The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Won It At A Lottery At Buddhas

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Had Lin Tai seen divine powers? Fangzheng himself had some!

Fangzheng even had an even more awesome Buddha System. If he didn’t die of age, he would eventually become Buddha. So to be talking about standing with him? Why not just use some of that money to buy a stick of high incense…

Jing Yuhang also looked at the monk before him with astonishment. He had been to many monasteries. Ignoring the ones which were too far away, most monks in Guilin City who heard his name would reverently smile and bow at him. Although they wouldn’t go so far as to suck up to him, they would definitely give him face and not offend him. Yet the monk in front of him only treated him as an ordinary person.

Doesn’t he know that befriending a wealthy whale brings benefits?

As long as Jing Yuhang was happy, he could renovate the monastery at any time.

Jing Yuhang stared at Fangzheng, but unfortunately, all he saw was calm, frankness, and an unperturbed monk.

Jing Yuhang didn’t understand Fangzheng and had roughly the same thoughts as Lin Tiancheng. He relegated Fangzheng to a person who knew little, a foolish monk who didn’t know how the world worked. However, he was more polite than Lin Tiancheng. Seeing Fangzheng press his palms together in a bow, he nodded slightly as a response.

Lin Tai felt pissed and was just about to continue introducing when—

Zhou Yiluo suddenly jumped forward and said, “Abbot Fangzheng, my name is Zhou Yiluo. This is my boyfriend, Jing Yulong. He’s the young son of the Jing Dragon Corporation’s Chairman. The Jing Dragon malls and Jing Dragon commercial buildings in Black River City, White Cloud City, and Guilin City are all handled by my boyfriend. Every day, the money that goes through his hands numbers in the hundreds of millions,” As Zhou Yiluo said that, she subconsciously raised her head, looking like a phoenix showing a supercilious attitude towards a chicken. She believed that it didn’t matter if the monk was putting on an act or truly ignorant, he would know who was richer if she said that!

Jing Yulong did not mind Zhou Yiluo’s interruption. There were certain things that he needed others to do for him, allowing him to reap the benefits without offending others. If it failed, all he needed was to abandon them without embarrassing himself. Because, he could afford abandoning them!

After the introduction, Zhou Yiluo looked at Fangzheng and waited for his reaction.

Yet Fangzheng smiled and asked, “Anything else?”

When this was said, Zhou Yiluo nearly had the urge to take off her shoe and strike the baldy with her high-heels! Previously, she didn’t realize how irritating it was when Fangzheng used his line against Lin Tai, but when she experienced it herself, she realized how much of a f*cking a**hole the monk was!

At that moment, a charming voice sounded. “Are all of you just talking without offering any incense? I heard that One Finger Monastery is rather efficacious. I’ve already offered a stick of incense. Venerable Fangzheng, hi there. We meet again.”

Everyone looked over and saw Lin Xi walking out the temple hall before sweetly smiling at Fangzheng.

When Zhou Yiluo saw this, she rolled her eyes. As expected of a child from an inconsequential family. She was born foolish! To offer incense at this moment? Didn’t she know what their goal there was?

Apparently, she ignored the fact that she had done a good thing… Their introduction, on the other hand, had lasted all day.

Lin Tiancheng felt speechless as well. Everyone was there, but his daughter had ran off to offer incense… Just as he was about to berate her, he saw Fangzheng, who had remained composed all this time, suddenly turn around and reveal a radiant smile at Lin Xi. He went forward, pressed his palms together, and said, “Amitabha. Patron, you are right. This Penniless Monk’s monastery is quite efficacious. Patron, you will definitely lead a peaceful and happy life for being so smart.”

Fangzheng’s sudden change immediately left the scions, and the Lin father-son duo in befuddlement. What was the meaning of this? They had shown off their background without seeing the monk even smile or say another word. Yet the moment he saw Lin Xi, he looked like a starving person seeing snacks. Could it be that the monk liked beauties?

