "Madam Lu, after you left the hospital two days ago, did you go to somewhere special for treatment?"

Lu Shuangshuang subconsciously shook her head when she suddenly thought of the tiny temple on Mt. One Finger, as well as that clean-looking and radiant young monk! Her husband had mentioned that the monk was very powerful. However, he had not elaborated further. Back then, she was not in the right mind to understand that monk. However, after the girl left the hospital, the only time when she left her side was when the monk carried her away.

Upon careful thought, if anything had happened, it was definitely at that moment!

"Madam Lu, Madam Lu?" Director Zhao continued asking.

Lu Shuangshuang suddenly snapped out of her daze and subconsciously said, "She, she didn't take anything special. All we did was go to a Buddhist temple. However, the temple was very small, and there was only one young monk residing in it. It's unlikely that he is capable, right? Perhaps, the heavens shone their light on her."

When Director Zhao heard her mention a temple, his eyebrows pricked up as his heart skipped a beat! He did not mind if he heard about people going to other hospitals, but he would feel perturbed when he heard about Buddhist temples! The last time, it was a couple from the villagers that apparently went to pray at a Buddhist temple before having a child! If he had not run fast, he might have had to eat a machine that time. But now, once again? Couldn't he have some peace?

At that moment, a voice interrupted, "Was it Master Fangzheng from Mt. One Finger's One Finger Temple?"

"Jiang Ting? Why are you here and not doing your job?" the doctor reprimanded.

Jiang Ting stuck out her tongue and said, "What can I do? To completely recover from a terminal illness, everyone in the hospital is discussing it. Everyone is curious about it."

With that said, Jiang Ting hurriedly ran away.

"Hold on, nurse! You also know about Mt. One Finger's One Finger Temple?" Lu Shuangshuang asked in astonishment.

Jiang Ting looked at the doctor and the director.

Director Zhao said, "Answer the question before you go back to work."

Jiang Ting immediately beamed and said, "Of course. I even went there once! The mountaintop is beautiful, and there's a temple at the top named One Finger Temple. The temple isn't very big, but it's truly miraculous in there! The master that resides there is very handsome and radiant. He would definitely become popular if he were an actor!"

"Who asked you about that. I want to know this: Can the monk really treat illnesses?" the doctor cut Jiang Ting off.

Director Zhao and Lu Shuangshuang were also curious over the matter.

Jiang Ting shook her head and said, "That I do not know. I only know that the master is very powerful and knows martial arts. He even seems to be able to foresee the future. One of my friends listened to his advice and escaped a catastrophe. If not, he would have been finished. If it wasn't for how busy they have been the past few days, they would have gone up the mountain to thank him already. Oh right, there was some big news that happened on Mt. One Finger two days ago. Did you hear about it?"