The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Guarantee That They Wont Die From Falling

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“Is that so?” Jing Yuhang nodded and expressed his thanks before falling silent.

At that moment, Jing Yulong came over. Seeing how Jing Yuhang was cold and distant, Lin Tai decided to head over to Jing Yulong and asked, “Brother Long, how was it?”

“I’ll definitely get this bell!” Jing Yulong said proudly. Although he was saying it to Lin Tai, his eyes were directed at Jing Yuhang.

Jing Yuhang smiled. “My dear cousin, as your elder cousin, I have to remind you that the Jing family rules are not to be messed with.”

“Of course the Jing family rules are serious business. If I resort to some forceful grab, I’ll definitely not have enough legs to survive the punishment. But it’s different in this case. When the gains are sufficiently large, the rules do not exist. This bell if brought back can completely stabilize the light of providence which shines down on our family. Calling it a cornerstone treasure for our family clan wouldn’t even be an exaggeration. Such a treasure is worth the risk,” said Jing Yulong proudly. He was very confident for he believed that there was nothing in this world that could not be resolved when interests were at stake. If there was such a thing, it just meant that what was offered wasn’t worth enough!

Jing Yuhang shook his head and said, “In that case, I’ll be watching what means you have.”

“Cousin, there’s nothing wrong with you except for your wishy-washy way of acting. Such a character doesn’t make you suited for business.” Since they had lost all decorum to vie for the Yongle Bell, Jing Yulong no longer put on an act. He directly began to taunt Jing Yuhang.

Jing Yuhang thought nothing of it as he smiled. “I only know that whatever Man does, Heaven watches. The price of sin is death.”

“Hahaha!” Jing Yulong instantly laughed when he heard that. “Cousin, you are really… naive.”

Two people who seemed like good brothers before, cousins who could chat about anything under the sun, were now instantly at each other’s throats.

Lin Tiancheng felt mixed emotions. Although his standing was nothing compared to the Jing family’s patriarch, when he saw the duo, he thought, “Money is good, and so is having a big family clan, but… Keeping this family clan together isn’t familial love but money and interests! Furthermore, these ties can be severed at any time because of money and interests, and it can even lead to fratricidal strife.” As he looked at Lin Tai and Lin Xi, Lin Tiancheng felt for the first time that having only a son and daughter was pretty good. He also felt for the first time that perhaps having more and more money might not necessarily be better. Having enough was all that mattered.

But this thought was quickly dispelled by Lin Tiancheng. He knew very well that the business world was like a battleground. If he couldn’t advance with acuity, he would only decline. And once he was defeated, the outcome would only be worse!

Comparing Jing Yuhang, who appeared wishy-washy, to Jing Yulong, he had his bets on the latter. One needed to be resolute when handling major matters! Jing Yulong could hide his abilities, making it seem like he was a foppish person, but when he displayed them, he was dazzling. He went all in and was unscrupulous! Lin Tiancheng had greater optimism towards Jing Yulong’s future.

At that moment, Jing Yulong glanced at Lin Tiancheng and said, “Boss Lin, do you think I did anything wrong today?”

Clearly, Jing Yulong was making Lin Tiancheng take sides. Lin Tiancheng could no longer sit on the fence and remain neutral.

Lin Tai and Lin Xi looked nervously at Lin Tiancheng who drew a deep breath. He said with a smile, “I think you are right. When doing big things, one shouldn’t be bothered by the details. If one is fearful of this and that, nothing will come out of it at the end of the day.”

Lin Tiancheng’s words expressed his stance.

Lin Tai always felt that Jing Yuhang didn’t enjoy his company, but Jing Yulong was a lot more approachable. Furthermore, he hated Fangzheng. He wasn’t over how Fangzheng had made him lose face in front of his dream girl, so he had always been hoping to teach Fangzheng a lesson. To pin his hopes on Jing Yuhang? Clearly that was impossible. Therefore, he preferred Jing Yulong. When he saw Lin Tiancheng standing on Jing Yulong’s side, he was immediately overjoyed.

Lin Tai immediately stepped forward and said, “I think Brother Yulong is right. It’s just a small monk. No matter how impressive he is, he’s just a monk! If we were to destroy the monastery today, would this monk actually get Buddha to descend and beat us up?”

When the last sentence was said, Lin Tai, Zhou Yiluo, and Jing Yulong couldn’t help but laugh. Only Lin Tiancheng did not laugh in consideration of his age. However, he was clearly holding back. Clearly, everyone was certain that Jing Yulong had it in the bag!

Since they were preparing to take action, none of them left.

Jing Yulong stood by inside the bell tower and touched the Yongle Bell. He liked it the more he looked at it, yearning to take it away at that very moment!

However, the two experts had also said that moving the bell in its entirety would be extremely difficult. The mountain trail was treacherous and tiring even empty-handed. Machines couldn’t be brought up. The only option was to use helicopters, and just one wouldn’t do. This needed the coordination of many helicopters.

In the end, the more the two experts lauded the bell with praise and how difficult it would be, the more it added to Jing Yulong’s excitement!

Jing Yuhang remained silent the entire time. Having learned that Sis might have something to do with the monk in the monastery, he had calmed down. He carefully observed the Yongle Bell and only turned more alarmed the more he looked at it. Such a bell probably weighed a hundred tons! Even if it didn’t quite reach that, it should be close! Yet, such a heavy bell was being hung from a wooden beam. The wooden beam was too strong, wasn’t it?

