The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Diamond Body Protection Spell

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However, someone did notice that something was different, and it was none other than Jiang Jun! He suspiciously looked at Fangzheng’s finger and mumbled inwardly. “Could there be some ink on his finger? But there aren’t any patterns on his finger. How did he leave a mark with a tap of his finger?”

“Venerable One, that’s al there is to the augmentation?” the bespectacled man said in exasperation when he saw that everything seemed done once Fangzheng tapped on the spot between Qin Lan’s brows. “You should… at least have some light effects, right?”

Lin Meiyu said, “Don’t tell me you were taking advantage of her?”

Qin Lan rolled her eyes at Lin Meiyu. Take advantage? If he really wanted to molest her, who would do something like that? Holding her hands on the bus would be better than tapping on the forehead, right?

When Lin Meiyu saw this, she said with a concerned voice, “You don’t believe me? Heh heh. Forget it. A child is a child after all. Do you really think there are accomplished monks in this world, that Buddha exists? They are just spiritual crutches for people.”

Qin Lan finally couldn’t stand it as she grunted coldly. “Who was the one who said that all cops are evil? What’s the situation now? Facts have proven that your experiences are nothing but a joke.”

Lin Meiyu, Sis Liu, and company were immediately left silent from her retort.

Fangzheng said, “Who else requires This Penniless Monk to augment them?”

Everyone exchanged looks. An augmentation spell? This was too much like a fairy tale.

At that moment, a person stood forward and said, “Venerable One, let me try.”

It was the driver.

Fangzheng nodded and immediately augmented the driver with a spell. Then, the guide and the few tourists who had been saved by Fangzheng stepped forward, asking for the augmentation spell. Seeing so many people take the initiative to step forward, the others were moved as well.

At that moment, Jiang Jun came in front of Fangzheng and everyone was stunned. Was this policeman sick of watching this farce and here to expose the monk?

But what made everyone’s jaw drop was that Jiang Jun looked intently at Fangzheng and said calmly, “Augment me as well.”

Everyone was stunned. What was this guy doing? As a cop, he even believed in such a thing?

Fangzheng smiled at Jiang Jun. Although others were perplexed, Fangzheng knew what was happening. It wasn’t that Jiang Jun believed him. Instead, he was using this method to use Fangzheng’s hand to give the others hope! Whether the spell was real didn’t matter. He wished that everyone would have some additional hope with this spell. In the face of a natural disaster, having hope was sometimes more useful than a spell! It was truly frightening when people fell into despair.

Fangzheng nodded slightly and augmented Jiang Jun with a Diamond Body Protection Spell. With Jiang Jun’s lead, the rest came to be augmented by Fangzheng. Fangzheng augmented everyone who came before him and felt the pinch… All of that was merit!

Upon seeing that everyone had been augmented with spells, Sis Liu and Lin Meiyu, who had objected to it from the beginning, could not sit still any longer. However, they couldn’t bring themselves to request Fangzheng to augment them with the Diamond Body Protection Spell. After all, they had just been making a mockery out of it moments ago.

Fangzheng looked at the duo who subconsciously turned their heads away. Sis Liu said stubbornly, “Sigh, it’s the age of science and technology. Spell? What a joke.”

Lin Meiyu agreed. “Such things just serve to give oneself a false belief. If a rock were to fall, wouldn’t anyone still die from the hit?”

Although Fangzheng still wished to augment them, he didn’t wish to have his kindness snubbed when they said that. He immediately gave up the thought of augmenting them with the Diamond Body Protection Spell. Instead, he said to Jiang Jun, “Patron Jiang, This Penniless Monk remembers that there was a big bus ahead. This Penniless Monk will be heading there to see if they need help.”

Jiang Jun had seen Fangzheng’s capabilities. He was able to casually lift up the driver, pull away people, and smack away the falling rocks, which indicated that he was quite skilled. Furthermore, Fangzheng had appeared very calm the entire time without panicking. Having also experiences his two calming Buddhist proclamations, Jiang Jun wasn’t too concerned about Fangzheng. He nodded and said, “Venerable One, make sure to be careful.”

Fangzheng nodded and was just about to leave when the tour guide ran over and said, “Venerable One, I’ll lead you there. I know the people in the bus ahead. It will be more convenient that way.”

Fangzheng said, “It will be quite a dangerous trip.”

“I’m from the southwest. I grew up experiencing earthquakes. I know how to save myself. Besides, I’m a tour guide, and they are my clients. I want to try my best to help them.” The woman raised her head and looked at Fangzheng with a determined look. After her earlier moment of panic, she had completely calmed down.

Jiang Jun said, “Take her along. It’s better if they know each other; otherwise, they might not listen to you.”

Fangzheng thought about it and agreed. At the same time, he was impressed with the tour guide’s guts. At such times, staying in one’s original spot was a lot better. With more people around, everyone could look out for one another. Who would be silly enough to risk their life with him? To step forward required immense amounts of courage, a person with immense good in their heart! Of course, Fangzheng would not really make her suffer any real danger.

The two gradually departed.

At that moment, the aftershocks began again.

Rocks came tumbling down, and this time, everyone was prepared. These tiny rocks could be fended off by holding luggage and other items over their heads.

“Everyone, be careful! A big one is coming!” Jiang Jun suddenly shouted.

Qin Lan looked up and saw a rock the size of a head smashing down at her. It was already too late to dodge, and Jiang Jun was unable to save her in time.

“Oh no!”

“Someone’s going to die!”

These thoughts flashed in everyone’s minds.

Even Qin Lan closed her eyes in despair. She was only carrying a tiny bag. There was no way she could fend off such a huge rock! This was the first time she was feeling despair and caught the scent of Death. The horror, panic, helplessness, and unwillingness to depart effused from her heart and gathered together. She cried.

However, a metallic collision sound sounded above her!

Following that, there were screams!

Qin Lan was taken aback. She could still hear things. Was she not dead? She opened her eyes and saw a huge rock tumbling on the ground. Everyone else was looking at her as if they had seen a ghost!

“What… What happened?” Qin Lan looked around her. No one had helped her deflect the rock. So what was up with the rock?

“Are… you fine?” The bespectacled man looked at Qin Lan in shock.

Qin Lan patted her body and asked in a daze, “I’m still intact, right?”

“Yes.” The bespectacled man didn’t know why he would answer such a stupid question. His mind was in utter stupefaction. This was because at the moment the rock fell down, a golden beam of light had flashed from the spot between Qin Lan’s brows, producing a diamond-like phantom that swatted away the rock! That scene was just too astounding. It was like the special effects in a movie blockbuster! If he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he would absolutely not believe it.

Before the bespectacled man could snap to his senses, he heard two screams. Sis Liu and Lin Meiyu had suddenly dashed out of the crowd and chased after Fangzheng, shouting at the top of their lungs.

“Master! Master! Wait for us! We were wrong. Augment us with a spell!”

“Master, slow down! Master!”