The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Pregnant

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The moment that was said, everyone present was first stunned before they roared with laughter. “I was wondering what it could be. Our village is only that big. Why would we need so many combined harvesters? If we can give it away, so be it. Besides, if we don’t, what use do we have keeping it around? Our village doesn’t have so much time as to run two machines. We would rather practice our engraving skills if we have the spare time.”

Fangzheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that everyone was agreeable to it.

“In that case, I’ll head over to Jiangyong Combined Harvester Factory to bring the machine back,” Wang Yougui said.

With everyone coming to an agreement and the matters coming to a close, Fangzheng went up the mountain with his disciples.

Fangzheng originally imagined that everything was done, but before he could even warm his seat, he received Wang Yougui’s phone call. “What? They are going back on their word?”

“Yes, Sun Youqian, that grandson, is going back on his word. He even said that the gamble was against the law. The agreement he signed was unlawful. Sigh. It was my mistake. I should have made him sign an IOU and not make it a gambling agreement…” Wang Yougui sighed and said, “Without the machine from Sun Youqian, it won’t be easy for us to gift one.”

Fangzheng had turned the phone on speaker mode, so Red Boy, Monkey, Lone Wolf, and Squirrel were listening by the side. They were all infuriated!

Squirrel brandished his claws and said, “That man is too shameless! Even I want to bash someone!”

“Amitabha. This Penniless Monk curses him to be unable to piss even with a full bladder,” Monkey said.

Lone Wolf said, “If we knew this would happen, we should have kept them around until we saw the machine.”

Red Boy said, “Master, why don’t you send me! If he dares…”

“Enough, stop shouting, all of you. I’ll settle this matter.” Fangzheng sneered. Was it that easy to repudiate a debt of One Finger Village? He assured Wang Yougui by saying that he would resolve the matter.

“Master, don’t tell me you plan on using your divine powers? You might as well use mine instead,” Red Boy grumbled. He still hoped to have his divine powers returned and have some fun outside.

Fangzheng said with a smile, “You can hold back those divine powers of yours. Watch me!”

With that said, Fangzheng held a brush and paper before writing a few huge words. Then, he stuffed it to Red Boy and said, “Deliver this to Sun Youqian.”

When Red Boy took a look at it, he was immediately overjoyed. He felt his Dharmic powers return as he soared into the air and flew into the distance.

Fangzheng sat in the backyard, drinking tea as he mumbled, “He’s filled with a baneful aura. It’s obvious that he earned his money unscrupulously. Today, let’s take some of it to accumulate some merit for him. Yes, This Penniless Monk is indeed a good person. He even helps someone bad like him.”

After Sun Youqian returned to the Jiangyong Combined Harvester Factory, he had planned on sending off Wang Yougui with a few perfunctory words. He never expected Wang Yougui to turn stubborn. He refused to leave when he saw that Sun Youqian was repudiating the debt! He sat in the main hall and stopped Sun Youqian from leaving.

Sun Youqian was somewhat exasperated inside his office. At that moment, there was a knock on the door, but he saw no one outside when he opened it.

Sun Youqian scratched his head and mumbled, “Who’s so free as to pull pranks…”

But when he turned his head, he saw a piece of paper on his desk!

Sun Youqian was very certain that the piece of paper wasn’t his! It hadn’t been there a moment ago! Immediately, he felt a shiver run through him.

At the same time, he heard a child’s voice. “Patron, think it through carefully; give birth, or give the machine.”

Sun Youqian jumped in fright and looked around him before roaring, “Who is it!?”

His office was only that big, so he could take in its entirety at a glance. There was no one in his office! Sun Youqian felt his hair stand on end as he mumbled inwardly that some child must have been pulling pranks. He began opening all the cabinet doors to find the child, but… He failed to find anything!

Sun Youqian’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he looked at the piece of paper on the desk. On it was the following text written with flair: “Have a Son Soon!”

It was signed off with the name Fangzheng!

More cold sweat streamed down Sun Youqian’s forehead. “Fangzheng, isn’t that that young monk? How did he deliver this piece of paper? Also, what does he mean by this?”

Sun Youqian was puzzled, but his eyes suddenly widened the next moment. He tore open his clothes in horror and looked at his stomach which was beginning to swell…

“It’s increasing in size! It’s burgeoning! How is it so big?” Sun Youqian cried out in alarm. When he wanted to stand up, his stomach was so big and heavy that he couldn’t! After he went to great effort to stand up, he rushed out of the room. He was truly afraid. His stomach had burgeoned in size for some baffling reason. Why would that happen? Although he was asking this question, the first thought that came to him was Fangzheng’s sentence: “Have a Son Soon!”

“Don’t tell me I’ll really be giving birth…” Sun Youqian was truly horrified. He charged down the stairs and did not see Wang Yougui. He ran out and left by car.

Wang Yougui had gone to the washroom, and when he came out, he didn’t see Sun Youqian, so all he did was continue waiting in the hall. At that moment, a few men in black suits walked over and looked at Wang Yougui. They greeted him. “Are you One Finger Village’s Mr. Wang Yougui?”

“Yes. You are?” Wang Yougui was slightly stunned.

“It’s nothing. Village Chief, please calm down. Our boss heard that something happened at your village, so we came to take a look. Why don’t you tell us the situation. You can call me Little Zhao. This is my boss’s name card. If One Finger Village encounters any trouble in the future, feel free to tell us.” The man handed the name card to Wang Yougui.

