The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Scam Scam Scam

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After choosing an earthen jar and scrubbing it clean, Fangzheng placed the spirit ginseng inside. He then filled it with water and boiled it over fire.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng began cultivating the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art in the backyard. There were a total of three volumes to the body tempering art. The first volume was the elephant stance, and the second was the dragon stance. The final volume combined both to form the dragon elephant stance. Each stance had its own set of cultivation techniques. Fangzheng was practicing the first volume, the elephant stance.

The elephant stance was about emulating a combat elephant’s stance with the human body. There were a total of twelve fist arts, and the focus was on delivering strength with one’s lower body. The cultivator would draw on the strength of the land and let it permeate their body before punching out. The force delivered would not just be the strength of one’s body, but also of the land itself.

Fangzheng had an outstanding memory, so he had long memorized all the moves. He waved his hand and immediately began practicing. In the beginning, he was rather clumsy and even a little odd. However, Fangzheng gritted his teeth and persisted. After completing one set, he found himself a lot more relaxed. At the same time, his skin also seemed to turn stronger. His muscles also swelled up significantly, and even his bones seemed to undergo a silent change.

However, these changes were very tiny. They could not be seen with the naked eye.

Nonetheless, Fangzheng was satisfied as long as there was change. While moving his fists, he stepped forward like a combat elephant. He stomped his feet, and an immense strength rose up from his foot. It went through his knees to his waist, finally to his shoulder and then to his fist! When he punched out, Fangzheng clearly heard a sonic boom which sounded like a firecracker!

“Nice! This punch can actually cause a sonic boom! How powerful is that?” Fangzheng was astonished.

Fangzheng knew that even the strongest boxer in the world could punch with a force of only about 500 kilograms. That was said to be the level of being capable of killing a person with one punch and an ox with two punches. But for him? Back when he cultivated the mortal martial arts, the Great Strength Vajra Palm, he already possessed such strength. Now that he cultivated in spiritual martial arts, the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art, even just the opening of the first chakra resulted in him having a strength of 5,000 kilograms! If this punch hit… Fangzheng could already see crowds shouting at him in unison, “A humanoid behemoth!”

Upon thinking of such a scene, Fangzheng could not help but jolt. If this was really made known to the world, what would he do if he was captured and dissected?

If he landed in the hands of America, he might even be sliced up for research. That would still be good; at the very least, he would die a quick death. But if he landed in the hands of his fellowmen, there was a high chance that he would be sliced up, then dipped in sauce and tasted…

With this in mind, Fangzheng immediately made a decision—less posturing! He had to keep a low profile! A low profile!

Of course, this was only his thoughts going wild. He also knew that the world was not as horrible as he imagined. After all, this world had too many incredulous people and feats. If every incredible person was so easily sliced up, humanity would have long wiped itself from the face of the Earth.

Shaking his head, he purged the nonsensical thoughts from his mind. He focused and continued practicing.

Fangzheng practiced the elephant stance art a total of twelve times. After each set, he clearly felt energy rise up from the chakra in his body and meld with his body. Consequently, he felt his strength increase yet again! After twelve sets, just as he was about to expend all the energy in his chakra, he clearly felt a little groggy.

Thankfully, he caught a whiff of a faint herbal fragrance. Fangzheng rushed to the kitchen and immediately lowered the fire, and he waited beside it.

Then, Red Boy came over. He moved a tiny stool and sat beside Fangzheng and watched the earthen jar. “Master, I told you that stewing carrots requires technique. In fact, you can also add…”

“Jingxin, I suddenly recalled something. Go down the mountain and buy a bag of salt.” Without waiting for Red Boy to finish his sentence, Fangzheng spoke out first.

When Red Boy heard that, his face blackened. He shot a glance at the bags of salt which were lined nicely on the stovetop and widened his mouth. “Master, we already have lots of salt.”

“I said there’s not enough. If you don’t believe me, I can chant some scriptures and do some preaching for you?” Fangzheng asked with a smile.

Red Boy immediately went down the mountain when he heard that.

“Whoever speaks of carrots to me from this day forth will be going down the mountain to buy salt!” Fangzheng scoffed.

The moment Red Boy heard that, he wore a bitter look. Why couldn’t he say the truth in this day and age? Sigh. As he sighed, he looked up and saw Monkey walking over.

Monkey took a sniff, and he had clearly come because he had caught the fragrance. When he saw Red Boy, he asked, “Junior Brother, what’s Master doing? Why does it smell so good?”

Red Boy’s eyes darted a little when he heard that. He said with a laugh, “Master thinks our food is too bland. So he stewed an earthen jar of carrot soup. Whoever goes gets to drink. I’ve already had some, and it tastes excellent. By the way, there’s not much soup. If you wish to drink it, be quick. Otherwise when Senior Brothers Jingfa and Jingkuan return, there won’t be enough.”

Monkey’s impatient personality as a monkey immediately showed itself when he heard that. He rushed to the kitchen, but he wasn’t stupid either. After being repeatedly fooled, he had grown careful. He shot a glance at the earthen jar and indeed, something was being stewed with a fire beneath it. Steam was pouring out of it, and it was emitting a splendid fragrance! Red Boy hadn’t lied to him! Therefore Monkey asked, “Master, are you stewing carrots?”

When Fangzheng heard that, he looked up and smiled at Monkey…

It didn’t take long before Monkey came out of the backyard with his head lowered. The moment he came out, he saw Red Boy leaning on the bodhi tree, smiling.

Monkey immediately got a wooden stick. He was about to punish someone on behalf of the heavens! He needed to exact revenge for being fooled!

At that moment, familiar footsteps were heard from outside. Red Boy and Monkey exchanged looks and instantly, Monkey hid the stick behind his back. Then he walked with his hands behind his back, sighing. “Master’s carrot soup sure is delicious… Thanks to Junior Brother for your reminder; without it, I wouldn’t have known about it. If I hadn’t gone in time, I probably would have missed it.”

Red Boy said, “Yeah! Master planned to secretly drink it for himself. That taste was really not bad… Hush. Senior Brothers are back. Don’t say a word. If they hear of it, we won’t get to drink any more.”

“Yeah.” Monkey nodded in cooperation.

As Lone Wolf ran in with his tongue hanging out, his eyes looked high up as though he had not heard a thing. He took joyful steps and walked to the backyard. On his head was Squirrel who subconsciously rubbed his belly. His eyes were narrowed as though he was planning something.

After they passed through the backyard’s door and vanished from Red Boy’s and Monkey’s line of sight, Lone Wolf suddenly sped up and charged into the kitchen. He said with a laugh, “Master, I heard from Junior Brother that you are stewing carrot soup? Where is it?”

Ten minutes later, on the way down the mountain.

Lone Wolf and Squirrel looked at Red Boy and Monkey with resentment…

“Seriously, what’s up with Master? Is there a need for so many people to buy salt? With each of us buying a bag of salt, there will be four bags of salt. What are we buying so much salt for?” Monkey asked sulkily.

Red Boy stroked his chin and said, “No idea. He’s probably planning to stockpile salt.”

The few disciples couldn’t figure it out no matter how much they racked their brains.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng was done stewing his spirit ginseng soup. He gulped it down and then sat cross-legged in the temple hall. He began meditating and circulating the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art. The dragon elephant in his body stretched out its trunk and, like a whale sucking in water, all the spirit ginseng’s medicinal essence was absorbed by Fangzheng’s body. It was then converted into Dragon Elephant Qi, which he stored inside his chakra…