The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Trouble Comes from the Mouth

"Chen Jing, why don't you let Little Luo try?" Cai Fang went forward and asked again.

Chen Jing rubbed his waist and looked at the wall once again. After recalling his misfortune, he did not force it this time. He nodded and said, "Alright, let Little Luo try his hand at it."

When Little Luo heard this, he leaped and easily mounted the wall.

At that moment...

"Teacher Cai, what are all of you doing? Quick, come down!" There was an exclamation from behind them. Cai Fang and company turned to look back and saw Wu Changxi sprinting over. There were people behind him that they did not know.

"Wu Changxi, you have finally come. Is this the master you were talking about? Pff! He doesn't even acknowledge the competition and shuts the doors on us. What is the meaning of this?" Chen Jing grumbled.

Wu Changxi looked at the tightly shut door and Little Luo, who was about to finish climbing over the wall. He immediately understood the matter and said with a bitter smile, "This- This is indeed problematic."

Cai Fang could tell that there was a problem instantly as he asked, "Little Wu, what's going on?"

Wu Changxi said with a bitter smile, "The pictures from before were taken secretly by me. As for the competition, I haven't had the chance to mention it to Master. Most critically, I really do not know what to say. It originally was to prove that Master could produce such calligraphic works and to prove his innocence. It eventually became a competition. I had no idea if Master would agree to the competition or not."

When this was said, Cai Fang, Chen Jing, and Jing Yan were infuriated.

Jing Yan shouted angrily, "Wu Changxi! How could you spout such nonsense without knowing? Great, now that so many reporters from the various publishing firms are coming, as well as the friends from the city's Calligraphy Association, it's likely there will not be a lack of people from Songwu County. When the time comes and the monk doesn't compete... Hmph! It's fine if you embarrass yourself, but why did you drag us from the media down with you!? Wu Changxi, if this event doesn't take place, you have to take full responsibility!"

Chen Jing said with a sneer, "I'm afraid you won't be able to bear the responsibility. Great, there was such a thunderous uproar in the beginning, but it's unlikely there will be any rain now," with that said, Chen Jing looked at the door and then the wall before rubbing his buttocks. He began to hope that the monk would not agree to the battle, giving him the chance to use all his literary flair to denigrate the temple. He wanted it to live in infamy forever! And that wolf too. He had decided to report it after returning. He wanted to find a reason to get someone to shoot it in order to seek revenge for that one claw swipe.

Cai Fang suppressed his anger and said, "Little Wu, I wish you can handle this matter well. If not, it will be hard to appease everyone."

Wu Changxi nodded and said, "I got it. I'll think of a way."

"Think of a way? The door is closed. Do you plan on climbing over the wall?" Chen Jing said with a scoff.

Monkey could not stand Chen Jing's smirk as he said with a sneer, "Climb over the wall? Shouldn't it be easy for us to climb a wall? We aren't like some useless trash that can't even climb over a wall."

"You!" Chen Jing was immediately infuriated. However, Fatty rolled up his sleeve, revealing his 'bulky' fat arms. He glared with his eyes, frightening Chen Jing to swallow his words back. However, Chen Jing did not want to disgrace himself in front of Jing Yan. He gritted his teeth and while taking on a fierce facade, he said, "You just wait!"

Fatty said disdainfully, "F*ck your waiting. Do you believe that I'll straighten your bones now?"

"How dare you?!" Chen Jing yelled.


A slap struck Chen Jing's face as he spun one round, leaving him immediately dumbfounded. The fellow actually dared to hit him!

"You- You dare hit me? I'm telling you, I'll sue you until you go bankrupt!" Chen Jing yelled noisily after being smacked in the face in front of his goddess.


Fatty slapped him with the back of his hand. Chen Jing once again spun one full round in response. He held both his hands to his face and looked at Fatty like a suffering young wife who had been battered. He shouted, "You... have the guts, but a man of honor reasons and does not resort to force!"


Fatty spat at Chen Jing's face, which caused him great disgust. Chen Jing ran to the side and dug out tissues to wipe his face.

"Fatty, what are you doing?" when Wu Changxi saw this, he hurriedly spoke up.

Cai Fang and company quickly snapped out of their daze. No one had expected Fatty to fulfill his threats. It had been so fast that they hadn't been able to react in time. Only then did they run forward to stop the fight.

Chen Jing saw Monkey and Wu Changxi hold Fatty back and prevent him from approaching him. As for himself, he was being held back by his cameraman and Little Luo. Immediately, he turned fierce and cried out, "Let me go! A scholar prefers death to humiliation. I'm going to fight it out with him today!"

When Fatty heard that, he was immediately incensed. With his years of experience fighting from a young age, how could he not know that Chen Jing was just putting on a facade? He wanted to teach him a lesson at once.

However, Monkey and Wu Changxi were holding him back, so he was unable to escape their grasp.

When Chen Jing saw this, he acted even more belligerent. He shouted like he was mad, "Let me go! Darn fatty, how dare you hit me? I want to let you know who's your daddy!"

With this shout, Chen Jing mustered a lot of strength, preventing Little Luo and Old Miao from holding him back successfully. It pushed him to the fight, but as his momentum propelled him forward, the duo felt their clothes tighten. Chen Jing had stopped. When the duo looked down, they were surprised. Damn it, Chen Jing was holding their clothes tightly!

The duo was rendered speechless. This fellow was too shameless!

However, the two cooperated well to feign ignorance. They hurriedly grabbed Chen Jing and prevented him from going forward.

Seeing how the duo was so cooperative, he naturally shouted even more crazily.

As for Jing Yan, she shook her head slightly as she watched Chen Jing, as if she was watching a retard. However, Jing Yan knew that such a person was useful. At the very least, he could disgust Wu Changxi. If she did not seek revenge for being fooled, she would not be Jing Yan.

"Darn Fatty, your mother killed herself after seeing that mug of yours. You dare hit me? I'll fight it out with you!" Chen Jing had been yelling all this while, but he did not feel his anger get alleviated, so he began cursing.


When he said that, Fatty's eyes immediately turned red. Just as he was about to push the people beside him away, Monkey and Wu Changxi released their grasps!

Fatty thought inwardly, "Great brothers!"

Then, he charged at Chen Jing. When Chen Jing saw this, he was immediately dumbfounded. He was about to turn and run as he thought to himself, "This Fatty is full of muscle. He definitely can't run fast. What can he even do to me if I run far enough?"

However, Little Luo and Old Miao had failed to react in time. They were still holding on to him! Then, tragedy befell Chen Jing. He did not manage to run because of his tightened collar behind him. He felt a murderous aura coming from behind as his hair stood up.

Fatty raised his hand as he was about to strike down.


One punch struck Chen Jing's nose bridge, sending blood spurting everywhere.

Fatty said angrily, "I tolerated your scoldings and I beat you twice after all. But you cursed my mom? I'll f*ck you and tear off one of your legs!"

With that said, Fatty began to smack him again and again. He raised his leg and kicked Chen Jing in the stomach.

Although Fatty was fat, he was not clumsy when it came to fighting. He was very fast and was like a crazed ox.

Old Miao and Little Luo could not even stop him.

When Cai Fang saw this, he turned anxious. He was old, so there was no way he could hold Fatty back. He hurriedly ran over and implored Wu Changxi and Monkey to help stop him.