The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 69

Chapter 69: A Roar

An idea came to Chen Jing as he yelled, "Little Monk, why do you have such a one-track mind? Which Buddhist temple out there this day doesn't yearn for the media to pay it a visit to report about it? Just three days ago, I received Baiyun Monastery's invitation for us to run a special report on them. As for you, we came here ourselves yet you close the door, barring our entry. If you continue doing this, be worried that we will not make any reports about your temple in the future. When the time comes, your place will truly become deserted."

"Amitabha. Patrons, there is no need for you to speak any further. It is forbidden to use a Buddhist land of worship for competition. Today, this temple will be closed to any guests. Goodbye." With that said, Fangzheng flicked his sleeves and took a rag to wipe down the temple hall. He could not stay there any longer. The other party spoke many enticing words. He was truly afraid that he would succumb and agree to them. If that happened, having points deducted for his mission's evaluation was a small matter. Having his merit deducted would be terrible! He only had 16 merit points. It wasn't enough for any deduction to be allowed. If he ended up having so many points deducted that it invited an inferno of negative karma on him, how was he to live his days?

Fangzheng's footsteps turned distant as the people outside looked at each other. They were unsure about what they could do next.

"Jing Yan, it's best you fix your clothes." Cai Fang looked at Jing Yan, who was still in a daze. He could not help but remind her.

As for the other men, they raised their heads high as if they were not looking at it. However, they were trying their best to look from the corner of their eyes as if no one else could notice it.

Jing Yan blushed. However, her skirt had been ripped off by Lone Wolf, and it had fallen in the temple. Furthermore, it was torn, so it was unlikely that she could wear it anymore. She had not brought other clothes up the mountain, so she was truly feeling a little vexed.

At that moment, Chen Jing decisively took off his jacket and handed it to her. He said, "Jing Yan, wrap this around your waist. It should help a little."

Jing Yan wanted to reject the offer, but walking around in her leggings felt rather embarrassing even if she would not be exposing herself. She nodded and took the jacket to wrap around her waist, covering her lower body.

With the sight gone, many of the cameramen that had been enjoying the view stopped their furtive glances.

One of the cameramen asked Cai Fang, "Teacher Cai, what do we do now? The door is closed and we can't enter. In a while, Ouyang Huazai and company will be coming. Are we going to make them be denied entry as well? Then, wouldn't this trip today be for nothing? We wasted so many front page promotions for today's competition, yet we ended up being stood up. Our publishing firm will be completely embarrassed."

Cai Fang and Jing Yan looked helpless.

Chen Jing surveyed his surroundings and finally spotted a temple wall that wasn't considered very tall. With a stroke of genius, he said, "Since we can't enter through the door, we can climb the walls! This wall isn't tall. A jump is enough to reach the top. It will be very easy to climb over it. As long as we are in, we can open the door from the inside."

"That's reasonable. Then, go and climb it," Jing Yan spoke after a while. The moment she did, however, Chen Jing was embittered.

The idea was his but as for climbing over the wall? He did not dare!

A powerful monk that could throw a wolf that large so easily was inside. If he were to be discovered, wouldn't his legs be broken before he was thrown out?

However, Jing Yan had spoken, so he could not help but agree now. With a beauty in front of him, he mustered his courage through the stimulation of his male hormones. Gritting his teeth, Chen Jing said, "Alright, wait for me!"

With that said, Chen Jing jumped and hooked his arms onto the top of the wall. Then, he used his feet to forcefully kick, kick, kick- And he fell down.

Seeing how good-for-nothing Chen Jing was, Jing Yan rolled her eyes and cursed softly, "Truly useless."

Chen Jing's face turned red as he hurriedly sought the help from his cameraman. One bent down while the other desperately struggled to climb up. Finally, he managed to reach the top.

Right at that moment, Fangzheng was cleaning the temple hall when he discovered motion under the table in the hall. He lay himself prone to the ground and saw a mouse hiding right there! Upon seeing Fangzheng, the mouse ran!

Fangzheng was immediately incensed. A Buddhist temple hall was a sacred land. This was where the divine was worshiped! It was fine if a mouse came in, since all beings were equal in the eyes of Buddha. However, why was the darn rodent chewing on the offerings? It did not offer incense, pay respects to Buddha, or leave any incense money, yet here it was stealing something?

Fangzheng roared, "Stop!"

As for Chen Jing, who had just climbed up the wall, he was already feeling so nervous that his muscles were tight, and he was feeling mentally stressed. Suddenly, he heard a loud roar and with a shudder, he plopped to the ground!

Thankfully, the cameraman beneath him was quick to react and grabbed him. In the end, both of them ended up rolling about the floor in a jointed mess.

When Jing Yan saw this, she turned around as she could not bear to look. She even began to question how such a useless man managed to grow this big! Look at that young monk. He can throw a wolf with a single wave of his hand. As for this fellow, he was tall and well-built with his limbs intact, yet he could not climb over a wall...

"Chen Jing, if you can't make it, why don't you let Little Luo do it?" Cai Fang went forward and spoke with concern. Little Luo was Cai Fang's cameraman. He wasn't old, so when he heard Cai Fang's offer, he was raring to give it a try. Especially the look in his eyes when he stole glances at the beautiful Jing Yan spoke volumes.

Chen Jing had wanted to give up, quitting with the excuse provided for him. However, when he saw Little Luo's eyes, his male hormones flared up once again. He decisively rejected the offer by saying, "There's no need. It was just a mistake. I'll definitely succeed this time! Old Miao, help me again. Lift me up!"

"Chen Jing, about that. I think it might be better to let Little Luo give it a try..." Old Miao already had a mental scar from being slammed by Chen Jing's fall.

"Try my ass! The ancients have taught us to climb up from where we fall. Help me up!" Chen Jing said angrily. He had already disgraced himself sufficiently earlier on. He had to regain his honor on this matter!

A helpless Old Miao could only help Chen Jing climb up the wall again. Once again, Chen Jing used all his strength to begin climbing over the wall.

Inside the temple, Fangzheng was holding onto a broom and chasing the mouse everywhere. At the same time, he was giving it a dressing down, "Stop there for me! Stop!" His roar from before had been too loud. Afraid of stirring Bodhisattva, Fangzheng had deliberately lowered his voice.

However, the mouse only ran faster. It gave him a glance and even shook its tail at him.

Fangzheng was even more infuriated as he quickly chased up to it and was about to smack his broom down. However, upon recalling that killing was a sin, he gave up without any hesitation and instead grabbed at the mouse with his bare hands.

However, the mouse was extremely fast. Dodging a few grabs, it left behind a gray figure for Fangzheng as it climbed up to the ceiling along some prayer beads! Up in the ceiling, it looked down at Fangzheng villainously. It swung its tail and squeaked noisily.

When Fangzheng heard that, he was even more infuriated, "Little fellow, how dare you mock me? Come down if you have the guts!"

The mouse turned around and let him have a look of its butt! Then, it climbed to one side and suddenly jumped onto the lamp!

When Fangzheng saw this, he jumped in fright! The lamps in the temple hall were oil lamps, not electric lamps!

The mouse was shaking the lamp up there, spilling the oil everywhere. That was all money!

Fangzheng turned anxious as he roared, "Come down!"


The mouse did not react but Chen Jing, who had just climbed up the wall, was frightened. His hands slipped as he plummeted to the ground.

When Old Miao saw this, he went through the motion of trying to grab him and without disappointing anyone, he failed. Chen Jing crashed to the ground with his feet up. He lay on the ground holding his back as he constantly wailed in pain.