When Wang Yougui picked it up and looked at it, he saw the words written on it: “Jing Dragon Corporation General Manager: Jing Yulong.” There were a few telephone numbers on it and one that was handwritten.

“The handwritten number is his private number,” Little Zhao hurriedly explained.

However, Wang Yougui was dumbfounded. What was happening? He did not know Jing Yulong, but he knew of the Jing Dragon Corporation. It was a massive entity! It was freaking rich! Holy sh*t, if they hadn’t recognized the wrong person, it appeared…

Wang Yougui smiled.

Sun Youqian kept having the feeling that he was really with child, so he didn’t dare head to the hospital, afraid that it would embarrass him if word got out. Therefore, he found a friend who was a traditional Chinese doctor. After feeling his pulse, his friend looked at Sun Youqian with an odd look. “Manager Sun, I’m not sure how I should put it.”

“What do you mean? Say it!” Sun Youqian turned anxious.

“Firstly, I’m not sure if I should congratulate you or pity you. You are with child,” the doctor said.

Sun Youqian felt faint and nearly fell unconscious. He had a wife, but they had been childless all this time. They had even thought of trying artificial insemination, but great. Now his wife wasn’t pregnant, but he was… He was unsure if he should be happy or sad.

“However, this pulse of yours is weird. It’s best you take an ultrasound at the hospital,” advised his friend.

Sun Youqian immediately stood up. He walked with great difficulty due to his hurting back, but he still clenched his teeth to drive straight for the hospital.

Similarly, Sun Youqian did not dare line up. He secretly found someone he knew and through his connections, he got a doctor with the best skills to help him take an ultrasound.

“Doctor Sun, I’ll be counting on you,” Sun Youqian said bitterly.

Doctor Sun gestured for him to lie down properly before saying gently, “Alright, relax. Don’t be nervous. You are just pregnant as a man. It’s no big deal. I’m telling you, only a year ago, I received a patient who was also a man who found himself pregnant. Furthermore, he wasn’t pregnant with a child but a brick!”

“A brick!?” Sun Youqian was stunned before he shook his head and said, “How is it possible? How can a person be pregnant with a brick?”

“Don’t doubt it. This world has no lack of amazing things. I didn’t believe it in the past either. Later, many experts were brought over, and we were certain that it wasn’t a misdiagnosis. He was indeed pregnant with a brick. Furthermore, the brick was gradually increasing in size… Hehe.” Doctor Sun shook his head and said, “I’m not pulling your leg on this. Our entire hospital knows of this.”

Sun Youqian was half-convinced when he saw his friend nod. Then he asked, “How did that happen to him? Don’t tell me he got f**ked by a brick?”

Doctor Sun laughed. “Who knows how he ended up like that. But I did hear that he had gone to One Finger Monastery before he found himself pregnant. That monastery is quite amazing. A childless couple had previously gone there and come back with a child. Hehe, of course, we are sceptical as doctors, so we still believe it could have been a coincidence. Eh, Manager Sun, what’s wrong?” Doctor Sun noticed that Sun Youqian’s expression had turned extremely odd before he could finish his sentence. His expression was ugly, so he asked that question out of concern.

Sun Youqian gulped and asked, “It’s nothing. Doctor, quickly see what’s wrong with me…”

Doctor Sun nodded and began carefully observing.

“Let me take a look. Eh… Eh? Ah!? Holy sh*t!” Doctor Sun was still alright in the beginning, but he couldn’t compose himself as time went by. He nearly jumped up.

Sun Youqian felt his heart palpitate as he asked, “Doctor, what did you see?”

Doctor Sun wiped the sweat from his head and said, “Manager Sun, what did you do?”

“What’s wrong? Am I also pregnant with something with sharp corners?” Sun Youqian asked frantically.

“Don’t worry, it isn’t a brick,” Doctor Sun said.

“That’s good. Then what is it?” asked Sun Youqian.

“From the looks of it, it’s a harvester…” Doctor Sun enunciated each word after a careful observation, with a hint of doubt.

Manager Sun’s eyes rolled back, and he fainted! His friend exclaimed. “How is this possible? A brick can be of various sizes. Being f**ked by it is understandable, but a harvester? Manager Sun, how much love do you lack?”

“Scram!” Manager Sun got up and without even wiping away the fluid on his stomach, he ran out.

“Manager Sun, calm down. Don’t hurt the fetus!” Manager Sun’s friend shouted nervously.

Manager Sun nearly fainted when he heard that. He drove off once he was out of the hospital.

Doctor Sun sat in his chair and looked at the image on the screen and marveled, “I guess no one will believe what I’ve encountered my entire life. If someone were to believe it, I should be able to win the Nobel Prize…”

Manager Sun went straight for One Finger once he drove out the hospital. Apart from the few words Fangzheng had given him—Have a Son Soon—there was the child’s voice as well—”Patron, think it through carefully; give birth, or give the machine.”


Manager Sun slammed the brakes, and his car came to a halt.

Then he clenched his teeth and called Jiang Chaowei. Before he could even speak a word, he heard Jiang Chaowei say with a sobbing voice, “Manager, you finally called back. If you don’t return, our sales department will be completely wrecked!”