The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Sticking Together In Life And Death

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Only then did the crowd notice that the one faster than Fangzheng was a silver dog. With one leap it covered more than ten meters as though it was flying. It drew out a perfect trajectory and landed gently on the ground. It then widened its four legs and like lightning, rushed to the boulder. Without any hesitation, it jumped into the river.

Fangzheng followed closely behind as he plunged in!

Upon seeing this, everyone snapped back to their senses.

“Holy sh*t! What did I just see? That monk and dog jumped from five meters high and are fine!? Are they cats?” someone exclaimed.

“Did you see that monk? Is he superman or something?” another person said.

“Why say all of this? Quickly come up with a plan to rescue them!” Zhang Huihui screamed when she saw this.

Only then did they come to their senses and rushed down via the stairs to the side. Some called the police, while the others rushed over to the rescue.

The baldy stood in a daze on the embankment, mumbling. “Holy sh*t… This… They sure go to great lengths acting.”

However, no one was bothering with him at that moment. Occasionally, someone would roll their eyes when they passed him.

Fangzheng did not know how flabbergasted the people on the embankment were. When he plunged into the ice-cold water, it was dark all around. He couldn’t see a thing and with the river water interfering with Lone Wolf’s sense of smell, he was a little dumbfounded. All he could do was swim forward, but he saw no one.

“Wisdom Eye, activate!” With an idea coming to him, Fangzheng activated his Wisdom Eye. As long as she was human, she would definitely have merit or negative karma on her as long as she was alive. Merit would glow with a golden hue, while negative karma would glow with a red hue. It would be like a lighthouse amidst the darkness. Indeed, Fangzheng saw Duan Liu who had been washed away at a glance as she was rapidly disappearing into the distance. Taking in a deep breath, his hands began to move like oars while he kicked with his feet. Like a powerful fish, he used his massive force and the river’s flow to swim over.

Upon seeing this, Lone Wolf also swam in that direction…

It didn’t take Fangzheng long to catch up to Duan Liu. He immediately lifted her out of the water… But Fangzheng quickly realized that the lady was bent on dying. Her eyes were unfocused, and she was no longer breathing.

Fangzheng knew that he could save her once or twice, but who could watch her all the time? Saving a person was easy, but saving a heart was difficult. Looking at the girl’s blank face as though she was lost in her memories, Fangzheng got Lone Wolf to drag her to the shore while he tapped the spot between her brows—A Golden Millet Dream!

The scene changed and Fangzheng found himself standing in a place akin to a school. When he pushed the door in front of him open, Fangzheng saw a middle-aged woman standing in a yard with a young girl. Not far away, a few children were playing.

“Pei Liang, come over. This is Little Liu. You must take care of her in the future, got it? She’s like you. She doesn’t have her parents.” The woman pulled the timid Little Liu from behind her and put her tiny hand in the hand of the boy who had a little stubbornness and curiosity.

“My name is Pei Liang. You’ll be my younger sister in the future. I’ll protect you, and no one will dare bully you!” The boy was a little mature for his age as he brought Little Liu to the side and struck himself in the chest with a promise.

When Fangzheng looked back, he saw the words on the door—Balmy Orphanage.

Upon seeing this, Fangzheng could not help but let out a sigh. “Another pitiful person.”

This was the first time Little Liu had walked into the orphanage. When she saw the door close, the world in her heart was closed as well, leaving only a tiny yard and the young boy.

The scene changed.

On a flight of stairs, two kids were sitting down. They were looking at the moon outside the window as Little Liu was tying her pigtails. She mumbled. “Brother Pei Liang, I heard that the fifteenth of the month is the day for family reunions. It’s the fifteenth tomorrow. Do you think we will have family visiting us?”

When Pei Liang heard that, the look in his eyes darkened a little, but he soon replaced that with a firm smile. He patted her on the shoulder and said, “Yes, definitely.”

Despite knowing that he was lying to her, she still smiled.

When Pei Liang left, Little Liu followed behind him, mumbling. “After all these years, no family has ever come. So how can there be anyone coming tomorrow?”

The scene changed again. It was the next day, and the full moon was hanging high in the sky.

It was still the same staircase and Little Liu was sitting there, looking at the full moon, her heart feeling bleak.

At that moment, a tiny hand patted her on the shoulder. When she looked over, she saw a dirty Pei Liang. He had his hands behind him as he smiled mysteriously. “Little Liu, happy mid-autumn festival!”

“Happy.” Little Liu smiled dryly. She really couldn’t lift her mood because another child had been taken away today. She was envious seeing the happy family.

“Hey, come on! Smile. Look, see what this is!” Pei Liang took out a paper bag soaked in oil. Then, he opened it right in front of her as a fragrance emanated. Little Liu subconsciously gulped.

“A mooncake!?” Little Liu looked at Pei Liang in astonishment. The mooncake was made very crudely, and it wasn’t large. The word “autumn” was written on it, and to the two orphans in an orphanage, this was something really, really good!

Pei Liang chuckled and sat beside her. Handing it to her, he said, “That’s right. It’s a mooncake! People say that one should do moon watching and eat mooncakes during the mid-autumn festival. We are brother and sister, so isn’t it a family reunion with us being together? Now, we can also moon watch, and there’s a moon cake. How perfect…”

Little Liu laughed due to Pei Liang’s contagious laughter. Looking at the mooncake in her hand, she found it all the more delightful. She was already drooling at the corners of her mouth.

“Little Liu, what are you waiting for? Eat it! It’s delicious,” said Pei Liang.

“Okay…” Little Liu nodded then split the mooncake in two halves. She handed him one and kept one for herself.

“Little Liu, I don’t need it. I’ve already eaten some. Eat it yourself,” Pei Liang said as he shook his head.

“If you aren’t eating, I’m not eating either.” Little Liu placed the mooncake down, but she still sneaked a glance at it. Clearly, she wanted to eat it greatly.

When Pei Liang saw this, he had no choice but to pick up the mooncake and split it into two. He handed three-quarters of it to her and left a quarter for himself. “I’ve eaten it before, so I’m still stuffed. I’ll eat a little less, so you can eat more.”

“Okay!” Little Liu didn’t think any further, believing that everything Pei Liang had said was the truth.

Little Liu had a very enjoyable night that day.

But on the second day, she heard a teacher mention that Pei Liang had sneaked out the orphanage yesterday to steal ingredients. He was later caught by the bread shop owner and beaten up.

Upon hearing this, Little Liu recalled Pei Liang’s dirty clothes and the piece of clean, delicious mooncake he had given her. She instantly cried.

The scene changed again. Both children had grown up. All these years, many people wished to individually adopt Pei Liang or Little Liu separately, but, in order not to be separated, the two children rejected the offer. Even if they were forcefully put up for adoption, they would fast in protest. Eventually, they stayed in the orphanage until they were big.

Pei Liang was the first to leave the orphanage due to his age. That day, Little Liu cried her heart out, but she was unable to retain him. It was still that huge door that separated her from her parents, and now, it was separating her from the person closest to her.