A look of contempt flashed in Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong’s eyes. A lecherous monk? ould he still be considered a monk? However, the duo heaved a sigh of relief. They were truly afraid that Fangzheng was desireless for that would make it difficult for them. Now, this made things easier.

Lin Tiancheng’s face was darkening. The monk had set his sights on his darling daughter? How preposterous was that?

Lin Tiancheng grunted coldly. “Abbot Fangzheng, she’s my daughter and still young.”

When that was said, Lin Xi’s face flushed red…

When Fangzheng heard that, he nearly spewed a mouthful of blood.

What’s the meaning of that? Does he think I’m fancying Lin Xi?

Fangzheng felt too deep for tears. He was clearly interested in the money from the high incense…

However, this situation would only worsen if he explained. Therefore, he just didn’t explain and allowed them to let their thoughts run wild.

Fangzheng said, “Patrons, please enter if you wish to offer incense and pay your respects to Buddha. If there’s nothing else, This Penniless Monk has things to do and shall bid you farewell.”

When Fangzheng turned around, Squirrel waved his fists at them. Squirrel was no fool. He engaged in a battle of wits with Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Red Boy every day. He even needed to fend of all their thievery, so his mind had gotten quite sharp. The moment these people came, they began with self-introductions, showing off their backgrounds. Clearly, they were trying to exert pressure on Fangzheng. To do it for no reason? That was obviously impossible.

If they weren’t scoundrels, they were definitely thieves. Baddies!

Seeing Fangzheng about to leave, Lin Tai turned anxious.

However, there was someone even more anxious!

Zhou Yiluo shouted. “Abbot Fangzheng, we have something to discuss with you.”

Fangzheng turned around and asked, “Oh? Patrons, you have something to discuss with This Penniless Monk?” Fangzheng was truly a little puzzled. They came looking for him? Could it be that they wanted him to conduct a ritual? But that didn’t seem the case.

“Fangzheng, how did you obtain that huge bell at your door.” At that moment, Lin Tai stepped forward and asked.

Fangzheng looked at Lin Tai and then the others before coming to an immediate realization. He said with a smile, “Won it at a lottery at Buddha’s.”

“Pfft!” Lin Xi couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

As for the others, their faces blackened. Won it at a lottery at Buddha’s? Couldn’t this monk think it through before lying? Did he think that they were dumb?

Lin Tai rolled his eyes and said, “Fang―”

But at that moment, Lin Tiancheng pulled Lin Tai to the side, indicating for him to shut up.

Although Lin Tai wasn’t sure of Lin Tiancheng’s intentions, he chose to shut up.

Lin Tiancheng looked towards Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong and said, “Gentlemen, this son of mine is a letdown. It will only worsen the situation if we allow him to spout his nonsense.”

Lin Tai rolled his eyes unhappily. As for Jing Yuhang and Jing Yulong, they cursed inwardly at the sly old fox! Lin Tiancheng clearly didn’t want to offend any of the two. After leading the way, he directly gave up. Whoever of the two wanted the bell had to rely on their own abilities! After all, once a deal was made, Lin Tiancheng would benefit regardless.

As for Song Tianqiao, he had long shut up.

Zhou Yiluo didn’t know any of this. She only knew that the bell was very important to Jing Yulong and was determined to help him obtain the bell. If that happened, her standing in his heart would naturally be different. She would definitely become his bride. Therefore, Zhou Yiluo said, “Abbot Fangzheng, let’s stop joking. Although that bell of yours isn’t bad, no one will believe you if you said that it was given by Buddha. However, this bell is indeed quite beautiful. I’ll offer a million. How about you sell it to us?”

With this said, Jing Yuhang frowned. This woman is too anxious!

However, Jing Yuhang and company didn’t say a word as they waited for Fangzheng’s reaction.

Yet, they were left speechless for the monk didn’t show any expression. He stood there like a statue, looking at them calmly like they were retards!