The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 639

Chapter 639 What Are You Doing?

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Fangzheng tailed the crowd as he had his Heavenly Eye permanently activated. If anything were to happen, with his strength and speed, he could quickly save them. Fangzheng also observed them even more thoroughly and could tell very clearly what they were thinking. Regardless of how much these people had previously sullied the police, the word “police” would surface in their mind when they truly encountered danger. It was an anchor-like existence.

“Some people and some matters cannot be tainted just because of a few rare incidents. They are deep-seated in one’s heart! There might be black sheep among the police, but there are ultimately more good people than bad. It’s just as Zen Master One Finger said in the past.”

“Fangzheng, look at the ground. Other than the mud, leaves, and stones, is there anything that catches your eye?” Zen Master One Finger said as he pointed to the ground.

Fangzheng looked down and saw nothing.

Zen Master One Finger continued. “Squat down and look carefully.”

Fangzheng squatted down and looked carefully, but still saw nothing. Just as he was about to shake his head, his eyes widened suddenly. He exclaimed. “I know! Shadow! My shadow!”

“Besides the shadow?” asked Zen Master One Finger.

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes and focused, but he eventually shook his head and said, “There’s nothing.”

Zen Master One Finger patted Fangzheng on the head. “Do you not see the sunlight? It is so bright that it warms your body. Why don’t you see it? Yet, you end up seeing the tiny shadow beneath the sun’s rays?”

Fangzheng was taken back. Indeed, why hadn’t he noticed it? Fangzheng scratched his head and said, “Light… It’s everywhere…”

Zen Master One Finger laughed and said, “Yes, light is everywhere. It’s too common and prevalent. Perhaps, it can be said that sunlight has contributed more than anything. It illuminates the land, nourishes all beings, and warms this world, but unfortunately, it’s too common. This results in people being accustomed to its existence and accustomed to its normality. As such, it’s easy to neglect. Instead, it’s easier for people to notice the shadows beneath the sunlight, and not the sunlight which is more vast than the shadows. Fangzheng, you must remember that people who learn to see the sunlight can live in sunlight. Those who can only stare at shadows will forever live in the shadows.”

Back when Fangzheng heard that, he had only gained a tiny understanding of One Finger’s words. But now, replaying the scene on his mind, he had different thoughts.

After the group of people got past the piles of rubble, everyone was collectively dumbfounded. They saw that the road behind had completely collapsed! The missing part of the cliff was more then ten meters wide! This distance wasn’t too long, but if an ordinary person wanted to cross it, it was like an untraversable ravine!

“We’re doomed!” The bespectacled man sat on a rock in dejection.

Sis Liu covered her mouth and said, “This… We won’t be able to return. What do we do? I don’t wish to die…”

Lin Meiyu hugged Sis Liu’s arm and cried as well.

The others began panicking as well. There were still aftershocks, and no one knew whether the spot they were at would suffer a collapse. Looking at the abyss thousands of feet below them, it was very possible for them to fall down the valley.

Jiang Jun stood there with quite an ugly expression. If the roads were still fine, everyone could still escape in between the aftershock tremors. But now, where could they to go with the road gone?

Fangzheng’s heart sank when he saw this. If more boulders fell and collapsed the road, he would probably be the only one who could survive.

With this in mind, Fangzheng turned flustered as well. He kept casting the Divine State, but that wasn’t of much help to the situation he was facing.

“Everyone, let’s go down. Don’t stand here. The rocks here aren’t stable. They might slip at any time, making it more dangerous,” said Jiang Jun after a sigh.

At that moment, everyone seemed to be scared out of their wits. But without any other pillar of support, Jiang Jun had become their last bastion of hope, so they followed Jiang Jun’s instructions and quickly left the rubble pile and stood in the middle of the road.

Suddenly, the land quaked. The crowd fell into chaos as the bespectacled man immediately began running for the bus while shouting. “Quick, get on the bus!”

Jiang Jun shouted. “Don’t panic! Don’t run about! It’s fine!”

“Why should I believe you! Ah!” Just as the bespectacled man shouted, he saw Jiang Jun turn around and glare at him. Jiang Jun with his huge build was quite a terrifying sight. When Jiang Jun rushed at him, he exclaimed in fright. “Police brutality!”

When Jiang Jun heard that, his eyes froze for a moment, but he instantly turned determined. He leaped forward and pushed the bespectacled man to the ground. Almost at the same time, rubble smashed to the ground. Even so, Jiang Jun’s back was hit by a few rocks while the bespectacled man’s head was struck by a tiny rock that fell from above. Immediately, blood flowed down his face as he covered his head and wailed, “I’ve been hit! Help! Help!”

The others panicked as they began running helter-skelter.

Fangzheng saw a few people dodging the rocks with their heads up, but they did not realize that they were almost falling off the cliff! Fangzheng rushed forward and pulled them back. At the same time, he sent a few plummeting rocks flying. The scene was in chaos, so how was Fangzheng to watch more than forty people alone?

“Amitabha!” At that moment, Fangzheng let out a Buddhist proclamation. His voice was extremely loud as all the Buddhist Dharma insights he had gained from his constant cultivation spread out through his proclamation. Although he did not use any divine powers, everyone subconsciously quietened down when they heard that. At that moment, the aftershocks also passed. A woman was horrified to discover that she had nearly run down the cliff while frantically dodging the rocks… She broke out into a cold sweat and cast a look of gratitude towards Fangzheng. If not for his Buddhist proclamation stopping her, she would already be dead…

Jiang Jun hurriedly came to the bespectacled man’s side who jumped in fright. He screamed. “What are you doing!?”

“Shut up! If you don’t wish to die, take your hands away. I’ll bandage your wound!” Jiang Jun grunted coldly. He yanked away the bespectacled man’s hands, tore his clothes, and bandaged the bespectacled man in a simple way to stop the blood. Then, he grunted coldly and said, “Don’t run about. Your wound isn’t large. It’s only a small laceration. The blood will stop bleeding in a while.”

Upon seeing Jiang Jun stand up and about to leave, he widened his mouth, unsure what to say. On the bus, he had been cursing the police the entire journey. He had even shouted “police brutality”… But when in danger, he had been saved by the police. This feeling… left his face burning. This was accentuated when he saw Jiang Jun turn around with muddy marks on his back. They were all a result of rocks smashing into his back. Jiang Jun didn’t even seem to be walking properly; clearly, he was injured.

Upon seeing this, the bespectacled man clenched his teeth and gave himself a slap!


The slap was extremely loud and everyone heard it. They turned to take a look and saw his mouth bleeding from the slap!

Jiang Jun asked in shock, “What are you doing?”

“Sorry! I’m a f**king idiot! I’ve been watching the news every day, watching all the negative news of the entire globe together, making me believe that everyone in the world is evil, that all the cops in the world are bad cops! F**k, I was even smug about it, thinking I’m someone who has seen through the world. Now, it seems I was a retard!” The bespectacled man cursed before getting up and bowing to Jiang Jun. “I’m sorry!”