The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Dragon Buddha Epistle

"Jiang Ting, don't divert from the topic. Tell me if that monk can treat illnesses or not." Director Zhao immediately pulled the conversation back to the topic at hand. Clearly, he knew about what had happened on Mt. One Finger, but he did not wish to talk about it.

Lu Shuangshuang nodded at the director gratefully as a form of thanks.

Jiang Ting said, "That I do not know. However, if there's truly a miracle, I believe it happened on the mountain."

Then, Jiang Ting was called away by the head nurse, and she went to busy herself.

Director Zhao said, "Madam Lu."

Lu Shuangshuang nodded and said, "When I went to Mt. One Finger, Xiaomi made direct contact with that monk. There was nothing after that."

"This- This isn't scientific." The doctor was stunned.

Director Zhao wanted to say something, but after two matters that were in direct competition with their medical profession, he could not help but feel suspicious. At the same time, he felt curious over One Finger Temple. What sort of tiny temple was that? He had to go take a look at it when he had the opportunity! He wanted to see which bastard was stealing their business.

Lu Shuangshuang left the hospital and directly went to visit Han Xiaoguo.

At that moment, Han Xiaoguo was spending the days like years. His temperament was turning belligerent. He was imprisoned in an individual cell, but if not for that, the other inmates might have been in for some unlucky days.

Han Xiaoguo began regretting. "I should not have believed him. He's a cheat! He's definitely a cheat! I should have run with the money. With money, I could have let Xiaomi transfer to a better hospital and get better treatment! I really deserve death! I deserve death, that monk also deserves death, everyone deserves death!"

"Han Xiaoguo, someone is here to see you." At that moment, a warden came to inform him.

Han Xiaoguo felt his spirits get lifted when he heard of the visit. His wife and child were the final spiritual crutch he relied on, so he naturally could not continue in his crazy state in front of them.

Across a glass window, Han Xiaoguo met Lu Shuangshuang. When he heard Lu Shuangshuang mention that Xiaomi had recovered from her illness, Han Xiaoguo was dumbfounded.

"Shuangshuang, is what you said true? Xiaomi has really recovered?" Han Xiaoguo's eyes nearly popped out.

"She's fine now. This is the report given to me by the doctor. It is written here very clearly that she's in excellent health. There's no way she could be any healthier than this. It's- It's truly a miracle," Lu Shuangshuang teared up when she said her final sentence. Her husband was the only person in whom she could confide the grievances she suffered.

The duo wept simultaneously, but there were smiles in between their tears.

"Xiaoguo, be honest. Was this illness healed by that monk on Mt. One Finger?" finally, Lu Shuangshuang asked.

Han Xiaoguo wanted to nod, but after recalling the three rules he had agreed upon with Fangzheng, he could only helplessly say, "Don't ask about it, but when there's a chance, do me the favor of going up the mountain and offer some incense. We owe Master greatly. Unfortunately, I can only repay him in my next life. Also, if I die, donate my corpse. If I don't die, I need to take care of two families. I hope you can understand." Han Xiaoguo looked at Lu Shuangshuang seriously. At the same time, he regretted how he had cursed Fangzheng incessantly over the past two days.

Although he did not admit to it, the meaning behind what he said was already very clear.

Lu Shuangshuang also understood what Han Xiaoguo meant by two families. The other family was the carrier personnel's family.

Lu Shuangshuang nodded and indicated that she would definitely offer incense and support Han Xiaoguo's decision. Then, she consoled Han Xiaoguo. Perhaps, it might not be a death sentence.

When Lu Shuangshuang left, Han Xiaoguo roared with laughter in the detention house. He knelt down and faced the direction where Mt. One Finger was and kowtowed, yelling, "Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely listen to you and be a good man! I will be a good man in the future! I will not fight again, scold others or smoke and drink. I'll never kill either!"

Han Xiaoguo's fervent state left the wardens outside confounded. As for the unlucky guys that had been beaten up by Han Xiaoguo previously, they hollered, "Officer, that guy is mad. Quickly take him away. Leaving him here only scares us!"

"That's right! He's so f*cking scary. He cries one moment and laughs the other. What the hell!"


At the same time on Mt. One Finger.

"Ding! Congratulations, Han Xiaoguo wants to become a good man from the bottom of his heart. You have won a chance at the draw!"

"Oh. Oh? Ah! It succeeded?!" Fangzheng, who was removing the rice, was first stunned when he heard the news. Then, he jumped up, ravished with joy as he yelled, "It succeeded? Really?"

"Yes," replied the System.

Fangzheng laughed out loud and said, "That's great! That's great. Haha! Eh? That's not right. I saved Xiaomi too. Shouldn't I have two chances at the draw?"

"Saving Xiaomi was a necessary step in the journey to make Han Xiaoguo repent. Therefore, the merit of this mission is part of saving Han Xiaoguo. It was considered the same mission. Therefore, you only have one chance at the draw."

"I object!" Fangzheng could not have any of it. He had paid the price of a Minor Rejuvenation Pill!

"Overruled!" The System rejected!

Fangzheng said helplessly, "Is there no room for negotiation?"


"Alright then. Let's have the draw." Fangzheng shook his head bitterly. He could not do a thing, but beggars can't be choosers.

"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the magical power, Dragon Buddha Epistle!"

"Ah!? What's that?" Fangzheng was left dazed. He knew about dragons, and he also knew about Buddha. He had also heard of the term 'epistle', but he had never heard the combined phrase with all those terms placed together!

"Dragon Buddha Epistle is a calligraphic technique which was created when Buddha saw a dragon flying in the sky. The font is open and aboveboard, like a divine dragon flying through the skies. It is grand and magnificent. Text written with it can bear supreme Buddhist power! If one is powerful enough, a single word will weigh millions of kilograms and be able to suppress all evil. Of course, you won't be able to achieve that. However, this way of writing can hone your entire temperament. It will reveal your personal disposition and your mental condition when you engage in calligraphy. At the same time, you can improve your perceptivity by working hard at writing the Dragon Buddha text. It will accelerate your insights into the Buddhist Dharma and automatically embody certain Dharma power in you to ward of evil. To put it frankly, even if you are an idiot, you will gradually turn wise and become an extremely clever person by practicing the Dragon Buddha text."

"Awesome! To think you can describe a set of text in such a manner. Awesome!" Fangzheng was truly impressed. Although he could not suppress the skies with a single word, he would definitely gain many benefits if he mastered the calligraphic style. Ignoring everything else, simply the writing would be enough for him to posture. More importantly, he could use it to improve his intelligence, making himself smarter! That was an extremely good matter.

"This is a special power system. Do you accept it?"


Fangzheng felt a mysterious feeling appear in his mind and immediately, his eyes blacked out as he fell to the ground without knowing anything.

Lone Wolf who was beside him had seen Fangzheng mumble to himself all this while, and then he abruptly fell to the ground. So Lone Wolf cocked his head and looked puzzled. He then pulled Fangzheng to the bed before lying by his side and watching Fangzheng worriedly.

If not for Fangzheng's calm breathing, the fellow would have sought help from others. However now, he simply stayed by Fangzheng's side as a guardian.

In his reverie, Fangzheng seemed to see a divine dragon fly through the sky. It had an extremely strong and vigorous comportment and looked magnificent. It exuded an aura as if a god had descended, crushing down in a way that left one short of breath.

Following that, the divine dragon transformed into a calligraphic brush. Using the sky as a canvas, it began flicking at it with force, creating huge text that looked like divine dragons spiraling in the sky: Dragon Buddha Epistle!

Following that, there was a clap of thunder as Fangzheng snapped out of his reverie and sat up in his bed in shock.