The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 692

Chapter 692 New Mission

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On this day, Lone Wolf kept spitting out white foam while eating. Squirrel appeared heroically as he threw his arms out and roared. “Senior Brother, I’ll share your burden!”


Fangzheng threw a piece of the cabbage’s leaf and directly buried Squirrel.

A few minutes later, Squirrel rubbed his rotund belly and looked at the half piece of cabbage. “Senior Brother, I can’t help you any further. I can’t even move…”

Lone Wolf looked bitterly at the White Jade Cabbage which continued to tower with leaves the size of a human. He wanted to cry. At that instant, he finally understood that it wasn’t that Fangzheng wasn’t holding a grudge against him for secretly eating the cabbage. As always, Fangzheng didn’t hold a grudge but had laid a trap for him right there and then! Having him fall into the trap, Fangzheng had even filled the trap to make it his grave.

Red Boy and Monkey exchanged looks and sighed inwardly. Luckily, they had not partaken in secretly eating the cabbage. Otherwise, they would be the ones suffering. The cabbage was just too huge. It was definitely not for one person! Fangzheng was indeed someone who never showed mercy.

On the fifth day, the moment Fangzheng got up and opened the door, he felt his bottom robes tighten.

Looking down, he saw Lone Wolf looking pitifully as he hugged his legs with teary eyes. He whimpered. “Master, I was wrong. Can I not eat the cabbage anymore? I’ll start vomiting if I eat any more.”

“Oh? You were wrong? What did you do that was wrong?” Fangzheng asked with a chuckle.

“I shouldn’t have secretly eaten the cabbage. When there are good things to eat, I should wait until everyone is around and share it with them. Eating by myself isn’t good,” Lone Wolf said honestly.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled. “Amitabha. Jingfa, I’m very happy that you understand this.”

“Master, can I stop eating the cabbage?” Lone Wolf was delighted.

“Let’s see it through until the end of the week.” Fangzheng looked at the White Jade Cabbage and felt helpless as well. To leave it there like that? He felt it was a pity. To eat it? He really couldn’t finish it!

With the principle of letting someone else suffer in his stead, Fangzheng decisively betrayed Lone Wolf. He allowed Lone Wolf to lament behind him as he left.

After having breakfast, Fangzheng felt that he had spent too much time on the mountain. He felt that he needed to find something to do. However, regardless of how he thought about it, there was nothing he could do. The weather was getting cold, and the number of visitors was reducing. Although his surroundings were cold, his heart was throbbing with heated enthusiasm.

“I’ll be going down the mountain today. Who wants to join me?” asked Fangzheng.

“Me!” For the first time, Lone Wolf, who usually didn’t enjoy leaving the mountain, was the first to volunteer. He raised his head high as he swept his gaze across the rest. He gave off the feeling that he would force anyone to eat the cabbage if they vied for the spot! This oppressive feeling left the rest in silence.

When Fangzheng saw this, he shook his head in resignation. “Whatever. Jingfa, follow me down then.”

Lone Wolf was instantly delighted. He went down to the ground and ate his meal.

Fangzheng said, “Jingxin, pack some White Jade Cabbage for me. Let your senior brother carry it. We need to make sure we don’t starve on our trip.”

“Pfft!” Lone Wolf spewed out all the food in his mouth. He couldn’t escape the cabbage nightmare even away from the mountain? How was he live the rest of his days!?

Regardless of how Lone Wolf howled, a huge bag was strapped around him with

Crystal Rice dumplings and White Jade Cabbage buns inside. White Jade Cabbage leaves wrapped with Crystal Rice with bits of Frost Bamboo shoots were the newest One Finger Monastery delicacy—White Jade Rice Dumplings. Although the name sounded insipid, the taste was… Even Lone Wolf who had started vomiting from eating all that White Jade Cabbage was able to eat a few bites of it before vomiting.

Of course, more importantly, the dumplings were portable and filling.

After opening the Formless Door, Fangzheng stepped through it with Lone Wolf.

Fangzheng vaguely heard the sound of music which was very gentle. There was also some singing… But he couldn’t tell what exactly was sung.

The darkness shattered, and Fangzheng found himself by the side of a huge river. There was some mist arising from the river like a white dragon hovering over it. It was truly a spectacle to behold! The willows by the side of the river drooped, but under the cold winds, there were no more green leaves. All there was were withered willow branches that swayed with the cold wind, making the scene look rather desolate.

Perhaps it was because it was very early, but there were few people along the river. All Fangzheng saw were a few elders strolling, a few young adults running, and further away, someone seemed to be practicing his sword play.

Just from this scene, Fangzheng had no idea where he was. However, he was certain of one thing; he was likely still in northeastern China.

“Master, where is this?” Lone Wolf looked up, curiously looking around and whispering.

“No idea. Let’s take a look,” Fangzheng whispered. Then he walked along the river and soon arrived at a bridge. There was a huge sculpture at the end of the bridge which depicted a person rowing a boat with all his might. It looked strong and impactful.

When Fangzheng saw this, he smiled. “I know where we are!”

“Where?” asked Lone Wolf.

“Gulin City!” Fangzheng smiled. The sculpture of the rower was a landmark in Gulin City. No other place had it. Therefore Fangzheng recognized it at a glance If this were some new landmark, Fangzheng might not necessarily have recognized it, but this was different. This landmark had been there for ages. When Fangzheng was still young, it was a landmark which often appeared on television. Although he saw less of it in the recent two years, it did not hinder Fangzheng from recognizing it.

To Lone Wolf, Gulin City was just like Black River City—unfamiliar. In fact, all cities were about the same to him. They were just places filled with metal and concrete, busy places with people streaming everywhere. Places where one had nothing to eat without money.

“Master, where do we go now?” Lone Wolf surveyed his surroundings, his mind completely blank.

Fangzheng thought about it. Although the Formless Door often did things randomly, it wasn’t like it gave no clues at all. The spot he appeared in shouldn’t be too far from the mission target. At the very least, it had to be a place where the mission target often appeared. Hence he really couldn’t go too far. If he missed the opportunity, he would have to walk back to Mt. One Finger. Although they were in the same Gulin Province, to actually walk back…

Just as the saying went—Mount Hope ran a dead horse—so the monk would probably die from walking when he couldn’t even see Mt. One Finger. If he didn’t wish to die, he had to get transportation. And that cost money!

When he thought of spending money, Fangzheng decisively turned back and began to loiter around the riverside. Regardless, he couldn’t throw money away!

Lone Wolf did not know what Fangzheng was doing, so all he did was follow him. As they walked, such a huge silver dog naturally attracted countless gazes, especially the gazes of female dogs!

Moments after they started walking, a spotted dog came over and went straight for Lone Wolf’s ass…

Lone Wolf turned around suddenly and raised his claws for a slap. The spotted dog staggered from the strike and didn’t dare move forward again. Lone Wolf mumbled to himself, “Your body with spots makes it obvious you aren’t a purebreed. How dare you hit on me? Pui!”

However, there were too many people who walked their dogs in the morning, so dogs kept approaching him one after another.

Fangzheng kept hearing the whimpering of dogs behind him as well as Lone Wolf’s angry mumbling, “Your mouth is like a rabbit’s… Your legs are so short that your stomach clings to the ground… Such long ears, did you have them stretched? Your fur is covering your eyes, no wonder you are that blind…”