The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Madness!

The temple's courtyard was not large. Soon, it was filled with text. Fangzheng subconsciously wanted to walk out the temple and continue writing on the wide empty space outside.

As for Monkey and Old Wu, they were already completely dumbfounded. They looked at the text that resembled a divine dragon twirling through the skies, and they were only left with respect in their hearts.

One second after another passed. The land outside wasn't flat, so Fangzheng no longer had any room to write after a while. Only then did he stop.

"Phew!" Fangzheng exhaled a mist and felt his entire being relax. He felt like he was flying, and it felt great!

Then, he looked at his Dragon Buddha Epithet and immediately smiled bitterly as he shook his head slightly. He had seen the true Dragon Buddha Epithet in his mind. The words were magnificent like a true dragon and Buddha had descended into the world! That spirit was something his text could not compare with, but his text was tens of thousands times better than what he had written in the past. However, it was still inferior to the original. He sighed in disappointment as he muttered, "I need to practice more. I've only just begun."

With that said, Fangzheng did not care if he would sully the completed state of the text. He strode forward directly, leaving long footprints across the text. The entire text was instantly destroyed, losing a lot of its charm.

"Amitabha. Good day, Patrons." Fangzheng was surprised when he came to the door. People had actually come up the mountain on such a snowy day? This was truly a first! Then, he took another look and noticed that one of them was a familiar person. It was Monkey, who had nearly died recently.

"Ah!" Old Wu and Monkey were jolted awake. Old Wu immediately wailed as he pushed Fangzheng away. Seeing how the footsteps had destroyed the text, he yelled, "Profligate! Profligate! Such perfect text has been destroyed just like that! What a profligacy!"

Fangzheng was surprised and could not help but ask, "This is just something This Penniless Monk wrote in passing. Patron, is there a need to act in this manner?"

Old Wu suddenly turned his head over with red eyes. Fangzheng was given a fright and nearly smacked him in the face to prevent the fellow from doing something untoward.

When Old Wu saw that it was Fangzheng, his ferociousness toned down as he said bitterly, "Young monk, do you not know how good your text is?"

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "This text written by This Penniless Monk is only a beginner's work. How can it be considered good?"

Old Wu was immediately rendered speechless. This text was still at the beginner level? If this was considered a beginner's work, then wouldn't a text written by experts be something even worse? Old Wu thought that the monk was posturing and directly rolled his eyes at Fangzheng. He took his camera and ran over. Simultaneously, he said, "I won't talk to you any further. Don't come in. These are still preserved nicely. It cannot be destroyed again."

After Old Wu said that, he rushed toward the main door with his camera in hand. He planned on taking a few close-up shots of the text in the courtyard and saving them. He had a premonition that the text would definitely make him famous overnight! At the very least, he would enjoy an enhancement in his status.

Fangzheng and Monkey immediately followed him, afraid that he would cause trouble.

However, when they entered, Fangzheng was rendered speechless. Monkey was left dumbfounded and Old Wu nearly went mad!

There in the courtyard was a silver wolf jumping around happily. He burrowed his head into the ground and dug out a large hole. Then, he jumped again! The text that filled the courtyard could no longer be seen but the holes... were everywhere.

"Ah! My artwork! Darn dog, I'll kill you!" Old Wu nearly went mad right there and then. He yelled as he rushed to fight it out with Lone Wolf!

When Monkey saw this, he held back Old Wu.

Old Wu cursed unhappily, "Darn Monkey, let me go! Such perfect words have been destroyed by this beast. I need to kill him! I want to beat him to the point of debilitation! Let me go. Let me fight it out!"

Monkey said bitterly, "Old Wu, if you can defeat it, I'll definitely let you go. The problem is that you can't beat it."

"Can't beat it? I can't beat a dog?" Old Wu roared unsatisfied.

"That's not a dog. It's a wolf! A wolf the size of a calf! An alpha wolf of a wolf pack!" Monkey replied.

When Old Wu heard that, he immediately calmed down. Just as he was about to size up Lone Wolf, he saw Lone Wolf climb out of the snow pile. He rolled around and showed him his ass. Then, he whipped his tail and left for the backyard. The fellow was probably puzzled. Why were there two madmen coming so early in the morning? They were shouting and yelling, disturbing his blissful wolf life.

However, Old Wu had pretty good eyes. He recognized that it was indeed a wolf! The fury in him was instantly snuffed out as he felt his legs turn limp. He stuttered, "Monkey, hold me tight. My good man, don't let go. I'm afraid I'll run over!"

Monkey: "#@$#@%!"

Fangzheng said, "Amitabha. Patron, don't worry. This wolf is a good wolf. He will not harm people."

"It won't harm people, but it harmed the text," Old Wu said bitterly.

Fangzheng: "@#$!"

Monkey smiled wryly and said, "Master, this is my friend, Wu Changxi. He's a reporter at a news publishing firm in the county. He's rather famous. However, he's a little obsessed with work. Please don't mind him."

Fangzheng nodded and said, "Amitabha, so that's the reason. However, this temple is meant to be tranquil. Please ensure that your friend maintains the solemnity and silence."

"Yes, yes. Master, don't worry. I'll make him shut up right this moment." Monkey was now completely impressed by Fangzheng. He immediately pinched Old Wu and said, "Behave yourself. I brought you here not for you to go mad."

Having seen Fangzheng's text, Old Wu was already extremely impressed by him. The arrogance he had before was long gone.

Fangzheng said, "Patrons, the snow has sealed off the mountain, yet you came here. Is there something?"

"Master, I'm here to thank you. If not for you reminding me, my wife and I would be dead. About that, this is a little something for you," with that said, Monkey took out a stack of red bills and placed them in Fangzheng's hand.

Fangzheng was surprised. That much?

Fangzheng truly wanted to snatch it but unfortunately, he could not do a thing with it.

Therefore, Fangzheng retracted his gaze and held his hands together. He said, "Amitabha. Patron, if you are thankful, you should thank Buddha. Our meeting was a result of your karma and it was predestined. Patron also chose to believe This Penniless Monk's words which meant that Patron was destined to avoid the catastrophe. As for money, forget it."

After Fangzheng said that, he turned to leave. He could not stay a moment longer. If he stayed any longer, he was afraid his hands could not bear the itch and take the money! Then, it would be embarrassing.

Monkey had never expected Fangzheng to leave just like that. Just as he wanted to chase up, Old Wu pulled Monkey back and said, "Idiot, you already said that he is a master. How can a master take your money? Hey, aren't there incense offerings? Wouldn't it be as simple as burning some incense and donating some incense money?"

Monkey was immediately enlightened as he ran into the temple hall and picked the most expensive high incense. He wanted to pray for something when he was left dumbfounded! He recalled that the temple only seemed to have one child-giving Guan Yin...