The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Master's Single Roar

When the two went forward, Cai Fang realized that Fatty could not be held back at all! Monkey and Wu Changxi were definitely not helping. The interceptors, Old Miao and Little Luo, were unable to do a thing. Cai Fang finally understood that the duo was also furious. It was already pretty good that they had not bashed Chen Jing as well.

When Cai Fang saw this, he sighed helplessly too. He also knew that Chen Jing had gone too far. He could only blame himself for speaking without thought.

At that moment, Fatty got more roused up in his beating. He even picked up a rock, about to smash it down.

When Monkey and Wu Changxi saw this, they immediately went forward to hold him back. A fight was fine as long as it wouldn't kill or maim, as long as it only led to superficial injuries. However, a rock could kill! Fatty was burning with fury as he swung his arm back and broke away from the duo. He raised the rock and was about to smash it down.

At that moment-

"Creak!" the sound of the door opening sounded.

"Amitabha!" a Buddhist proclamation sounded from inside the temple. Fatty's raised hand stopped in mid-air. His reddened eyes also gradually faded away as he looked at One Finger Temple's entrance. There stood the white-robed Fangzheng with his palms together. He was looking at him with a peaceful and amiable expression.

Upon seeing Fangzheng, Fatty's anger immediately subsided greatly. Realizing that it wasn't right to use a rock, he quickly threw it away.

Only then did Fangzheng nod approvingly. The fight outside had been so loud and aggressive, and he wasn't deaf, so he had naturally heard it. Even the mouse had run away from fright due to the bloodlust, so Fangzheng had come out to read the situation. He had climbed over the wall and peeked his bald head out. He had had quite a good kick watching it.

However, when Fatty grabbed the rock, Fangzheng could no longer sit idle. If he did not stop him, someone could die!

However, Fangzheng did not truly believe a life was at stake. After all, his Heavenly Eye could see Chen Jing's future, which ensured Fangzheng that Chen Jing would not die. However, if that rock were to smash down, it would be quite bad... unless someone stopped him. With the huge turn of events, Fangzheng had no time to think carefully. He slapped his door open and rushed out. He had roared loudly, not expecting that his shout would be of any use. After all, he did not know anything like the Buddhist martial techniqueLion Roar. However, he did not know any special movement techniques that would allow him to instantly act and subdue Fatty either. This roar was already everything he could do.

Fangzheng never knew that he had already impressed Fatty and Monkey so much on their last trip. After they left the mountain, they had been completely astounded by him. As for Monkey, he had truly encountered an accident and had his life spared. Fatty already treated Fangzheng like a god. This roar of his was basically as effective as a roar from Fatty's mother, it was useful!

Fatty halting amid his fury explained everything.

Seeing Fatty stop, Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. He said, "Patron, forgive others if it's possible. Why do you need to go so far?"

Fatty held his neck and said, "Master, it's fine if this bloody grandson curses me because I can just beat him. Being cursed by him doesn't lose me any flesh. But he cannot curse my mom!"

Seeing Fangzheng come out, Monkey quickly kicked Fatty's buttocks and said, "Master already asked you to stop. You better get the f*ck out of there."

Fangzheng was Monkey's savior. He treated him like a god.

With Monkey saying this, Fatty could only reluctantly get up.

When Chen Jing saw that Fatty had finally stood up, he opened his mouth and wailed with choking sobs. He had truly embarrassed himself today. He had lost everything in front of his goddess. Such sadness!

Even so, Chen Jing still continued crying.


Fatty slapped him with the back of his hand and reprimanded, "Shut up! A Buddhist place of worship is meant to be tranquil. If you wail another time, I'll drag you into the back mountains to beat you up!"

Chen Jing looked aggrieved like a young battered wife. His eyes were welling with tears, but he held them back and did not dare to make a sound.

"You still want to cry?!" Fatty glared at him.

Chen Jing said bitterly, "I have already been beaten up so badly by you. Should I smile instead of crying?"

"That's good! It's early in the morning and here you are crying in front of someone's temple? Smile! Smile well! Smile once for me!" Fatty said with a chuckle. At the same time, he rolled up his other arm's sleeve.

The last time Fatty had rolled up his sleeve, he had beaten Chen Jing into a pulp. Now, with another sleeve rolled up, Chen Jing was so frightened that he quickly forced a smile.

"That smile of yours is uglier than you crying. Do it well! Smile nicely," Fatty yelled.

Seeing Fangzheng frown, Monkey quickly held Fatty back. "That's enough, that's enough. Don't go too far."

Only then did Fatty relent. He ran over to Fangzheng and said, "Master, you can tell I'm quite tired after doing all this. I'm so thirsty, so can I get some water?"

"Same old rules. Fetch water and there will be water. None without fetching," said Fangzheng.

Fatty hurriedly got Monkey to go with him to the backyard.

Upon seeing this scene, Jing Yan, Cai Fang, Little Luo, Chen Jing, and Old Miao were flabbergasted. They could not figure out what the two rascals were doing.

"So much work for a cup of water? Are they dumb?" Jing Yan mumbled.

Wu Changxi had drunk Fangzheng's Unrooted Clean Aqua, and he had heard Monkey mention Fangzheng's rules. He immediately snapped out of his daze, but realizing that he had more important things to do, he could only endure it. However, he shouted, "Both of you, get me a bowl!" Wu Changxi knew that Fangzheng could provide one free bowl to quench their thirst, but if you wanted more? Sorry, you had to do work!

Jing Yan stole a glance at Wu Changxi and found the matter fishy. However, upon careful thought, how much mystery could there be in a cup of water? Therefore, she did not think further.

Cai Fang had the same thoughts and ignored the matter.

At that moment, metallic clattering was heard as they saw Fatty and Monkey bring out a super large bucket. They were dumbfounded, such a huge bucket?

Cai Fang could not curb his curiosity as he asked, "Fatty, Monkey, what's this about?"

Monkey said delightfully, "It's fine. Carry on chatting. We will help Master fetch some water."

With that said, the duo left.

It would have been fine if Cai Fang had not asked. His query only left him with even more questions. He was completely stumped, what was going on?

Jing Yan stole a glance at Fangzheng and mumbled, "All sorts of sleight of hand, tricks that only fool idiots. Yet, he managed to actually fool some idiots?"

Jing Yan treated it as if Monkey and Fatty had been fooled by Fangzheng's tricks, making them revere him as a master. As for Fangzheng, he got the two fools to do hard labor. Although Fangzheng's martial prowess was rather impressive, Jing Yan felt that a master should have nothing much to do with martial arts. Hence, Jing Yan continued to label Fangzheng as a cheat. She would reveal doubtful looks from time to time, her keen eyes seemed to see through Fangzheng.

However, Fangzheng did not mind it at all. The woman in front of him was indeed pretty, but she was too shrewd. He couldn't stand it! Furthermore, Fangzheng's ideal goal was not to marry a peerless beauty. All he wanted was to marry a good-natured and likable girl-next-door that was understanding. He wanted to live a peaceful life and have a child, living through simple blissful days.

Therefore, Fangzheng was not fazed by Jing Yan. You can look all you want!