The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Heavenly Eye

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The family got into a car and returned to the village. While walking home, Chai Hong pulled Zhao Baolin to the side and whispered, “You managed to flaunt nicely. Now tell me what you plan on doing? The jewelry will also cost us thousands, and that’s if it’s cheap. Together with the withdrawal fee and betrothal gifts, everything will cost us seventy to eighty thousand. We can produce seventy or eighty yuan, but seventy to eighty thousand is not something we can afford even if we sell everything.”

Zhao Baolin said, “Don’t worry about this matter. I naturally have a solution. Alright, let’s head home.”

Chai Hong pressed for more information the entire journey back, but she failed to get an answer. Only when she saw how certain Zhao Baolin was did she feel a little relieved.


Upon hearing the story, Fangzheng had a question.

“Oh? Does Zhao Baolin really have the means to get the money?” Fangzheng asked in astonishment.

Tan Juguo tapped his pipe and said, “No idea. However, I’ve heard that he has bought the jewelry for the child and has delivered the betrothal gifts. The money must have been given, but I have no idea how the money was obtained. However, it definitely did not drop from the sky.” Tan Juguo sighed meaningfully when he said that.

“Patron, were you frowning because of this?” asked Fangzheng.

“Yes, I do not wish for this auspicious event to become a funeral, to go from auspicious red to a dirgeful white. That would be tragic.” Tan Juguo shook his head.

At that moment, the duo arrived at Hongtang Village’s entrance. From afar, they could hear the sound of firecrackers.

When Fangzheng heard the firecrackers and recalled what Tan Juguo had said, he suddenly felt like there were some dark clouds over the festive wedding.

When he arrived at Zhao Baolin’s door, Fangzheng immediately activated his Heavenly Eye and scanned Zhao Baolin. The next instant, the scene before Fangzheng’s eyes shattered, and a new scene was presented to him. Fangzheng saw something he had not encountered in a very long while. What the Heavenly Eye could detect was either extreme fortune or extreme danger. And from the looks of it, this time it was definitely something bad!

Fangzheng saw Zhao Baolin walk into a dirty house where a white bed sheet lined a rundown surgery table. A doctor in a white coat indicated for Zhao Baolin to lie down.

Standing to the side was a man holding a huge plastic bag. His head was lowered, and his face was indiscernible. However, his tiny stubble was extremely eye-catching.

The duo said something before Zhao Baolin took off his clothes and lay down on the bed.

The man placed a bag of money to Zhao Baolin’s side before leaving. The doctor and a few assistants circled him.

The scene shattered as Fangzheng jolted out of his trance. Tan Juguo was patting him. “Stop daydreaming. Let’s go.”

When Tan Juguo went forward, Fangzheng realized that cold sweat lined his forehead. He had not managed to see everything the Heavenly Eye could offer him, but it was obvious what the outcome would be. Even if Zhao Baolin didn’t die, he would lose half his life!

Fangzheng finally knew where Zhao Baolin had obtained his money.

When he stepped into Zhao Baolin’s house, Fangzheng felt like he was visiting a grave despite the bustle. The more lively it was, the colder his heart became. He sat there without taking any food or drink. Instead, he was pondering over Zhao Baolin’s situation. For his son’s wedding, it could be said that he was risking everything, including his health and life. Was it worth it?

At that moment, Zhao Baolin came out with Zhao Yuhe. The short-haired Zhao Yuhe was in a western suit, and he looked sharp. He exuded an excited joy, completely unlike his usual self that showed that he was plagued by an inferiority complex. This made many villagers exclaim.

“I never expected this kid could look so sharp.”

“In the past, he would be hiding in a corner with no way to pull him out of it. He always spoke with his head lowered. This is the first time I’m seeing him with his head up high. This lad is really not bad.”

“Seriously, this kid shouldn’t have shrunk away all the time. If he were always like this, would it still be hard for him to find a wife?”

“That’s right. Having some disabilities isn’t anything. It’s not like you can’t get out of bed because you’re deaf-mute. The key is that a human shouldn’t live like a dead person. Otherwise, wouldn’t anyone’s daughter who marries him be sounding a death knell?”

“That’s right. Everyone was afraid of that. Now, it all looks great. This kid finally looks like a breathing human. Heh heh.”

Although everyone was discussing in private, it eventually reached the ears of Zhao Baolin and Chai Hong.

The two felt a jolt. However, they were not furious, but felt enlightened instead! In the past, they had always felt that everyone despised their son for his disabilities, but now, they realized… That they had a huge misunderstanding! If they had known this earlier, Zhao Yuhe would have long stepped out of his psychological trauma with enough guidance and counseling.

With this in mind, the two sighed. However, they were glad that Zhao Yuhe had finally extricated himself from the psychological effects of his disability.

Fangzheng felt a surge of emotions as well. Back then, Zen Master One Finger had said, “Sometimes, people are not defeated by reality, but end up defeating themselves because they don’t believe in themselves. Before people begin ostracizing you, you have usually already ostracized yourself. How could such a person not be ostracized? Dignity is something one has to give oneself first before others can give it to you. If one doesn’t even give oneself dignity, how could one hope for others to still do so?”

As Fangzheng thought about it, he really found it reasonable.

Fangzheng did not continue watching Zhao Baolin with his Heavenly Eye. After all, there was a restriction that prevented him from using it temporarily on the same person after seeing their future once. So all Fangzheng could do was tail Zhao Baolin to prevent him from being tricked. If that happened, a family which had finally found its standing would collapse again. A tragedy was best avoided if possible.

But to be safe, Fangzheng still activated his Heavenly Eye to survey the others. When his eyes landed on Zhao Yuhe’s body, Fangzheng frowned immediately. Following that, he felt rage.

In his rage, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and silently chanted. “Amitabha.” The fury in his eyes dissipated as he returned to calmness.

The first day was a preparatory feast with three purposes. One, it was a preparation for the official wedding the next day. Two, it helped the family and friends that came to settle in, and three, it was the time where preparations were made for the picking up of the bride early the next morning.

Fangzheng kept watch over Zhao Baolin and at dinner time, he saw him walk out alone. He immediately followed.

“Enough, Wang Hu. Today won’t do. Tomorrow is Yuhe’s wedding. If I were to go with you today, I won’t be able to return tomorrow! Why don’t we do this? Wait two days and after Yuhe is married and I can finally feel at ease, I’ll go with you. I’ll go anywhere you want me to, alright?” Zhao Baolin said on the phone.

“Brother Zhao, it was nice of me to give you an advance payment. If you keep delaying, it will be difficult for me to answer to my superiors. Think carefully. I’m the one talking to you now. If you really incur the wrath of those above, I won’t be the one talking anymore. I’m also just an errand boy. All I can do is help you stall a little longer. If you do not go with me the day after tomorrow, don’t blame me if something happens,” said Wang Hu.

“Don’t worry, since I dared to seek you out, I already don’t care about it,” said Zhao Baolin.

Wang Hu said, “Alright. See you the day after tomorrow.”