In contrast, Lin Tiancheng and Song Tianqiao stayed to the side in silence. Jing Yulong thought nothing of Song Tianqiao and couldn’t be bothered with him.

Song Tianqiao didn’t go over either. Seeing Jing Yuhang in a daze, Song Tianqiao went over and whispered, “Young Master Jing, you noticed the beam too? I’ve carefully observed it, and it really is a wooden beam, not painted metal. To be honest, even at my age, although I’ve traveled everywhere, I’ve never seen such a strong wooden beam.”

Jing Yuhang nodded slightly. He appeared unfazed, but his mind was experiencing upheavals. This was too strange and illogical! How did people in the past transport up such a huge bell? Was the wisdom of the ancients that much higher, or were Buddhas really involved in this?

Jing Yuhang immediately rejected the thought of Buddhas being involved. He did not believe in any of that. Jing Yuhang knew about Buddhist scriptures, but soon, he was astonished to discover that the Buddhist scriptures inscribed on the bell were different from the ones he had read! On careful thought, the ones on the bell appeared to be more logical…

The more Jing Yuhang looked at the bell, the more captivated he was by it. However, his perceptivity was limited. He could figure out certain things, but nothing too deep…

Time passed by unknowingly.

By the time Jing Yuhang snapped out of his daze, he discovered that a bunch of people had arrived on the mountain. These people were charging straight for One Finger Monastery with Jing Yulong.

Jing Yuhang saw very clearly that these people all looked ferocious. They held metal poles, ropes, and machetes.

Jing Yuhang knew that Jing Yulong did not dare to get the authorities to help. Once people found out about this, he could forget about capturing the bell. He would be able to count his blessings if he wasn’t captured. Therefore, Jing Yulong had called in people from the triads. Jing Yuhang knew the person beside Jing Yulong. He was his bodyguard Ah He. Rumor had it that Ah He had killed before and been imprisoned for it. After his release, he had become an underground boxer, supposedly being able to beat about five people alone! If he truly wanted to deal lethal damage, even ten people wouldn’t be his match. Behind him were people who looked like Jing Yulong’s security detail. They had all been involved with the triads, all ferocious looking and famous for being good at fighting. This was also Jing Yulong’s trump card. Whenever he was out, Jing Yulong typically brought over twenty people with him, not to really beat others, but to project power!

Jing Yulong did things without keeping a low profile. He went out in luxurious cars and with beauties. He had a huge security detail and reveled in pleasure. Therefore, people thought of him as a foppish scion and thought nothing seriously of him.

However, Jing Yuhang had to admit that his younger cousin was daring and resolute. Furthermore, he did have very powerful resources. He was even stronger than Jing Yuhang in certain illegal domains.

However, Jing Yuhang was laughing. No matter how ferocious and clever Jing Yulong was, what sort of scene would happen when Sis was there? He looked forward to it.

Jing Yuhang went down the bell tower and went over. He made it clear that he wasn’t helping either side and was just watching in interest. Jing Yulong was also very pleased with his elder cousin’s attitude.

Jing Yulong came to One Finger Monastery’s door and shot Lin Tai a glance. Lin Tai instantly understood what he meant and went forward, shouting, “Fangzheng! Get out here! Our Brother Yulong has something to say to you! If you are a man, don’t hide behind a dog. Come out and negotiate with us face to face!”

Fangzheng originally imagined that these people would have already left. He never expected that after sitting down in preparation to read the scriptures, he would hear their shouting outside. He instantly frowned.

“Master, there’s a lot of people outside. All of them look ferocious. It’s quite frightening,” Squirrel ran over and exclaimed.

Monkey looked up before continuing his sweeping. No matter how many people they had, no matter how awesome they were, would they be able to defeat a demon?

Lone Wolf licked his lips but eventually lay down. War was all about strength and technique. But he couldn’t kill them and could only send them running… On second thought, he might as well not bother.

Only Red Boy asked with a look of eagerness, “Master, why don’t I throw them off the mountain?”

Fangzheng shot a glance at Red Boy.

Red Boy immediately said, “I guarantee that they won’t die from falling, but they won’t be able to come up again!”

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. To not die from a fall this high, there would probably be no peace in his monastery if word got out.

Patting Red Boy on the head, he said, “I’ll take a look first. If needed, you’ll be up.”

Fangzheng walked away as Red Boy cracked his knuckles and chuckled. “Let’s hope those guys have some guts.”

Fangzheng was startled when he opened the door. There was a whole row of black-clothed men! What were they doing? Filming for a movie?

In front of the group of men stood Jing Yulong and Zhou Yiluo. A person’s distance away was Lin Tiancheng and Lin Tai. As for the antique experts, Jing Yuhang, and Song Tianqiao, they were watching from afar. Clearly, they did not plan on involving themselves.

“Amitabha. Patrons, what else is there?” Fangzheng looked calmly at these people. Although they were all rippling with muscles and tattooed, wearing sunglasses and holding metal poles and knives, Fangzheng was completely unafraid! If they really came to blows, all he would need to do was to deal out a slap or two, and these people wouldn’t even be enough for a warm-up! Besides, the monastery still had an alpha wolf and a demon king.

“Fangzheng, I’ll cut to the chase. Be sensible and sell the bell to Brother Yulong. As long as the price isn’t overboard, it’s up to you.” Jing Yulong had long informed everyone that he would prefer to buy it if possible. Only if that failed would they use force.